The Problem with Electric Cars

The problem is battery cost and weight. It is usually one-third of the total cost of the car. The special batteries used to provide power to the car range from $12-15,000 each. They weigh around 600-700 pounds. The batteries used normally sell for $22,000.

Now you know why the price of hybrids or all electric cars are much more than the others. The Ford EV sells for nearly $40,000 that has a 23 kw-hour that costs Ford about $522-650 per kw-hour. The Nissan Leaf sells for $36,000 and has a range of 73 miles on a full charge, the Ford EV gets 76 miles.

Electric cars usually require from 4-8 hours to recharge. The Chevy Volt, a hybrid, runs $40,000. Car companies are hoping to reduce the cost of electric cars to $300 per kilowatt-hour within two years, which will allow the cars to be more affordable to around $ 25-30,000 new.

The whole other issue is about used hybrids and electrics. At what time will the batteries need to be replaced, which are currently $12,000. This is a major reason not to buy a used electric car, not mention availability, how long do the original batteries last (some say, 7 years).

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

Oh, my, this is a real factor to consider, and I'm guessing this will not show up on the Car Facts sheet. Good to know this. Guess we will be shopping for the traditional car next time around. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

I always wondered about this.

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