How To Access Special Programs For Statewide Auto Insurance

Hello there! If you’re like most people in this economy, then you’re probably looking for ways to cut back on your spending. Well, one very simple way you can do this is by re-evaluating your current automobile policy. Some things you can do is cut back on your coverage, change to a different provider who gives a better rate, or obtain some discounts on your current policy. Click here for a dozen free low cost statewide auto insurance quotes.

If you’ve recently lost your job or have had a significant drop in household income due to less working hours from the current depression we’re currently experiencing, you may want to look into an alternative statewide auto insurance program that is sponsored by your local state government. Everyone knows that it is a requirement mandated by the federal government that all drivers carry at least a minimum liability automobile insurance policy. For the most part, everyone complies but there is still a small percentage of the population that operates a motor vehicle with no insurance. Some of the people that fall under this category simply choose not to carry a policy because they are negligent, but some people just can’t afford the cost of carrying one. So, what most state governments did to help those people in financial straits obtain a policy is set up a statewide auto insurance program designed to offer those in need a basic liability only insurance policy so that they can comply with federal government regulations.

Now, before you go telling everyone you know about this subsidized statewide auto insurance policy, you must understand that only a small population will even qualify for these types of programs. The typical candidate will need to satisfy the following criteria (and bear in mind every state is different):

  • Must be at least 19 years old and have been a registered driver for the past three years
  • Must qualify as a ‘good driver’ - a good driver is someone that does not have a felony or misdemeanor on his record and cannot have any accidents on his driving record (with the exception of one at fault property damage only accident)
  • Desire to insurance a vehicle worth $20K or less
  • Must meet income eligibility requirements - The earnings ceiling starts at $27K for a one person household and increments by about $9K for each additional person added to the household.

As you can see, these are pretty strict requirements one must meet in order to qualify for the statewide auto insurance program intended to provide low cost coverage to those in need. If you’re ready to take a look at some quotes and to find out more information, click here to get free statewide auto insurance quotes. Have fun!

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