Top 50: Best Selling Cars Of All Time


With all the millions of cars made and sold over the last 100 years, what are the best selling? This Top 50 has all the biggest sellers from around the world. The info on sales has been found all over the net to compile a current list of the big sellers.

Any car with only one date and a + after the number is currently in production. The Chevrolet Camaro is not as "in production" because it not due out till Spring 09.

50. Peugeot 405 (1988-1997) - 3,461,800

50. Peugeot 405 (1988-1997) - 3,461,800
50. Peugeot 405 (1988-1997) - 3,461,800

49. Peugeot 504: (1968-2005) - 3,713,400

49. Peugeot 504: (1968-2005) - 3,713,400
49. Peugeot 504: (1968-2005) - 3,713,400

48. Fiat 127: (1971-1983) - 3,750,000

48. Fiat 127: (1971-1983) - 3,750,000
48. Fiat 127: (1971-1983) - 3,750,000

47. Citroen 2CV: (1948-1990) - 3,872,583

47. Citroen 2CV: (1948-1990) - 3,872,583
47. Citroen 2CV: (1948-1990) - 3,872,583

46. Fiat 500: (1957- ) - 3,900,000+

46. Fiat 500: (1957- ) - 3,900,000+
46. Fiat 500: (1957- ) - 3,900,000+

45. Pontiac Grand Am: (1973-2005) - 4,000,000

45. Pontiac Grand Am: (1973-2005) - 4,000,000
45. Pontiac Grand Am: (1973-2005) - 4,000,000

44. Ford Cortina: (1962-1982) - 4,279,079

44. Ford Cortina: (1962-1982) - 4,279,079
44. Ford Cortina: (1962-1982) - 4,279,079

43. Ford Model A: (1927-31) - 4,320,446

43. Ford Model A: (1927-31) - 4,320,446
43. Ford Model A: (1927-31) - 4,320,446

42. Opel Ascona: (1970-1988) - 4,400,000

42. Opel Ascona: (1970-1988) - 4,400,000
42. Opel Ascona: (1970-1988) - 4,400,000

41. Fiat 126: (1973-2000) - 4,671,586

41. Fiat 126: (1973-2000) - 4,671,586
41. Fiat 126: (1973-2000) - 4,671,586

40. Chevrolet Camaro: (1967-2002) - 4,800,000

40. Chevrolet Camaro: (1967-2002) - 4,800,000
40. Chevrolet Camaro: (1967-2002) - 4,800,000

39. Ford Ranger: (1983- ) - 5,150,000+

39. Ford Ranger: (1983-) - 5,150,000+
39. Ford Ranger: (1983-) - 5,150,000+

38. Ford E-Series: (1961- ) - 5,200,000+

38. Ford E-Series: (1961- ) - 5,200,000+
38. Ford E-Series: (1961- ) - 5,200,000+

37. Peugeot 205: (1983-1998) - 5,278,000

37. Peugeot 205: (1983-1998) - 5,278,000
37. Peugeot 205: (1983-1998) - 5,278,000

36. Toyota Land Cruiser: (1953- ) - 5,300,000+

36. Toyota Land Cruiser: (1953- ) - 5,300,000+
36. Toyota Land Cruiser: (1953- ) - 5,300,000+

35. Ford Crown Victoria: (1980- ) - 5,500,000+

35. Ford Crown Victoria: (1980- ) - 5,500,000+
35. Ford Crown Victoria: (1980- ) - 5,500,000+

34. Ford Focus: (1998- ) - 5,500,000+

34. Ford Focus: (1998- ) - 5,500,000+
34. Ford Focus: (1998- ) - 5,500,000+

33. Mitsubishi Galant: (1969- ) - 5,550,000+

33. Mitsubishi Galant: (1969- ) - 5,550,000+
33. Mitsubishi Galant: (1969- ) - 5,550,000+

32. Ford Explorer: (1991- ) - 5,700,00+

32. Ford Explorer: (1991- ) - 5,700,00+
32. Ford Explorer: (1991- ) - 5,700,00+

31. Nissan Sunny: (1966- ) - 5,900,000+

31. Nissan Sunny: (1966- ) - 5,900,000+
31. Nissan Sunny: (1966- ) - 5,900,000+

30. Buick Le Sabre: (1959-2005) - 6,000,000

30. Buick Le Sabre: (1959-2005) - 6,000,000
30. Buick Le Sabre: (1959-2005) - 6,000,000

29. Peugeot 206: (1998- 2007 ) - 6,100,000

29. Peugeot 206: (1998-2007) - 6,100,000
29. Peugeot 206: (1998-2007) - 6,100,000

28. Chevrolet Cavalier: (1982-2005) - 6,200,000

28. Chevrolet Cavalier: (1982-2005) - 6,200,000
28. Chevrolet Cavalier: (1982-2005) - 6,200,000

27. Vauxhall/Opel Vectra: (1988-2008) - 6,500,000

27. Vauxhall/Opel Vectra: (1988-2008) - 6,500,000
27. Vauxhall/Opel Vectra: (1988-2008) - 6,500,000

26. BMC/BL/BMW Mini: (1959- ) - 6,700,000+

26. BMC/BL/BMW Mini: (1959- ) - 6,700,000+
26. BMC/BL/BMW Mini: (1959- ) - 6,700,000+

25. Ford Taurus: (1986- ) - 6,750,000+

25. Ford Taurus: (1986- ) - 6,750,000+
25. Ford Taurus: (1986- ) - 6,750,000+

24. Fiat Punto: (1993- ) - 6,800,000+

24. Fiat Punto: (1993- ) - 6,800,000+
24. Fiat Punto: (1993- ) - 6,800,000+

23. Renault 4: (1961-1992) - 8,150,000

23. Renault 4: (1961-1992) - 8,150,000
23. Renault 4: (1961-1992) - 8,150,000

22. Ford Mustang: (1964- ) - 8,300,000+

22. Ford Mustang: (1964- ) - 8,300,000+
22. Ford Mustang: (1964- ) - 8,300,000+

21. Renault 5: (1972-1996) - 8,800,000

21. Renault 5: (1972-1996) - 8,800,000
21. Renault 5: (1972-1996) - 8,800,000

20. Renault Clio: (1991- ) - 8,900,000+

20. Renault Clio: (1991- ) - 8,900,000+
20. Renault Clio: (1991- ) - 8,900,000+

19. Fiat Uno: (1983- ) - 9,150,000+

19. Fiat Uno: (1983- ) - 9,150,000+
19. Fiat Uno: (1983- ) - 9,150,000+

18. BMW 3-Series: (1977- ) - 9,800,000+

18. BMW 3-Series: (1977- ) - 9,800,000+
18. BMW 3-Series: (1977- ) - 9,800,000+

17. Vauxhall/Opel Astra: (1991- ) - 10,000,000+

17. Vauxhall/Opel Astra: (1991- ) - 10,000,000+
17. Vauxhall/Opel Astra: (1991- ) - 10,000,000+

16. Mazda 323: (1963-2003) - 10,480,000

16. Mazda 323: (1963-2003) - 10,480,000
16. Mazda 323: (1963-2003) - 10,480,000

15. Toyota Camry: (1983- ) - 10,500,000+

15. Toyota Camry: (1983- ) - 10,500,000+
15. Toyota Camry: (1983- ) - 10,500,000+

14. Chrysler Voyager: (1984- ) - 11,700,000+

14. Chrysler Voyager: (1984- ) - 11,700,000+
14. Chrysler Voyager: (1984- ) - 11,700,000+

13. Oldsmobile Cutlass: (1961-99) - 11,900,000

13. Oldsmobile Cutlass: (1961-99) - 11,900,000
13. Oldsmobile Cutlass: (1961-99) - 11,900,000

12. Vauxhall/Opel Corsa: (1982- ) - 12,000,000+

12. Vauxhall/Opel Corsa: (1982- ) - 12,000,000+
12. Vauxhall/Opel Corsa: (1982- ) - 12,000,000+

11. Ford Fiesta: (1976- ) - 12,500,000+

11. Ford Fiesta: (1976- ) - 12,500,000+
11. Ford Fiesta: (1976- ) - 12,500,000+

10. Chevrolet Impala: (1958- ) - 14,000,000+

10. Chevrolet Impala: (1958- ) - 14,000,000+
10. Chevrolet Impala: (1958- ) - 14,000,000+

9. Volkswagen Passat: (1973- ) - 14,100,000+

9. Volkswagen Passat: (1973- ) - 14,100,000+
9. Volkswagen Passat: (1973- ) - 14,100,000+

8. Honda Accord: (1976- ) - 15,800,000+

8. Honda Accord: (1976- ) - 15,800,000+
8. Honda Accord: (1976- ) - 15,800,000+

7. Ford Model T: (1908-1927) - 16,500,000+

7. Ford Model T: (1908-1927) - 16,500,000+
7. Ford Model T: (1908-1927) - 16,500,000+

6. Honda Civic: (1972- ) - 17,730,000+

6. Honda Civic: (1972- ) - 17,730,000+
6. Honda Civic: (1972- ) - 17,730,000+

5. Ford Escort: (1968-2000) - 20,000,000

5. Ford Escort: (1968-2000) - 20,000,000
5. Ford Escort: (1968-2000) - 20,000,000

4. Volkswagen Beetle: (1938- ) - 22,300,000+

4. Volkswagen Beetle: (1938- ) - 22,300,000+
4. Volkswagen Beetle: (1938- ) - 22,300,000+

3. Volkswagen Golf:(1974- ) - 25,000,000+

3. Volkswagen Golf:(1974- ) - 25,000,000+
3. Volkswagen Golf:(1974- ) - 25,000,000+

2. Ford F-Series: (1948- ) - 30,000,000+

2. Ford F-Series: (1948- ) - 30,000,000+
2. Ford F-Series: (1948- ) - 30,000,000+

And The Most Sold Car In The World Is...

The Toyota Corolla. Over the last 45 years Japanese car maker Toyota have manufactured a record 32 Million Cars! It's always been a small family car. Cheap to buy and cheap to run worked well for Toyota over the last 45 years, and even with all the problems with the car industry at the moment, don't expect to hear of this little record breakers reign coming to an end anytime soon.

1. Toyota Corolla: (1966- ) - 32,000,000+

1. Toyota Corolla: (1966- ) - 32,000,000+
1. Toyota Corolla: (1966- ) - 32,000,000+

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Gillsie profile image

Gillsie 7 years ago from Oregon

Who knew! Especially interesting are the older cars. Not many choices in those days I guess. I had no idea the Toyota Land Cruiser was so old.

Good fun, thanks.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

I was the same with the Land Cruiser, still popular cars will stay around for years. I can't see BMW changing the name of the 3,5 or 7 series anytime soon (if ever) so expect them to jump up there in the next 10 years.

issues veritas 7 years ago

I am sorry that I can't say anything positve about the cars on this list.

Apparently, the world loves cars that are dogs.

Interesting list.

bitter 7 years ago

strange list...

just because a car has the same NAME for many years, its not the same car.

it would be a lot more interesting to know how many of the same type that been made. the list would be totally different then.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

If it has the same name then it is the same car, it's just a different mark. i.e a Mark 1 Golf and a Mark 2 Golf are the same car, but differnet versions.

Spike 7 years ago

Awesome list!

awans profile image

awans 7 years ago

i love old and clasic car and hope can have each of the above

nukedukemboy2003 profile image

nukedukemboy2003 7 years ago from US

man the pontiac grand am is the car to have. I remember when my parents had one. It's a very stable car.

esocial profile image

esocial 7 years ago from California

Great shots and list!

earnestshub profile image

earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

Thanks for another great hub.The Corolla is very popular in Australia. We have had many models, some good , some not so good. They all suffered from rust, and the new model is a dog to drive by comparison with other small modern cars. The list is great, and goes to show that the public wouldn't know if they were driving a good car or a certified lemon!

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

I have owned a Camaro when I was young, A Galant when I became a mommy and now we own??? Well I will never tell however this hub is quite impressive, great work.:)

Marjorie Batchelor 7 years ago

Ihave owned many cars altho they were all american made and named The one I liked the most were the Buick Lesabre and the Buick Park Avenue When they Stoped making the Lesabra I was Sick That was a big mistake of General Motors.

Doanovan 7 years ago

That's sure a list of through the ages. We wonder so much what the next 50 years will be like. No Doubt today's Techology and Cars will be prehistoric in 50 years.

kappa022 profile image

kappa022 7 years ago from Florida

Wow, F-Series has sold more than 30 million? Nice hub.

Doanovan 7 years ago

That's sure a list of through the ages. We wonder so much what the next 50 years will be like. No Doubt today's Techology and Cars will be prehistoric in 50 years.

Jaxson 7 years ago

A very nicely compiled list.

kevinlt9 profile image

kevinlt9 7 years ago from Gwynn Oak,Maryland

Man the Chevy Camaro has come a long way,had one in high school good to see it's making a comeback!Love the new design.

Erick Smart 7 years ago

I have to say there were some surprises on this list to me.

english-blinds-uk 7 years ago

Very interesting list, i have owned a couple and wished i had owned a couple more.

RYPcontent profile image

RYPcontent 7 years ago from Chatham, IL

Some of these I have never heard of or seen. Maybe they were never sold in the USA. Model T is still in the top 10 all these years

zackpow profile image

zackpow 7 years ago from Tampa, Fl.

This would be great information for car dealers to know. Especially the ones closer to the bottom of this list. If a dealer was selling a car that was in the top 10 it would be a great selling point to the customer.

Google Biz Kit 7 years ago

nice list i think i had several on that list over the years... hehe for fun you should compare that with the most stolen list.

muteguya donald,uganda 7 years ago

i think the ford focus is very nice car fuel consumption put into consideration

Frank 7 years ago

I was surprised not to see any jeeps on the list. Cherokee or Wrangler, or the old Willys.

Tuff Kid profile image

Tuff Kid 7 years ago from Canada

I think the corolla is highly overrated... why so many people purchased it is beyond me.

Missileman 7 years ago

Interesting list. A lot of these cars were only sold overseas. I guess quantity does not equal quality.

Larry 7 years ago

There were over 5 million Model A Fords Made between December 1927 and November 1931. No other car on this list (Except possibly the Model T) can boast such a claim so in so few a years.

As a restorer and owner of one, it is amazing that there are still so many on the road today. TRuly one of the best cars of all time.

daniel plainview profile image

daniel plainview 7 years ago

Fantastic..! Simply the best list i've ever seen..

Carlie 7 years ago

I purchased a 2009 Fully Loaded Corolla LEX last year...and I absolutely love my's great on gas...great price...rides smooth on the interstate and is safe for me and my baby girl!! I don't know much about cars and I am not going to pretend to...but I love my Toyota Corolla! It's awesome to see my car on the list at #1.

jonty 7 years ago

Awesome list .... Great hub ... .

keep up the good work ....

Evan Hutchinson profile image

Evan Hutchinson 7 years ago from The Dirty South

I'm surprised the BMW 3-series is so low on the list - seems like it sells like wildfire the world over. I personally hate the Toyota Corolla - I think it's underpowered, noisy and has a ton of vibration, and would take a Civic or even my Saturn Ion any day. But a lot of people like it for some reason. The Honda Civic, on the other hand, kills it. Always feels smooth and powerful, and handles well and rides nicely. It's still like a poor man's BMW.

sabu singh profile image

sabu singh 7 years ago

I'm glad that one of the cars I drove in Kenya - the Peugeot 504 finds a place in this list, even if it's second last. I have even slept in the station wagon - fully stretched out.

EWealthGuide profile image

EWealthGuide 7 years ago from Vancouver

Great list! I actually own one of them. I'm in the top ten! Cool list, thanks again

Richard 7 years ago

I got a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle- #3 best selling year of the #4 best selling car of all time. Be ready though, the Type 1 is coming back the way you remember it- rear engine, aircooled, no frils, super easy to work on, and downright cheap. Additionally, it will have the same exact exterior design. Can't wait.

mathan42 profile image

mathan42 7 years ago

wow nice post..keep on posting!!!!!!!!!!check out my blog on cars at

Annette 7 years ago

This is quite a list. I am surprised by the number of Ford vehicles on the list. Imagine what this list might look like in 50 years or so. Wonder if any hybrid vehicles will make the list then?

Jake91 profile image

Jake91 7 years ago

Wow great list, toyota sold that many corolla's i thought it would have been volkswagen with the golf.

Hugo Diaz profile image

Hugo Diaz 7 years ago from Minnesota

Nice post. I have owned a F150, Corolla, Golf, and now a Civic.

irwanfazri profile image

irwanfazri 7 years ago from Malaysia

Good job... A perfect list

boris 7 years ago

I did not know that Toyota Corolla is at the top.

Here in Bulgaria the most selled car is VW Passat - I like only the new - after 2004.

ali 7 years ago

i've had my corolla for 16 years and still going strong,best car i've ever had!!!

sajjad ghaus 7 years ago

its really gr8 job, a nice post,i really don't know earlier that toyota corolla is the best seller

Car Donation NY profile image

Car Donation NY 7 years ago from United States

I've owned a Honda Civic (the one on the list) and my god it was the best car ever. I sold it to get an engagement ring and my god do I miss it. Thought I'd share. We also owned a Focus(Ironically the same one on the list) so I guess we know how to pick good cars. We also almost purchased a taurus but we heard that they blow the head gasket quick so we passed. The other 2 cars rocked!

Novak  7 years ago

I haven't owned any of these, and some I am really surprised are on the list. I guess back in their day, they were popular.

Springboard profile image

Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Very interesting hub, and being a Ford man was happy to see at least 13 of those cars were Fords. Interestingly, with the recent development at Toyota, I wonder if the F-series can move to #1. :)

towncar 6 years ago

Nice posting. Very interesting.

AARON99 6 years ago

A very good list for car lovers. Keep it up.

Groosh profile image

Groosh 6 years ago

Cars that stayed true to their original design stand out as true leaders, like the Beetle or Golf. Ford has had some interesting turns over the years.

Taurus might be on the list if they didn't flop with the redesign in the 90's. The Escort name was dropped in favor of the Focus which spins back to testament of names like the Corolla.

CTSRcrew 6 years ago

The VW golf is an iconic car with millions of young followers it is by far the best out of the top 3. All time winner should be the FORD mustang....... nothing beats pure power!!!!

R. Lynn 6 years ago

I own a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am. . .it truly is a great car great on gas and it has a nice sporty look and feel.Its ashame GM is no longer gonna make Pontiac :(

PT jobs 6 years ago

Nice list! everyone who loves car would love your post!

Thanks for the post!

montreal 6 years ago selling car

Doug 6 years ago


Lori Catz 6 years ago

Interesting to see some of those cars on there. I haven't owned any of these actually.

Denver 6 years ago

I think the most impressive is the model T - 16.5+ in 19 years. WOW

raphael 6 years ago

the list almost accurate and i am not surprised to see cars like the Toyota Camry many others there, its GOOD

l.a 6 years ago

i have a is good! nice list..

thecoachhouse profile image

thecoachhouse 6 years ago from Aberdeen

great list! really surprising though. Who would have thought the Toyota Corolla would out-sell the Ford Escort and Fiesta?

I believe the Ford Focus is the biggest selling car ever in the UK, although I'm not sure where I heard that....

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 6 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@ Thecoachhouse - You are correct about the Focus. It's been the Uk's best selling car every year since it was launched in 1999 selling well over a million cars.

fred flinstone 6 years ago

all imports suck all imports suck all imports suck


zxcx 6 years ago

Same name, not always same car. I don't think doing all marks is the best way to go I.e. challengers/chargers/impalas.

I think going by mark, major changes, something that groups them closer. I think this is a great starting point, but I think something more to the effect of by year or mark would be better.

Ice Grim Reape 6 years ago

Glad to see the Volkswagen Golf on the top 3.And it's a shame that General Motors going to shutdown Pontiac on October 2010.One big mistake General Motors,they should have shutdown Cadillac instead.

steven 6 years ago

toyota sucks

Seattle town car service 6 years ago

Ford F-Series as wolf! =)

kyle dickson 6 years ago

f-150 is a kick ass truck no one can beat it ford rules. toyota sucks because they lied about the prius having a stuck gas pedal just like the runnaway prius in california. why would u buy a car from a company that lies about there cars having problems.

gwb8 6 years ago

i a a huge fan of american cars because i love my country. americans who buy imports are not being true to the country they live in. i agree with kyle dickson. toyota is a company that is willing to take short cuts when they fix their cars. i never liked toyota before but now i have lost all respect for them. i dont care how many times they apologize, their cars have killed so many people.

Danny 6 years ago

The injustice here is to GM's pickups. They generalize all Ford trucks as F series which isn't the case. Ford never built a truck called the "F Series" They built a Ford Bonus-Built which turned into a Ford F1 which turned into the Ford F100 which turned into the Ford F150. For nostalgia's sake I have no problem with the reference but if they are going to generalize all Ford full size pickups into one make for the purpose of sales comparison, they should do it for GM also. GM's pickups have outsold Ford and the Corolla handily

Melvin Low (Singapore) 6 years ago

Wow, very nice list with amazing pictures, well done. I am glad to know the Toyota Corolla is No. 1. It really is really reliable and affordable.

batteeboy 6 years ago

this is is suspicious... i don't see how the jeep wrangler did not make it on here

LUKUNGU HENRY 6 years ago

MEN AND WOMEN, I AM FOR THE PEUGEOT 205.....................

Kyle246 profile image

Kyle246 6 years ago from United States

very nice list, but i may be wrong, i think that cars like the chevy suburban/gmc yukon should have made it on this list. Or a jeep wrangler.

Phil Bickel 6 years ago

My Corolla has 203000 miles and drives like a new car.

I plan on keeping it as long as it will go!

troy 6 years ago

it is interest, but i thing that every country or countries is typically other mark of cars, e.g. škoda for Czechia and slovakia, polonez for poland, fiat for italy, zastava for croatia, dacia for romania, vw for south africa,yugoslavia and germany, holden for australia and so on

Classic Car Trader 6 years ago

that is very huge list & some of them are very rare to see on the road as now they are the part of our car history Like Ford Model T. but i have read about this car as its highest car sale in ever history in that time. so thanks for sharing & making us aware with many other cars too who made milestone in the car sale in history.

LEO 6 years ago

I live in Brazil and drive a Fiat Uno. Old and cheap, but still a great car!

Billy Akerman profile image

Billy Akerman 6 years ago from USA

Great page - I've had a few of these over the years. That Camaro is sweet!

paulstephenuk profile image

paulstephenuk 6 years ago from London, UK

Great list, but you forgot the biggest seller of all - The Cozy Coupe hehe, it's true though.

Tracey 6 years ago

A few surprises here - I never thought of the Toyota as being a best seller. Interesting list.

Oleg 6 years ago


my first car: toyota corolla:),

toyata camry,

honda accord,

mazda 3,

bmw 330

so only mazda 3 isn't on the list

Amer 6 years ago

Oleg, Mazda 3 is actually on the list. Mazda 3 is from the Mazda 323 family. You have a lot of cars :)

jtrader profile image

jtrader 6 years ago

The Honda Civic is a really good car.

Treasuresofheaven profile image

Treasuresofheaven 6 years ago from Michigan

WhoArtNow, I like this list. The Camry is one of my favs.

Charles 6 years ago

91 Ford Crown Vic was one of my best cars

Used Cars in NC 6 years ago

This post reminds me of my uncle. he is very much in love with vintage cars. When we were young, we hate to see him riding his old wheels because we thought that he should have been junking that. We were naïve then, very innocent.


fddws 6 years ago

these cars are so old

video-marketing profile image

video-marketing 6 years ago from Australia

These are awesome collections. Great job on putting these all up. Toyota Corolla is cool.

Gideon Shalwick

Romeo Fransco 6 years ago

Oh god this is wonderful...fantastico hub!

Used Nissan for Sale 6 years ago

I love Mitsubishi Galant. Not only that the look is very elegant and formal, it is way cheaper than the others.

Biarritz profile image

Biarritz 6 years ago

There are no BMWs on this list!

yaseen trasad 6 years ago

That's great glad it's helped.

Belko002, it depends what symptoms your car has, if your heaters get hot if you leave the car running for a while, whilst stationary then you need a new thermostat for your particular car. If your water tempreature needle doesn't move when driving is also an indication the thermostat needs changing.

Used Nissan Dealer 6 years ago

Happy to see ford and nissan on the list!

I had a lot of fun reading!

Wayne Ford Cortina 6 years ago

I love the Ford Cortina, I wish that Ford would bring it back. I still own a Cortina, and use it eveyday.

Divorce Papers 6 years ago

Great pictures!

I remember many of these cars as toy models I used to have when I was a small kid. Ah, memories.... :)

Classic Cars 6 years ago

The Ford Escort was introduced in 1967 and production was stopped in 2003. This “world car” was visually appealing and low-priced.The price of the car is reasonable, it is comfortable to drive and the best part is that it is fuel efficient.

craigmissuea profile image

craigmissuea 6 years ago from USA

I like your choice of cars and find it near perfect.

Harrison H. 6 years ago

@ kyle your an idiot, those two monster trucks are not popular and have only been made for a few years, and the jeep wrangler could have been on here but the cherokee has been made since 1984 and has only sold 2.5 mill


@ danny not all pickups made by ford are F-series and they did compile other cars, for example the mini, they took every company that made the mini and counted them all

overall this is a really good list, perfect

JeffDavidoff 6 years ago

Thanks for the overview and pictures. And even an American muscle car made it on the list. Great!

Hugh Williamson profile image

Hugh Williamson 6 years ago from Northeast USA

The Corolla has been through many reincarnations and even the wheelbase has changed -- but not the name.

The Model T did make changes, but they were relatively minor ones. IMO the VW Beetle & the "T" produced the most vehicles with the fewest changes throughout the production run. But then, I owned a Nash and an Edsel, so what do I know?

Great list and great pictures, thanks for writing.

hryh 6 years ago

the best car(for fun)was the old mini

Car shelter 5 years ago

Interesting article. Where did you go to get all of the information? I am currently in the automotive industry and this is a wow "car" article.

Wes 5 years ago

It makes you wonder why ford quit making the escort model after selling so many.

tim 5 years ago


jamilmalik 5 years ago

ol, yeah I totally agree, although I think people who buy these cars will very rarely drive them. The Spyder Chris Evans bought had less than 6000 miles on it, and he said on his Radio 2 show that he only ever turned her over in his garage.

If you have the money, it's a good investment as they will never depreciate!

Janet 5 years ago

lots of Ford cars out there. It did not know Ford does so well in the market.

steven jhonson 5 years ago

no robin reliant?

wonderer 5 years ago

VW varient - heard of the car .... my for child memories

VW Combi - all the safaris in Africa I know

Peugeot 207, 305, 505, 306, 406 brilliant

BMW 520 - cannot bit it.

and Mini, still going strong for many years!!!

Thank you for the good list

jim 5 years ago

I can understand why so many Peugeots made the list.

You had to buy two, 1 to drive while the2nd one was being


Baron von Zach 5 years ago

Looks like one hardly can avoid having owned some of these. I actually had quite a few of them:

Peugeot 405

Ford Cortina (actually the German version, the Taunus)

Buick LeSabre

Renault 4

Oldsmobile Cutlass

Chevrolet Impala

VW Passat

Ford Escort

I never knew my taste in cars is this mainstream.

gordon 5 years ago

I am amazed that Cadillac didn't show up. (?)

Manzar Hassan Mulla 5 years ago

From past to present Toyota Corolla always been reliable

punsa 5 years ago

Ford F-Series fast sell in this year.. i like Ford F-Series.... it is nice vehicle...

Del Mar Auto Shop 5 years ago

Worked on a lot of these cars. Some are definitely built better than others..!

shivneel 5 years ago

corolla is by far the best selling and reliable car that has been manufactured. its maintanance free meaning theres little maintanance that needs 2 be done and the engine is reliable just keeps on going!! same as honda, honda is a great car as well.

Shawne 5 years ago

Toyota corolla is really great, our family has upgraded many times and even i have a new toyota corolla now, It is smooth and reliable.

ペニス増大 5 years ago

I once had Opel ascona!!!

Trollzilla 5 years ago

Ooh look, my dads car outsold the Model T by just over 1mil!

kikoya 5 years ago

owned :

91 Corolla 1.8 XLD - fantastic car but a bit lazy

63 Impala Sport Sedan - great but so unsafe...

82 Renault 5 GTL - Comfortable and economic, but rusted too fast

76 BMW 320 - utter crap. used way too much gas, never reliable

kikoya 5 years ago

ooops, forgot that i owned a citroen 2cv as well, but i sold it after only three months of use. i used to call it a "mean of transportation" because "car" sounded too much for that "thing"

Tradgidy 5 years ago

Tragic Tragic!

Dave 5 years ago

I'm surprised I've owned 6 of the best sellers.

Five were Fords. I can see why there isn't a Chevy

truck on the list. Ford F-Series is the best truck

hands down!!!

μεταχειρισμενα αυτοκινητα 5 years ago

How i wish i could have at least one of this car listed.I c love the Ford Escort car .But for now i had my car ?????????????? ?????????? although it was not new but still works good

Eric 5 years ago

Americans should take more pride in American brands. The reason so many of these foreign car brands are so good is because many of them were actually assembled in America. The Big Three should bring back more car assembly plants to America and provide jobs as well as better quality vehicles. Ford should bring back the Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Continental. GM needs to bring back the Chevrolet Caprice, Buick Roadmaster, Buick Le Sabre, and the other large sedans. I'm surprised Chevrolet's C-Series pickups aren't on this list. They're almost ubiquitous where I live.

Kyle 5 years ago

I've owned three BMW 3 Series.

I'm surprised that the Toyota Camry has sold only ~10% more worldwide than BMW has sold 3 Series worldwide.

robert 5 years ago

toyota corolla is simply a good vehicle...that's why people keep buying it....however...I owned a 1995 ford escort put over 100,000 with no problems and traded it in for a 98 ranger, put over 100 000 miles on that without an issue...I don't understand why people pan us automakers...?

nunuethiopia 5 years ago

so far in the list......civic is the best

John 5 years ago

The new Corolla is junk. They dumbed down the car and it looks like shit.

The F-150 is the best car on the list!

gary shaw 5 years ago

Many of these cars were not the same cars. They were totally different cars but retained the same name. The Peugeot 504 remained the same car throughout its production so therefore should be in a class of its own. 5 years ago

You can find the top 10 car exterior accessories at

michael 5 years ago

hey ladies my number is 404-552-2551 not fake

Dresden 5 years ago

Very good list, thanks for your efforts. As far as I know, Honda Fit/Jazz deserves to be on this list too. Honda announced that global cumulative sales reached 3.5 Million units in July 2010. Current number may be around 4 million by now.

gius 5 years ago

Interesting, own Fiat Uno Turbo and Golf Cabrio, both in good position and good cars

John 5 years ago

I own a 1988 VW Golf GL has its issues. The last couple owners treated it like crap, didn't use 91 octane, didn't keep it in a garage (a MUST if you live in the midwest United States...rust will show up within a year if you leave your car outside in this climate), they didn't change the oil at the right intervals, didn't replace fuses with the right ones, didn't change the wheel bearing in the back right wheel which was grinding up a storm, didn't recharge the A/C, didn't re-do the falling headliner, didn't get replacement tires even after dry rot, lost a hubcap...this poor, innocent vehicle!!!

Not to worry, it's in safe hands now =) So far I've changed all fluids, cleaned and fixed interior, cleaned fuel injectors, replaced air filter, oil filter and fuel lines, replaced wheel bearings, getting new tires soon, replaced all fuses, clamped down rattling exhaust and I even gave it a nice little straight-pipe chrome exhaust tip =)

Khoka Sarker profile image

Khoka Sarker 5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

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megel 5 years ago

I have an old car myself and find it my best friend

LOL 5 years ago

Hail Breezy Nigga

Caddy 5 years ago

This list isn't accurate anymore & needs updating i.e. Ford announced 10 million mustangs milestone earlier this year.

Ryan 5 years ago

Chevrolet has always been and always will be the best american auto manufacturer.

newton 5 years ago

waoh, cant believe my old time favourite, prado, is that ooold. the corolla is also great n a very common one in my country, kenya-probably a quarter of all corollas r here. but my best is the mustang-hope I drive one before am 35. great list guys

Dr Rockpile profile image

Dr Rockpile 5 years ago from USA

I love that the Ford Model T is #7 on the list. Not much competition back then eh. Fun hub!

5 years ago

go toyota corolla!

Nigel 5 years ago

I agree that it is a silly list as it combines completely different vehicles which happen to be sold under the same name. If you want to do this then you need to combine Renault 5/ Clio, Peugeot 205, 206 and 207, Peugeot 405,406,407 etc . A mark 6 Golf has nothing in common with a mark 1 Golf and same with Corolla. You need to look at individual model sales as this list makes no sense at all.


mubarak 5 years ago

my dad had aford cortina when was in primary he would visit us on da visitation day and would get ashamed due to da old crumpy car,now he drives aford explorer,i now own it,i put ahigh voltage sound hoofer,sport rims,pimps it all looks great compared to da cars i pass by.+256775611801

jacob 5 years ago

i have a renault clio , i love it

muhammad 5 years ago

my pugeot was one of my best cars it was very smooth

Oklahoma 87 5 years ago

This list doesn't represent american car sales veru well I live in truck country most everyonr around here ownd a truck in the last ten years chevy dodge and ford have been equal with a few more nissans and toyotas showing up but from late 90s and back it was mostly chevys and fords chevy trucks have dtrong motors but ttansmissions always go out as far as cars go ive known many corrola owners who had passed well over 300k miles on orignal drive train you wont get that out of any newer domestic car

JOHNNY 5 years ago

GM is in everywhere in this list too all chevys,opel,and pontiacs are made by GM is great I own a volkswagen golf I never could I magine corolla is the best seller toyota is a sure buy always that's why.

nobull--it 5 years ago

that list is crap is the mark one toyota or ford of 40 years ago the same car as today, get a life you idiot the only difference is no matter what you are called you will always be the idiot with a capital I

Crimea 5 years ago

WHat about Hilux???????

Jayvee 5 years ago

I guess you forgot the Toyota Hilux.He is sold worldwide over 13 million times.Maybe Nr.11 in the Ranking

buttercup 5 years ago

i have an opel vectra 03 great car

Ashutosh Thakur 5 years ago

fantastic list....but i guess why was toyota land cruiser sold so much?

cartwright da boy 97 5 years ago

Some cars on this list you could argue with the Ford model a selling as many as it did in 4 or so years. Where are they all now.Why is there so many fiats. Did you know fiat stands for found in a tip. Another car that should be on the list is the vw polo they are so popular round here in darlington ne united kingdom

Islanda 5 years ago

Not surprised Corolla is number one. Owned three over the years. The first one a station wagon that I ran hard from 1977 through 1994 and was still going strong when I sold it after I bought my first F150. I've owned two Camrys also. No complaints here.

Kaytar 5 years ago

no doubt that Toyota Corolla is the best car, i had a 93 model i used it for 5 years and now i have a 97 model still it gives me the pleasure of 2011 model car.

EPIC 5 years ago

only in a america with ford the best car witch is foRd you know it every 1 knows it BUILT FORD TOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nestle 5 years ago

TOYOTA COROLLA is the world's best selling car and comes from TOYOTA- the JAPANESE MOST ESPENSIVE CARMAKER. I own a 2008 model and don't wish to sell it till it tells me to which is never going to happen. There can be good cars but not as good as a Corolla. It's strong with all the best features that a car of $21,000 would have. The leather seats are always cool, the A/C is awesome, the fuel consumption is less and the space is tooooo much. It has a big trunk with almost one-tonne capacity. The Engine is strong- 1.8 xli. Everyone who can buy a car must feel the happiness of being the owner of the world's best selling car by buying the COROLLA. It reaches to almost 200km/h-which can be too dangerous and too adventurous. It's 0-100 pick-up time is just 9 seconds and 0-200 is just 1 minute.

matt 5 years ago

i never would have geussed the passat had sold so well... my mom has one 2006, and its shit, it drives like shit and when i get out of it... well lets just say i hope no one saw me lmao

Eugene is playing poker! 5 years ago

toyota r best cars in d world cant b touched by any other make

bronz 5 years ago

I'm not surprise that the corollary is number one.....I don't personally own one but I've heard so much good things about this car and over here seems like every other person has a corolla....good car.

NESTLE 5 years ago



Bilty 5 years ago

Uh, right. The Toyota Corolla, Camry-both are rental cars. The Toyota as well as the Honda Civic have undergone mulitple redesignes and have been available as more than just one type of car. Both have Been available as two and four door sedans, two door coupes, station wagons, etc. The only thing that hasn't changed on these is the name-oh wait, Toyota counts "Maitrix" sales under "Corolla" sales. Right. Sorry, the Volkswagen Beetle had the same layout and basic body style from 1938 up to the end, in late 2003. To me, the best selling CAR-not NAME-is the Volkswagen Beetle. If VW were to do what Toyota and Honda do-call the replacement of the original by the same name-then they would have called the Golf the "Beetle", and we'd have nearly FIFTY MILLION in sales.

kevin bii 5 years ago

for me to own a car as campus boy is dream .but im in luv with toyota landcruiser prado

Muhammad 5 years ago

Peugeot 504,

Solid, Powerful, Reliable

Balanced Horsepower/Torque. Load it with more than a ton and you wouldn't notice that much lag in performance.

NORMATIVE seats (rear/frontal) and Steering Wheele dimensions, Very comfortable, Never get a backache or anyway tired of driving or sitting in it.

about 40 years old and still comparable.

Paul 5 years ago

For those living in North America and are surprised that toyota corolla is the best selling car, it is because corolla has been huge in Asia and other parts of the world, because not only is/was the car relatively cheaper (especially compared to the European cars, particulary before the '90s), it consumes very much less gas, where it has been a lot more expensive compared to that in USA. American cars generally have been popular in Asia, asides from China recently in view of their high gas consumption.

Paul 5 years ago

Sorry, I meant Amercan cars have not been popular in Asia.

Toyata is relatively cheap and reliable. if it has been selling well in USA, you can imagine how it would outsell all the other cars elsewhere in the world, where general income of the people is lower.

white waters 5 years ago

All I can say that my 1972 Chevy Impala was one of the best cars that I ever had.Yes it was a gas guzzler but smooth, powerful and quite.What happened to those cars.They were simple and reliable.

Tungar 5 years ago

I have a 12 years old Turkish made Fiat-Uno. It's just like new produced. Looks like brand new and its performance is still perfect. Fiat Company really creates durable&well designed cars.

Segun 5 years ago

Well in Nigeria, the Corolla is easily the most popular, low running costs and all! I've owned an 83' Benz 230E, and 2 BMW 3 Series....I'm planning to buy another 3 Series, the best car in the world!

5 years ago

FIAT 124 selled some 15 million if you include the cars made under other companies badges

Heng Yong Tuck 5 years ago

I still find it hard to give up my fourth Peugeot 405 and I am glad that it ranks among the top 50 and also as a single type, unlike Civics or Corollas, which are many different models under the same name. We must also not forget that the 405 is still made and sold in Iran, maybe recently under a different name "Peugeot Pars", and that when considered should add to the number.

Ashu 5 years ago

To be frank, I have never seen most of the Ford cars posted here physically. I own a corolla which is the most popular car by far in East Africa. I am thinking to buy a Peugeot (205 or 405), and glad to hear a couple of good comments about these models. A good list, anyway.

piyush 5 years ago

I own Toyota corolla diesel n Volkswagen. Jetta same price n surely I ill say Toyota is far. Better brand than Volkswagen milege mentainance. Comfort ..... I hate Volkswagen they r makng fool f Indians by gvng same engine. In skoda Laura Jetta passat n evn Audi a4 with high nentainance plz Guyz dnt mke fool f urslf dnt buy these vw cars..

Fadil 5 years ago

Peugeot 205 "It's great to be small" bought with 305000 km selled 340000 km (35000km for 1 year and never repaired), just fantastic.

neinka lando 5 years ago

Some of those picks were pretty cool but others were just too lame and small.

hunter 5 years ago

my cars

mjarko 5 years ago

Unfortunately this list is missing a ford (Falcon - ones built in Australia alone have sold more than 3.5 million units, plus production for 10 odd years prior to being built in Aust)

reifentyres 5 years ago

Very Nice Cars...

I Love Cars...

feebee3 4 years ago

One person repeatedly commented it sucks, implying something negative. However from a pleasure standpoint, sucks is pretty good.

Concerning the patriotism=buying American,my experience is they have good design, have poor reliability and questionable quality. I've never had an American car that lasted more than 90,000 miles, while Japanese models are just getting broken in good at 150,000. However, the worst car I ever had was a Ford Cortina,second worst Chevy Vega and third worst, a mid 70s Monte Carlo--it's transmission dropped onto the pavement at 31,000. Some Chrysler products have been pretty bad--Plymouth Fury, Chrysler Sebring convertible and Chrysler Cordoba. My all time favorites are a 60's Barracuda and a Honda Del Sol.

john smit 4 years ago

wheres the lambo at come on now!!!!!!!

Sean 4 years ago

Im supprised mercedes benz cars are not on the list and they are one of the oldest car manufacture in the world my perrents only have brought them for the last 35 years and they buy toyota landcrusers and Prado's in the usa they are called gx-470 but the Landcruser Prado in Australia doesn't have a v8 just the 4.0 litre v6 or 3.0 intercooled turbo diesel. The Landcruser comes with the v8 gasoline and turbo diesel v8 and in the 100 series landcruser came with a v8 gasoline or a strait 6 inter cooled turbo diesel in the usa they are called lexus lx470 in the 100 series the 200 series lx570. It is a shame the USA doesn't get the turbo diesel land cruser's and here in australia most 4wds are turbo diesel because of fuel pricers and more cars are coming with a turbo diesel option like me cedes benz and bmw and volvo most mecedes benz suv are turbo diesel and i think california state government in the usa should have turbo diesel cars if i lived there i would buy my car interstate and in australia the federal government would over power the state government's around the country i don't know why brakobama doesn't do the same and he has been to australia

Iam poor akenyan 61 yrs old admirer of american cars iwould like an american up there who can give to me free of charge a used dodge car or cadillac convertible for my 62nd birthday which is on april 4 years ago

As above

Lorraine de Steve 4 years ago

i've owned a honda civic and it was awesome. i sold to fly outa the country.

Syed Rehman 4 years ago

hi my name is Syed Rehman From Pakistan. One of the best Car in the world. Toyota Corolla I love Indus Corolla model 99. this car drive is a veryyyyyyyyyy goooooood. and market is suprb. toyota corolla intirior and Extirior very dashing very good. East of West Toyota is the best. thanks

unknown 4 years ago


go detroit

Kenny 4 years ago

I have a 92 MK2 VW GTI 16V. Coolest car. Best seats. Quick and the feel and handling is unsurpassed. New VWs are bulbous, over packaged, heavy, parts are over priced and they Break too often. Long live the MK2!

Grace 4 years ago

1991 Toyota Corolla still so smooth at 11 km per hour... for me its very economical on gas and cheap parts... Great

Grace 4 years ago

Sorry that is my 1991 Toyota Corolla 1.6 GLX still runs at 11km per liter of gasoline!!! Great! at 20 years old car, I feel so comfortable..

Someone 4 years ago

Surprised not to see Jeeps, Hummers or any type of SUV... And I was surpirsed to find Renault 4 on the list.

Aaron 4 years ago

Wow I really can't believe the fiat bid 126 would of made it on to the list. My sister used to drop me at school in one of them. some good classics on the list tho

louis pizzarelli 4 years ago

first car i owned was a 1967 ford fairlane 5 ipurchased for 600.oo dollars.second was a 1977 ford LTD for 2600 in 1980,third was a new 1987 mercury Grand Marquis, best car i ever owned iput 234000 miles on and when isold it in 1996 it ran like new my last car was a 1996 chevy impala ss which istill have and has 240000 miles on it and imust say iwas always a ford man but thi 1996 chevy imlalazz has bee really good to me. Iteke my hat off to all those old cars,they gave me very much fun in my life and i wish i still had the again because of their value toda.

bigi 4 years ago

... and where you have for example VW Gol (over 6M pcs), Renault Encore (6,3M pcs), Renault 19 (5,7M pcs), Renault Megane (4,6M pcs only in first generation), Hyundai Sonata (over 5M pcs), Hyundai Elantra (over 5M pcs), Suzuki Alto (over 10M pcs), VW Polo (10,4M pcs), Fiat Panda (7,5M pcs), Opel Kadet (over 10M pcs), Lada Riva (over 16,5M pcs) & many others???

David f Horton 4 years ago

There is only one true winner. The ONLY car that can win is the RENAULT 4

It is the only car that had no design changes. EVERY pannel form the 1st car wwould fit to the last

All others just took the name to the next model. All cheats. Even the Beetle

genuineaid profile image

genuineaid 4 years ago from USA

I had a red civic hatchback... it was fun but weak :/

tnayan 4 years ago

no mercedes !

Lacey 4 years ago

It's great to see the Corolla at number 1. I just purchased a 2011 Corolla, and I LOVE IT. It is such a smooth drive, and the gas mileage is amazing. I had a Camry before, and the Corolla is so much better. Happy to see my car number 1 on the list, it's a great car, and to the people posting negitive comments about it, obviously have never owned, or drove a Corolla.

Sherwin 4 years ago

My 1963 VW Bug is still fun to drive and all parts are still available.

Cj 4 years ago

nothing beats a cobra jet ram air drag pack fastback factory tach 8 track with speakers in the back ford

Ch88ky 4 years ago

i have a classic vw beetle 1303 and it is fun to drive and i can get parts easier than some new cars even though its my first car it drives great and started 1st time after 6 years standing in the last owners yard with no fiddling around with any timing or any thing so overall it is a great car and has been good to me so far

Mazddo 4 years ago

Where is the Mazda 929 it was so pop car

Albert 4 years ago

My 2012 toyota Corolla OMG, what a car... cheaper than most, low gas consumption, high millage per galon, safe, reliable, good muscles, nice design, quiet, smooth, enough room, good balance, steady run, cheaper insurance rate, best resell price. It is almost perfect. This is my second card after a 1989 corolla I just sold in almost perfect condition. I did not know this is the most sold car in the universe but I really know why. bonus: my wife love it and thinks I am like a hero buying a corolla again.

Anson 4 years ago

I've had some of the cars on this list.

Eg. 4 corollas (1 wagon, 2 hatches and a sedan) Years 1979, 1982,1988, 1996

4 Falcons 1996,2000,2003,2006

2 Camrys 1990,2011

1 Galant 1983

1 Civic 1985

1 Bluebird 1993

Milo 4 years ago

What to my AMC Grimlin?

Raymond 4 years ago

No Yugos ? :)

Mark 4 years ago

Toyota Corolla. Its a quality thing

Unknown 4 years ago

Wheres the Nissan cube great little car

BusterMcDermott 4 years ago

Best shot photos! I finally found this very interesting list of all Ford models. This one looks great also.

Nyamache profile image

Nyamache 4 years ago from Kenya

I have always loved the Peugeot.

dannyhewitt 3 years ago

Fascinating stuff about the Ford Model A. It's surprises me how many cars were sold at the time but there are quite a lot of them around today. There's an interestign article on this website with Peter Wallman who is a classic car specialist from London speaking on the future of classic cars:

Kenny 3 years ago

I have owned probably 25 different autos in my life. European, Japanese, and American. Most cars or trucks run about the same with minor differences. The public perception depends on the propaganda the manufacturer pumps into the minds of the people.

My wife drives a Lincoln for about 5 years and my daughter drives an Accord she has recently purchased. They ride and operate roughly the same and look similar however Honda's propaganda machine is better than Lincolns. Perceived value.

I prefer the F series truck after owning all the major brands. It really is the type auto you can hand down to your children. I have had 2 with over 300,000 miles and they just kept running even with the abuse I give em.

Scott Gibson profile image

Scott Gibson 3 years ago from Rothwell, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

My first car was a 1980 Corolla. I've also had a 2002 Vauxhall Vectra 2.2 DTi (which was terrible) and I now have a 1999 Passat 1.8T which I've now owned for over 9 years. Buying it for £4,500 in 2004 the Passat has been good value for money except for a recent gearbox refurb and with a lot of TLC it looks almost like new. Economy is fine, even with $8 per US gallon fuel prices.

issabendeck 3 years ago

toyota corolla is just a lucky shoot that didn't go wrong , what i mean by that , is that the company started making those cars in the 66, together with nissan coming up with the sunny , , competence wasn't that high at the time, and toyota took the advantage , something what nissan didn't , b.coz nissan was always a step behind toyota in terms of production and the car was cheap and +mpg and good in terms of durability , those days there wasn't too many materials to resycle, and materials where too cheap and the best quality, there didn't existed machines to build the cars , there was alot of man hand work , but now things have changed and have gotten very very expencive , so expencixe that auto makers now have developed important recycing machines that turn the old cars into pieces and remake cars again form practically garbage b.coz they mix plastic with iron and other materials and make the new engine blocks from that, and are parts that they heat them to very high temperatures and cool this parts againg and loosing their original properties, ending up been weack and making the durability short, cos this is what has happened to his so wanted corolla and many other cars today and for your surprice europeans and jap are in front of the list , read in google TEN SURPRISINGLY UNRELIABLE CARS , so dont be so happy about your corolla , in the internet you might find lots of true and some lies , and dont bealieve those kelly boock and shit , coz they right about peoples preferences not about really good cars, jap cars used to be good but not any more , they have become too comercial, even those lexus , they are pure cheap publicity , ther are many costumers complains , about this cars getting oil sludge , i ll tAKE A CHEVY CAVALIER OF A GOLF OVER ANY OF THIS CARS JUST CHECK, HOW MANY YEARS THE STAYED IN PRODUCTION AND DONT THINCK THAT THE PRODUCTION STOPED COZ THE CARS ARE BAD BUT COZ THEY ARE TOO GOOD , coz there was no bussines on building them coz they dont breack so there isn't bussiness for selling spare parts , something that automaker LOVE , that's why the corolla is still in production cos it gives lots of spare parts profit, same happened to MAZDA 323 really great car and they switched to that crappy mazda 3 cos the 3 breacks alot every thig that a car maker takes away from the market is eather for 2 reazons , they are really shity or they are too good , really shity coz this brings a weak credibility to the factories , and too good coz tos dont bring any profit to the factories , so that they keep a mid point , its hard to keep costumers and factories happy you know

DoodleMonkey 13 months ago

"strange list...

just because a car has the same NAME for many years, its not the same car.

it would be a lot more interesting to know how many of the same type that been made. the list would be totally different then."

I'd agree. Some cars keeping the same name have even moved into different market sectors. The name is essentially a marketing device.

"If it has the same name then it is the same car, it's just a different mark. i.e a Mark 1 Golf and a Mark 2 Golf are the same car, but different versions."

Yes but a Golf mark 1 is very, very different to a current Golf. The current Astra doesn't even have any styling cues from the original; they are as different as a Ford Escort Mk1 to a current Ford Focus.

bangthetable 2 months ago from Australia

Got the name of unknown cars with pictures. there is no Indian cars in the list. Just wonder.

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