The first trial racing took place in 1891 by John Lambert and thereafter the Duryea brothers followed John Lambert's trial. In June 1895 the first ever motor car race took place in Chicago. Though it was regarded as a race, but it was more of testing man-made vehicles. In 1895 gasoline-powered autos just began to make their debut in racing. In the race there was a criteria, the vehicles should have at least three wheels and could carry two people and a driver and an umpire seating in a car, were selected by judges to make sure that the driver was not cheating.

The length of the racecourse route was about 54 miles from Jackson Park in Chicago to Evanston and back. The race was scheduled on Thanksgiving Day, November 28 1895. The big day was welcomed by a snowfall which made the roads slippery. It was a terrifying for the drivers to control the cars as they were without roofs. Only six cars were at the starting line. Out of the six cars, two were electric and battery operated vehicles, manufactured by the German maker Benz, and three vehicles manufactured by American Frank Duryea were gasoline-powered. Due to extreme climatic conditions and extremely poor road visibility four out of six cars had to drop out.

Frank Duryea took nine hours to win the first place, topping a high speed of 7.5 miles per hour. The last car won the second place which rolled in after two hours.

Duryea won the prize money of $2,000 for beating the famous Benz automobile. With the prize money, he started the first Duryea Motor Wagon Company and became the first manufactures of gasoline-powered automobiles.


Thus the arena of automobiles racing started, which is now a big popular event and big money spinner.

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ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

Hopefully we will soon see the Last car race featuring the internal combustion engine. Although I dearly love Formula 1 racing, I must wish for its demise in its present form. The internal combustion engine must be phased out of existence as quicly as possible.

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