The UK’s Best Sat Nav Guidance on a Budget

The market today is filled with expensive sat navs that can direct you around traffic problems, display the map in 3D and offer an overwhelming choice of settings. But if you’re buying a sat nav on a budget which one should you choose?

Binatone F350

Although this is a budget device it will get you to your destination and has most of the functionality that you would expect from more expensive devices. The interface is a little crude when compared with other devices but the 3.5 inch screen is clear and the device comes with safety alerts.

Navman EZY

This is the most affordable Navman on the market. It’s only £10 more than the Binatone and yet comes with lane guidance and a speed warning function which beeps if you exceed the speed limit.

RAC 5000

The big selling point here is the widescreen. You also get safety camera updates for free. At £70 this is a great value device from a name you can trust.

Garmin Nuvi 1200

This is the entry level Garmin. It’s only £10 more than the Navman. If your pocket is just a little deeper you can have a device that plans the most fuel efficient journey for you, pinpoints speed camera locations and will display local services.

Tomtom Start 20

This is the most expensive sat nav reviewed here but it is perhaps the most sensible purchase because it has everything you need to get around Britain’s roads. With an intuitive interface and a clear bright screen, the Tomtom is a joy to use. Okay, it doesn’t come with Bluetooth capability or traffic updates but there is a feeling of quality through the whole package which makes this the one to buy.

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