The Only Sports Car for Environmenatalist - The Tesla Roadster

Check out the Tesla Roadster - The Electric Car 0-60mph in under 4 seconds!


How many bearded, sandal wearing liberals have (secretly) always wanted a sports car all their lives?

Bless them, they’ve done their best to be environmentally friendly – walked and cycled, waited for public transport in thoroughly foul weather and – only in extreme cases – bought Citroen 2CVs and Smart Cars.  Some of them have pioneered new methods – I’m thinking the Sinclair pod cars which many of us will have laughed at, as they trundled by, (sometimes precariously between busses and lorries) driven by a somewhat endangered, embarrassed, helmeted, beardies.

Just for them and the rest of the World!

Well all that is in the past!  At last, a sports car for environmentalists!  Introducing (in case you haven’t heard of it yet) the Tesla Roadster.  This, most beautiful car, is up there in looks with the Volvo Sports Car and anything James Bond has driven in.  The Tesla Roadster is also up there with them when it comes to acceleration too.  0-60 mph in only 3.9 seconds…WOW!

Tesla Roadster Fast But Green!  But apart from looks and performance, the Tesla Roadster has nothing in common with the aforementioned.  The Tesla Roadster is not a baddie when it comes to environmentalism.  It might have some poke (as they say) but that poke does not consume an iota of oil because this genius car is 100% electric.

At Last A Car with Poke for Environmentalists!  So at last, you beardies (and other less noticeable liberals), you’ll be able to experience what you’ve always wanted but denied yourself.  You deserve it!  

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webmehul profile image

webmehul 7 years ago

It can help globally to reduce the polution

JakeAuto profile image

JakeAuto 6 years ago from Calif.

Tesla is coming out with the model S sedan in 2011 seats 5 + 2 at about 1/2 the price of the roadster and still does 0-60 in 5.6 seconds.

They have an interesting paper on well to wheel electric car power efficiency.

brief graph

detailed pdf

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