The new freon HFO 1234yf for car's ac may be environment friendly but is it not too risky for our safety ?

HFO1234yf Test

Flammability of the HFO1234 yf
Flammability of the HFO1234 yf

To risk our lifes in order to protect our environment?

I am writing this little report in connection to my previous one about the modification of a A/C car system from Freon R12 to freon R134a.

That modification was strongly recommended since the new Freon R 134a would protect our Environment without putting in danger our cars or our safety.

The new Freon HFO1234yf after some tests has shown high flammability at 600 and 800 oC you can check the flammability test at:

My personal opinion about the new freon though it is approved by ASRAE is not to use it at the present.

Here you can see why :

There are no doubts that the new refrigerant is more environment friendly than the old R134a. The HFO 1234yf has an atmospheric lifetime of 11 days in comparison to the R134a which has a lifetime of 13.5 years !!!

Personally I believe that in the next future we will see rather a retrofitting of HFO 1234yf to R134a than the other way around. The reason is that the new refrigerant apart from being dangerous is also about 10 times more expensive than the old R134a

Since there is no obligation yet to use the new HFO 1234yf by older car A/C systems I do not see any reason to take the risks with one modification or retrofitting.

At the following link from the German environment Assistance (DEUTSCHE UMWELTHILFE eV) you can see how dangerous HFO 1234yf can be.

Aki Macropoulos

Mec. Engineer

"AKIMAC" Engineering at:

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hardlymoving profile image

hardlymoving 5 years ago from Memphis, TN

I didn't know that R134a had a life of only 10 days.

Aki Macropoulos profile image

Aki Macropoulos 5 years ago from Greece, Austria, Germany, Kosovo Author

R 134a has a life time of 13.5 years the new HFO 1234yf has an atmospheric life time of only 11 days

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