The 1975-76 Cosworth Vega Engine

The Chevy Cosworth Vega was a limited run from 1975-76, advertised as a sport model to the normal Vega, it had an entirely different engine designed in the UK. Its engine was 122 cu. in, 4 cylinder, 90 deg. axis design made of die cast aluminum cylinders and 16-valve cylinder head, twin-overhead, like a Fiat 124. The twin cams are bolted to the cylinder head and are housed in a tray. The valve train is two separate housings, while the culinder head contains dual inlet and exhaust valves. It was all aluminum parts, which tended to crack after 50-60,000 miles.

The engine has electronic fuel injection coupled with a high energy ignition system. The engine is controlled by an on-board computer.

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