Top 10 Alloy Wheels

In this article I'll be counting down my personal top 10 alloy wheels - only the best alloy wheels will be found within. With the thousands of alloy wheel styles and countless manufacturers (Enkei, Konig, Rota,Work...) it's difficult to know which to choose for your car and which will look the best. So we're going to be looking across the whole spectrum, from VIP pimpmobiles to track weapons to JDM Kei cars. If you're looking for the ideal set of alloys for your pride and joy, you've come to the right place. These're are the cream of the crop. So let's go!

#10: KMC Dime

These KMC Dime alloy wheels are the epitome of luxury, with that hint of underhanded gangster flair to boot. Naturally, these won't go on your hatchback, but on a sleek VIP saloon or truck you're going to look fly. The best alloy wheels for any gangster in the making.

Do They Fit Your Car?

  • Rim Diameter/Width: 18X8.5 through 26X10
  • Bolt Pattern: 5
  • Pitch Circle Diameter: 114.3mm

#9: Motegi Racing Touge

You KNOW these are JDM before you even see them with a name like 'Touge' (being the Japanese mountain drift style). But these Motegi Racing Touge alloys are a cut above the rest with their deep dish styling and lip colour contrast. They'd look great on all cars, not just JDM rides. One of my all-time favourite alloys.

Do They Fit Your Car?

  • Rim Diameter/Width: 16X7 through 19X10
  • Bolt Pattern: 5
  • Pitch Circle Diameter: 100mm/114.3mm

#8: XXR 521

If you're looking for that racecar look on your everyday, then XXR 521 alloys are for you. Mesh spoked alloys are always a good look and make your car look mean to boot. The added offset will also give your car a chunky stance.

Do They Fit Your Car?

  • Rim Diameter/Width: 17X7 through 20X10.5
  • Bolt Pattern: 4 and 5
  • Pitch Circle Diameter: 100mm/114.3mm

#7: Enkei ES6

Enkei ES6 alloys are the cherry on top of your sundae. With sleek, simple lines they neither scream nor pass by unnoticed. One smooth set of wheels.

Do They Fit Your Car?

  • Rim Diameter/Width: 16X7 through 18X7.5
  • Bolt Pattern: 4
  • Pitch Circle Diameter: 100mm

#6: Veloche Spike

You're either going to absolutely love or absolutely hate these Veloche Spike alloys. Either way, you cannot excuse their head-turning ability. For those who're just that little bit flamboyant these certainly deserve to be one of my top ten alloy wheels.

Do They Fit Your Car?

  • Rim Diameter/Width: 18X7.5
  • Bolt Pattern: 10 (universal fit)
  • Pitch Circle Diameter: 100mm

#5: Motegi Racing FF7

Motegi Racing wheels are built for competing in drift, drag and track events, so their visual side is very racercar esque. The Motegi Racing FF7s are no exception with their striking seven spokes and bright silver/gun metal finishes.

Do They Fit Your Car?

  • Rim Diameter/Width: 16X7
  • Bolt Pattern: 5
  • Pitch Circle Diameter: 100mm

#4: Rota GT3

Like a little colour in your palette? Then Rota GT3 alloys are your wheels. They come in loads of colours to suit any preference or mood. Hell, why not get four different colours? The best alloy wheels around for turning heads by far.

Do They Fit Your Car?

  • Rim Diameter/Width: 15X7
  • Bolt Pattern:4
  • Pitch Circle Diameter: 100mm

#3: XXR 507

More colours! These alloys are divine for those perfectionists out there that enjoy colour coding their pencils. Now you can colour code your alloy wheels too! These XXR 507 alloys have a few more lines than the regular five spokers, which in addition to the chunky offset gives a great sense of dimension to the wheels.

Do They Fit Your Car?

  • Rim Diameter/Width: 17X7 through 20X10
  • Bolt Pattern: 4 and 5
  • Pitch Circle Diameter: 100mm/114.3mm

#2: Enkei WDM

There are very few alloys that have curved spokes, so for this reason the Enkei WDM alloys are very special. They just look like the blades of a jet engine. A narrow missing out on top spot. Incredible.

Do They Fit Your Car?

  • Rim Diameter/Width: 15X6.5 through 18X9.5
  • Bolt Pattern: 5
  • Pitch Circle Diameter: 100mm/114.3mm

#1: XXR 513

Being a die hard fan of the classic JDM look, these XXR 513 alloys had to come out on top. They're just a timeless set of alloys that suit almost any car from the original Mini Coopers to the most recent Yaris (seen above)! They are just cool beans. Plain and simple. Number one in my top ten alloy wheels.

Do They Fit Your Car?

  • Rim Diameter/Width: 15X7 through 16X8
  • Bolt Pattern: 4
  • Pitch Circle Diameter: 100mm

Don't Agree With My Top 10? Have Your Say 10 comments

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

This is the best collection of top 10 alloy wheel cars I have seen till now. A great hub indeed.

Car Tuning 5 years ago

A fantastic set of alloys and a very enjoyable hub to accompany it.

I have just bought myself some Rotiform Wheels, I am big fan of them as well as the alloys you highlighted.

Keep up the good work

Herpa derp derp 5 years ago

You are joking right? The is the most shit collection ever, featuring some of the of the worst quality wheels ever to have been made in history. Seriously.

Uvo 4 years ago

Really shit list.

You should really go out more often, or simply you dont have taste and knowledge about wheels at all.

You are probably "rolling 13" with Yugo" guy

dudes guy 4 years ago

Why all the XXrs? Why not the real companies the made those styles first. I think you need to do some wheel research.

george 4 years ago

R u serious? I can undertsand xxr they r sick and legit but u have rota wheels and not stance wheels? Ooh yea I own both set and stance are more than I ask for I like rotas they ok but don't undertsand how rota made it to ur list over stance ? Have u seen mindset? Found me a rota set so agresive then I will agrred with this list

Jared 4 years ago

WHAT THE F!? These are all knockoffs. I'll help you out, work miesters, weds kranze, advan rg2, enkei rpf01, SSR professors. Hell, even MB battles. Go use the power of Google NOW.

AvineshP profile image

AvineshP 3 years ago from Chandigarh

I personally liked Veloche Spike at #6..... Luks osum !! to me. Wud luv to have it on my ride.

Unooskhan 2 years ago

Dear all,

We have a keen interest to import / market latest designs Alloy Wheels in India. Let us introduce some good manufacturers around the world.

Best Regards/Khan*

Email :

Herr 22 months ago

Haven't you heard about BBS or OZracing?

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