Smart Car, The Best Gas Mileage Car

Smart cars are the greatest innovations in modern car industry. Since it's launch as a ultra compact car, it has maintained a reputation of being one of the cutest car in the automotive industry. The smart car although initially were considered a useless car, which was very true if you look at the car because it is only two seater car with no space what so ever for some on else to join in. But now due to its mileage it has gained great popularity.

Smart cars where built as a basic two seater cars with no boot and and ultra mini design. Although the basic idea behind making it was to build a car that would solve the ever increasing parking problems.

It was designed basically to fit in the most liitle space that was available. This was the main feature that was behind its design but there were other prominent things as well like: it is just not a mini car it is a sporty looking mini car. Although not as powerful as some other sporties but can sure give you the feeling of being in one.

Its length of 250 centimetres (98.4 in) equals the width of a regular parking slot, allowing two or three Smarts to park in the space as one normal car. This feature made it a bit popular but no one knew the real thing behind this little creature.

It is only now that people specially in Europe realize the real hidden feature in this car. The feature as we all know now is its gas mileage.

Smart car's specs

Beside its amazing gas mileage the smart car is also known for its safe structure, although the car such small and light can get a bit unstable at higher speeds yet there are some features that make it safe. Features like a very strong safety cell and a very small front crumple zone are some of them.

The car weighs in about 730 kg making it one of the lightest cars in European market.

And for the ultimate part, the smart car's gas mileage which while driving in city is 46.3 mpg, while highway driving is an even more impressive 68.9 mpg

The come with two engines which are of 50 and 61 hp and have cooled turbo chargers.

The car prices about $11,600 so it is quite cheap to buy and you can save those extra dollars from the reduced petrol expenses by bringing in this smarty at your home.

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