Starter Removal - 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

Starter Removal

Many times, a driver will get in their car attempt to start it, for several days or weeks, the driver will notice a longer than normal startup time in that the engine will turn over several more times than it should before it starts. Other times, it may not start at all, only to start again the very next day.

These symptoms as well as a sluggish engine turn or no turn at all and just a click are signs of a bad starter. If the battery and alternator have been tested and/or replaced, the most likely cause of the problem is a bad starter.

To replace the starter on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix, follow the steps outlined below. It is important to follow all safety procedures outlined in the vehicle owners/maintenance manual. If these procedures are not followed, serious injury or even death may result.

Starter Removal

Starter Location
Starter Location | Source

Starter Removal Tools Needed

Items that will be needed to perform the starter removal.

  • 5/16" terminal battery wrench.
  • Ratchet with 4 inch and 8 inch extension.
  • 15mm socket.
  • 13mm, 10mm and 8mm combination wrench.

Disconnect Negative Battery Terminal

Disconnect Negative Terminal
Disconnect Negative Terminal | Source


Starter | Source

Plastic Shield

Plastic Shield
Plastic Shield | Source

Starter Removal Bolt Locations

Starter Bolt Locations
Starter Bolt Locations | Source

Starter Wiring Connections

Starter Wiring Locations
Starter Wiring Locations | Source

Starter Removal Steps

  1. Jack up car and place on jack stands or drive up on ramps in order to gain access to the starter from below. Block the back tires so the car cannot role backward. The starter is located on the driver’s side of the vehicle and can be accessed from underneath the car.
  2. Using a standard battery wrench, disconnect the negative terminal on the battery to prevent shock, shorts, blown fuses, etc…
  3. Locate the starter from underneath the car. It will be on the driver side right in front of the oil pan. There is a wire harness that runs right next to the starter that may have to be pushed aside.
  4. There is a plastic shield attached by a 10mm bolt which slightly covers the starter mounting bolt. This shield will need to be removed. Use the 10mm combination wrench to remove the shield and set it aside.
  5. The 15mm starter mounting bolts should be visible now. Use the Ratchet with the appropriate size extension to reach and remove each of the two 15mm bolts holding the starter in place.
  6. Work starter down through the opening far enough to expose the two electrical connections on the top. One will be a 13mm nut and the other will be an 8mm nut. It’s a good idea to take pictures of these connections prior to removal to ensure the new starter will be connected correctly. Use the 13mm and 8mm combination wrenches to remove the nuts attaching the electrical connections. Lower the starter to the ground.
  7. Install new starter in reverse order of starter removal.

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CWanamaker profile image

CWanamaker 5 years ago from Arizona

Very well done and Easy to follow. I'm sure this will help someone out.

who10 profile image

who10 5 years ago from Midwest Author

Thanks CWanamaker. Just finished the job this evening and took pics along the way. I hope it will help someone out.

smithshady 4 years ago

i am a beginner and this helped me so much thanks. very simple with the pics to help !!!

DJ45X 22 months ago

Thank you for the pictorial. Properly executed. Just to add, for those who try to use these instructions, the connectors for the starter have 3 nuts to remove connections. there are only 2 that you need to remove. One of the 13mm nuts is a grounding connection for the starter's motor. that does NOT have to be removed to remove the starter. This should make it easier to connect the new starter. Other than that, very simple to do. thank you who10 for your dedication to this pictorial. Cheers


who10 profile image

who10 9 months ago from Midwest Author

Thanks for your input on this.

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