The Disappearing Rotary Car Door by Jatech

Door closed
Door closed
Door lowering
Door lowering
Door gone!
Door gone!

Since the evolution of cars over 100 years ago, there have been very few innovations on the car door. Basically, those of have been the sliding door and the gull-wing doors that when opened loon like wings, like a Delorean or Mercedes. All other doors have hinges.

Jatech has made a third one on a few Ford Continental and other cars, which is revolutionary and I would hope all car makers use: the rotary drop door. When activated, the door drops down under the chassis, allowing full access and room. This also eliminates parking problems and dings from opening the door.

Jatech seems to be the only company that converts your old doors into these new ones that shock anyone who sees them. The question that comes to my mind is what are the doors made of. Since the door bends 90 degrees in order to sit into the chassis in storage, how strong would the material be in an accident?

Regardless, this is truly a new way for the old car door!

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