Top 50: Fastest Cars


As humans, we have a fascination with speed. There's something hard wired into our brain to react to adrenaline, and we all know how much adrenaline is dumped into out system when we go fast.

Over the last 100 years, we've gone from very slow, to very fast, and every few years it seems, a new King of the production fast cars comes along. More recently there have been so many new "hyper-cars" that we often don't realise its faster. Take the Bugatti Veyron for example. This is one fast fast car, and many believe it to be the worlds fastest production car. That however is wrong.

Take a look through the list to see where your favourite Hyper-cars come.

This list does not currently feature the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (SS) due to the fact that it is currently not in production. When it goes into production in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2011 the list will be updated but until then, it's not a production car and therefore doesn't make it on to the list. 

50. Porsche 911 Carrera 4S - 185mph

Porsche 911 Carrera 4s - 185mph
Porsche 911 Carrera 4s - 185mph

49. Audi R8 - 187mph

Audi R8 - 187mph
Audi R8 - 187mph

48. Dodge Viper SRT 10 - 190mph

Dodge Viper SRT 10 - 190mph
Dodge Viper SRT 10 - 190mph

47. Mosler MT900 - 190mph

Mosler MT900 - 190mph
Mosler MT900 - 190mph

45. Corvette Z06 - 190mph

Corvette Z06 - 190mph
Corvette Z06 - 190mph

44. Aston Martin V12 Vantage - 190mph

Aston Martin V12 Vantage - 190mph
Aston Martin V12 Vantage - 190mph

43 Aston Martin DB9 - 190mph

Aston Martin DB9 - 190mph
Aston Martin DB9 - 190mph

42. Cadillac CTS-V - 191mph

Cadillac CTS-V - 191mph
Cadillac CTS-V - 191mph

41. Aston Martin DBS - 191mph

Aston Martin DBS - 191mph
Aston Martin DBS - 191mph

40. Porsche 911 Turbo - 193mph

Porsche 911 Turbo - 193mph
Porsche 911 Turbo - 193mph

39. Nissan Gt-R - 193mph

Nissan Gt-R - 193mph
Nissan Gt-R - 193mph

38. TVR Tuscan - 195mph

TVR Tuscan - 195mph
TVR Tuscan - 195mph

37. Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera - 196mph

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera - 196mph
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera - 196mph

36. Ferrari F430 - 196mph

Ferrari F430 - 196mph
Ferrari F430 - 196mph

35. Audi R8 V10 - 196mph

Audi R8 V10 - 196mph
Audi R8 V10 - 196mph

34. Alpina B5 S - 197mph

Alpina B5 S - 197mph
Alpina B5 S - 197mph

33. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti -199mph

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti -199mph
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti -199mph

32. Bentley Flying Spur Speed - 200mph

Bentley Flying Spur Speed - 200mph
Bentley Flying Spur Speed - 200mph

31. Bentley Continental GT - 200mph

Bentley Continental GT - 200mph
Bentley Continental GT - 200mph

30. Ascari KZ1 - 200mph

Ascari KZ1 - 200mph
Ascari KZ1 - 200mph

29. Ferrari F40 - 201mph

Ferrari F40 - 201mph
Ferrari F40 - 201mph

28. Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 - 202mph

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 - 202mph
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 - 202mph

27. Ferrari 575m - 202mph

Ferrari 575m - 202mph
Ferrari 575m - 202mph

26. Ferrari F50 - 202mph

Ferrari F50 - 202mph
Ferrari F50 - 202mph

25. Porsche 911 GT2 - 204mph

Porsche 911 GT2 - 204mph
Porsche 911 GT2 - 204mph

24. Corvette ZR1 - 205mph

Corvette ZR1 - 205mph
Corvette ZR1 - 205mph

23. Ferrari 599GTB - 205mph

Ferrari 599GTB - 205mph
Ferrari 599GTB - 205mph

22. Maserati MC12 - 205mph

Maserati MC12 - 205mph
Maserati MC12 - 205mph

21. Ford GT - 205mph

Ford GT - 205mph
Ford GT - 205mph

20. Caparo T1 - 205mph

Caparo T1 - 205mph
Caparo T1 - 205mph

19. BMW M5 - 205mph

BMW M5 - 205mph
BMW M5 - 205mph

18. Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren - 207mph

Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren - 207mph
Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren - 207mph

17. Porsche Carrera GT - 209mph

Porsche Carrera GT - 209mph
Porsche Carrera GT - 209mph

16. Lamborghini Diablo GT - 211mph

Lamborghini Diablo GT - 211mph
Lamborghini Diablo GT - 211mph

15. Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 - 213mph

Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 - 213mph
Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 - 213mph

14. Pagani Zonda F - 215mph

Pagani Zonda F - 215mph
Pagani Zonda F - 215mph

13. Ferrari Enzo - 217mph

Ferrari Enzo - 217mph
Ferrari Enzo - 217mph

12. Gumpert Apollo - 224mph

Gumpert Apollo - 224mph
Gumpert Apollo - 224mph

11. Bristol Fighter T - 225mph

Bristol Fighter T - 225mph
Bristol Fighter T - 225mph

10. Jaguar XJ220 - 227mph

Jaguar XJ220 - 227mph
Jaguar XJ220 - 227mph

9. Ultima GT-R640 - 231mph

Ultima GT-R640 - 231mph
Ultima GT-R640 - 231mph

8. TVR Cebera Speed 12 - 240mph

TVR Cebera Speed 12 - 240mph
TVR Cebera Speed 12 - 240mph

7. Mclaren F1 - 240mph

Mclaren F1 - 240mph
Mclaren F1 - 240mph

6. Koenigsegg CCX - 241mph

Koenigsegg CCX - 241mph
Koenigsegg CCX - 241mph

5. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo - 248mph

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo - 248mph
Saleen S7 Twin Turbo - 248mph

4. Bugatti Veyron - 253mph

Bugatti Veyron - 253mph
Bugatti Veyron - 253mph

3. Koenigsegg CCXR- 254mph

Koenigsegg CCXR - 254mph
Koenigsegg CCXR - 254mph

2. 9ff GT9 - 254mph

9ff GT9 - 254mph
9ff GT9 - 254mph

The Fastest Car In The World Is....

So we've gone through the top 49, and here is the fastest car in the world, the Shelby Super Cars (SSC) Ultimate Aero. The 1287 hp V8 powers this carbon fibre clad "Hyper-car" all the way to 257mph! It gets to 60 mph in 2.78 seconds, and will power it's way down a 1/4 mile strip in 9.9 seconds. This is one FAST car!

Interesting to know that SSC are working on (and will be producing) the Ultimate Aero EV. This will be the first 200mph+ electric car powered by a single 500bhp electric motor. It's worth mentioning that SSC are playing around with bolting 2 of their 500bhp motors together for a 100hp electric Hyper-car. Who says you can't have an economical Hypercar?

1 SSC Ultimate Aero - 257mph

SSC Ultimate Aero - 257mph
SSC Ultimate Aero - 257mph

SSC Ultimate Aero EV - 200mph+

SSC Ultimate Aero EV - 200mph+
SSC Ultimate Aero EV - 200mph+

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ankit 7 years ago


Chris 7 years ago


the BMW M5 only does 155MPH, where on earth did you geet 205MPH from???

Andy 7 years ago

Wow Chris, the speed limiter, when removed, lets the M5 get up to up.

Pretty amazing that its in the top 20 of this list, its a freakin 5 passenger car...

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

Ah the good old speed limiter catching people out.

In case no one knows this, if you take the limiter out of the Bristol Fighter T (11) in theory it will do 275mph, but I don't think anyone has actually done it yet.

Flat_steve 7 years ago

I suspect the M5 is electronically limited to 155, remove it and it does 205.

Will 7 years ago

According to YOUR link, t only does 195, and considering it has only 500 hp and an ungainly sedan body to push around I'd say that's pushing it.

van 7 years ago

you forgot the Maybach Exelero it goes 218 plus it was the first v16

Chief1lung 7 years ago

The Maybach was not the first v16 that was held by a Caddy if I'm not mistaken

Chief1lung 7 years ago

Just looked it up and the first v16 was introduced back in 1926 and it was a caddy

joe 7 years ago

wut about the koeniggseg ccr?

joe 7 years ago

disregard the above comment... just noticed it at 3 on the list

me 7 years ago

The viper is aerodynamically challenged and would never get close to 255

Bojon 7 years ago

That is probably why they redesigned the front fascia of the Viper. As for the top speed you may be right, I'm not entirely sure they have actually ever tested it. But what I do know is that it held the one mile standing record at 217.9 MPH, and also beat the Buggati Veyron from 0-200 MPH by over 4 seconds.

Pwager 7 years ago

hey you left out the brabus rocket it goes 228 MH and it is a 4 door passenger car. with one thousand hoursepower V12

also they have an edition that is two seater convertible that has same engine but it electronicly limits the torque but in theory it should top out faste then the 4 door rocket

britneydavidson profile image

britneydavidson 7 years ago from united kingdom

wow great list/...amazing cars....great job would be much better if you have prices for these cars to display....please add prices if you find it.thanx for sharing

jed 7 years ago

Good up until the Enzo.

217 is faster than 213!

You need to flip-flop some cars there.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

The Enzo is now in it's correct place, thanks for pointing it out.

Orange 7 years ago

Callaway corvette 254 mph, or does this list only include production cars?

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

Sadly just production, I believe there's a coupl of Gallaway concepts that would be in the top ten if they went into production...

kappa022 profile image

kappa022 7 years ago from Florida

I want a 911 Turbo so bad. Now, I just need the 100k and I'll be set.

Cormie 7 years ago

Great list. What about the Porsche 959? I seem to remember that it was about 200 Mph top speed.

No One 7 years ago

last i heard the bugatti held the record for fastest production car in the world. there is a video where one of the people on Top Gear actually got a bugatti up to 254 mph. could you give links to where you found information on the other cars that you have listed after the bugatti? and a theory speed is nice, but it doesnt mean anything if it cant actually do it, even on an open test track.

i would like to get a bugatti, speed past a cop at 200 mph, then pull over so he can catch me, and when he asks why i did, ill say "i want the record for the fastest speeding ticket"

No One 7 years ago

ok... forget my last post... decided to do some research of my own... and ok...

7 years ago

i would still have the veyron. the amount of luxury/build quality relative to top speed is still (my opinion) far superior!!!

Chris  7 years ago

Look on YouTube - the M6 does 206MPH Delimited with the SAME ENGINE!! It is a very fast car when de-limited.

Pabz 7 years ago

The new Maxximus G-Force at 1600 HP will probably take over first place.

Slif 7 years ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Ariel Atom 3 supposed to be on the list too? It's a small production car, admittingly, but so is most of the elite cars on the list. Top Gear posted the 2nd gen. Atom as the second fastest car they have ever driven, below the Veyron, but above the Enzo.

Dated, but I don't think the facts changed that much.

Enjoyed the list, but then again, I don't don't care which is the absolute fastest ranked, as much as I would like to check some of these off my "driven" list.

thing 7 years ago

ya... the stock M5 has a top speed of 195. but if you wish to add cars to the list that only reach these high speeds with out their limiter, there would be ALLOT of mercedes would be in this list. many of their cars can reach over 190 with out the limiter. need to redo this list and remove the cars that only reach these speeds with out the limiter if your not going to put all of them in... there are allot of cars that can reach over 200 with out the limiter. if they were listed, there wouldn't be any cars that do less then 200 in the list.

and the bugatti is superior... it can do 254 MPH and weighs allot more then the others that are as fast... i bet you if you take out all the un-needed items, just gut the car, it could go much faster.

Emmet 7 years ago

Mmm Mmm Good : )

JoblessPunk 7 years ago


gracy.bonsu profile image

gracy.bonsu 7 years ago from United Kingdom

Good one

Slfer 7 years ago

I love Bugatti Vyron because it's certified that iot can touch 407.5 KM/H you can see the video in youtube 'tested by Top Gear Team'

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

Yeah, the SSC has been recorded at 257mph, check out the Guniess World Records.

mikus 7 years ago

Anybody remember the Vector W8 twin turbo? I thought that was a production car and it was reputed to have a 240+ top speed...

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

Yeah Mikus, I've mentioned it in my look at American cars here.

The problem with the W8 was it was never recorded at anything over 185mph and from what I've heard, wasn't much fun to drive over 180mph.

Nedj10 7 years ago

Top Speed of the Ford GT is 211 mph not 205. Ford's own posted number.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

No one has ever had it above 205mph with the production gearing. This is not based on copanies figures, because everyone knows they lie about them most of the time.

issues veritas 7 years ago

Interesting hub with great pictures.

Just for giggles, which is the best car


1. dollars per mph

2. dollars per hp per mph

3. mpg for mph

4. horse pwer per mph

This would tell us the best design for the best price kind of perspective.

just a thought.

Another interest fact would be, what is the fastest police pursuit speed and by what vehicles?

Do you have any interior shots of these cars?

Rob 7 years ago

What are you guys talking about horsepower and engine size for? If geared properly you can get a MOPED to do a 100 mph!

Chris Is Wrong 7 years ago

The M5 has been tested to do 205 MPH.

VeNoM_M5 7 years ago

The M5 is eletronically limited to 155MPH by law. There are many tuners out there like RPI and Powerchip that remove this limiter. I personally have hit 196MPH in mine after it was delimited.

Phelps 7 years ago

awsome array of cars on here!! im from bristol the home of the fighter and there is a production tt on the road in theory 280mph+ from a v10, the same factory is building the world record chalenger for the fastest car 'the bloodhound ssc' hopefully gonna get my hands on a db9 very soon will try and top the speed on the m32 southbound :P

Debbie Hicks 7 years ago

What a great list. I found it fascinating. Just looking at some of these gets your adrenaline going. I love a car that not only looks sleek, but is simply flat out fast. Ditto to the person who said they would like to check off many of these as "driven." How fun would that be? Thanks for a great post!

Jfreez 7 years ago

The corvette Z06 is listed at 198MPH. There have been several gps confirmed stock ones that have broken 200. The limiter kicks in at 205 but I don't know any that have hit that mark without mods. Check out corvette forum and you will easly find examples of stock ones that have hit 200.

I dont doubt that your example only hit 190 but I would be intrested in learning more about the conditions under which the run was done. Hot conditions and low atmospheric preassure can make a huge diffrence at those speeds

nirmalpatel 7 years ago

i think among of them cadillac cts-v is the best becos its to much smooth running car and nice thing is its steering wheel its too soft and smooth how i know becos i got one cts-v but 2007 hence its very fast i heard 09 has more horse than 07

and they make hard body for the crash too and other think when i drive it everybody look inside my car whos that and i also pulled over twice by the cops to check nacotics and crac becos none of young kid got it not even any whiote ash hole people so they pull over me

mcarolyn profile image

mcarolyn 7 years ago from Philippines

I wish I could own one of it.

Jdm Engines 7 years ago

This is a great list. I feel like there are porbably a couple of cars missing, but still great overall. It would also be great to see track times in addition to top speed.

BenAus 7 years ago

Well I think the list is a great read.

Boo to all the complainers. There will always be variations.

As someone said already, Porsche 959 could be added. Was a great car about the same performance as the Ferrari F40.

Tim 7 years ago

What happened to the McLaren F1? It's top speed was 231mph...

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

The Mclaren is there in 7th with a top speed of 240mph.

Chris Crow profile image

Chris Crow 7 years ago

Beautiful pictures. I better get cracking on some more hubs.

Miguel 7 years ago

I think the term 'production' is used pretty loosely to describe some of these cars. I reckon the bugatti would trounce many others in terms of build quality and repeated performance. The SSC aero is pig ugly and was built to do one thing, break the top speed; no class, no passion, no integrity.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@:miguel - I will agree the Bugatti has probably got amongst the best build quality, of them all (being a Volkswagen) and yes, the SSC Aero isn't the prettiest thing in the world (but neither is the Gumpert Apollo!)

However, I would say havign been in one (sadly not driving it), don't underestimate the Koneigsegg CCXR, there amazingly well built and the level of finish is superb!

///MOOKIE 7 years ago

Lots of cars missing from here... Benzs, M6, etc...

Anyone who is saying they hit a certain speed themselves... speedos in production cars are only so accurate... u need to use navs,satellites, and radar to get a true correct speed.

Gotta admit having the M5 in the top 20 is sick... even if it really only does do somewhere in the 198 - 202 range. 7 Speed SMG is made for speed...

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

these speed are based of data logging equipement which runs of GPS, make the timings 100% accurate. I know some say there are some that go faster and slower, but sadly not every car off the production plant is 100% the same.

The M5 is a stupidly fast car, and of course you can it as an estate too! Why anyone would buy a Range Rover over the M5 eatate I don't know!

zipperip 7 years ago

My favorite is the corvette zr1 for the money!!

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

The Ultima is a bargin for the speed it does! You could build one up for similar to the ZR1 and it'll be the worlds fastest accelarating and decelarating car!

And remember, it's 5 seconds faster round the topgear test track than the third placed Koniegsegg CCXR!

Hitesh 7 years ago

I think its amazing that Bentleys are on the list. Such luxary cars and yet so fast! most the other cars apart from the m5 are small cars barely big enough for 2 people!

Akshath 7 years ago

Wow fantastic !! I thought the Veyron was the fastest ! how ignorant of the prescence of other almighties.

jay 7 years ago

good job on the cars. wow everybody always picks out something wrong. Itsn't this and that supposed to be on the list, where's bla bla, or Wrong... who gives a shit if the list isn't perfect. good job

Jesse 7 years ago

Areo is fastest but right behind it is bugatti and theres no doubt. look it up anyone

Aaqib 7 years ago

Thnx,,,its really cool

rambo87 profile image

rambo87 7 years ago

good shout, everyone is an expert at picking fault in someone elses work but I agree that people shouldn't be moaning about what isn't in this list as it is a really good job!

Cbo 7 years ago

@ Slif: The Atom is the fastest in many respects, but not overall top speed. It is limited electronically, not only because of the laws in its native UK, but also because many components are not able to cope with the very high speeds on the list.

The lightweight tyres, for example, could shred at over 170-180! The heavier top rated tyres would increase unsprung and overall weight, and make it less of a driver car than it is. It beat many other cars around the TG track because of the mahoosive acceleration and cornering speed (0-100-0 MPH in <10s) this is a superior track car, but still not in the high speed leagues of the above.


WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@C-bo - Totally agree with you about the Atom being a superior Track machine. The best track car out of the lot is the Ultima GTR though, beat the Koenigsegg by 5 seconds round the TG test track.

tennis pro 7 years ago

this is great to know. now where exactly, or what city here in the U.S. can I legally drive this sort of speed, short of a closed race track? what a waste of time and money, really.

spa1969 7 years ago

Still comes down to what we the people can drive and enjoy...Love my 545sport Period....

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@tennis pro - Yeah everyne will agree that short of moving to Germany for the (limited amount) of Autobahn that is de-restricted, there isn't anywhere to drive them except for a race track. But think about it from the owners of one of these cars, if you can afford to buy and run one, then you can afford to go to the odd track day.

SPY 7 years ago

brittanydavidson I could tell you how much the ssc is He is a friend of mine the car is built right here in my home town.I have been standing in the assembly line a few times with my jaw on the floor.These cars rock. they run the average purchaser about a modest six hundred thousand compared to the bugatti which is a mill and a half and the car is an awsom daily driver.Check out the video of jay leno about the SSC.He said it all in one statement(It represents AMERICA.Its American made.)Sorry Bugatti.Oh Ps.The SSC Remained aerodynamically stable at nasa's wind tunnell at a bit above 257MPH.He was limited to a two lane stretch of country highway by Guinness to get the world record.

tinyteddy profile image

tinyteddy 7 years ago from INDIA

what a fantastic hub

i am from India

this is great news

we needs these powerful speedsters- surprised?

our potholes and speed breakers will retard their speed considerably and make them move only at 60 kmph

and a bullock cart or araging auto might make them stop dead on their track

everyday driving is a rally for us


Gillsie profile image

Gillsie 7 years ago from Oregon

Thanks for the blog....just reading it made my right foot start to flex.

My Dad has a 911 Turbo and that should be fast enough for!

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

Oh yeah, 911 turbo is a great car.I want an 80's 911 turbo, but they are scary to drive fast, back end twitch while driving straight!

fanny 7 years ago

Out of all those German cars, the only ones that arent speed limited at 155 are the Porsches. God bless Ferry.

martyn 7 years ago

this one goes out to all ye car lovers:









keep the pedal to the metal!!!

Anti-smoking 7 years ago

I loved the Ultima GT-R640! It is a very beautiful car! Good Picks!!

Johnux 7 years ago

Since when does the CTS-V go 191? Is this after removing the speed limiter like you would with the M5? If you are going to be doing this, why not post the top speeds of all the vehicles with the speed governor removed. It would change your list substantially.

No One 7 years ago

sure, the bugatti is probably the most expensive... but the rules that were set for the car was huge... had to be luxurious, fast, quite. a car you can drive through town, or take on a long vacation (if you can afford one of these, gas price is no object). and many other sets of rules that i don't remember. all the other cars that can do 230+ mph, they were made for the soul purpose of going fast.. sure their design might be stable at a higher air speed then the bugatti.. but all the major sports cars that can reach that speed, when they get up there it gets loud from the air flowing over it. vibrations start from vehicle rolling on the ground so fast. bugatti remains smooth at its top speed, and is still very quite.

if you stripped the bugatti clean, leaving the basic stuff the car needs to run, with out reducing anything that gives it, its erodynamics, or smooth ride.. i mean just taking stuff out, not replacing anything with the soul prupose of making the car lighter with out replacing anything... the bugatti could probably go faster then any of these other cars.. but then again, you wouldn't be able to listen to your favorite driving music while doing over 240 MPH.

the atom i would have to agree, it is the best track car... and it looks fun to drive to.. i would like to make my own version, but mine would use a porche 911 turbo engine/tranny, so i could have 4 wheel drive.

oh... google "smart car redesign" and click on the first link

Me 7 years ago

Can you imagine hitting a pothole or a pebble at full speed in one of these babies? I wouldn't be worried so much about health insurance as I would life insurance at that point.

muhammed 7 years ago

i like

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 7 years ago from London UK

I dont care if they are the 50 top slowest cars in the world, I would still be happy driving almost everyone of them!!

Ben Anthony 7 years ago

Is anyone forgetting the Bugatti Veyron?! Can do 253Mph. Should be up there really. Should never of been missed. Sort it out! Big Mistake.

Chuck Russell 7 years ago

This is an Awesome list, thanks for sharing!

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@Ben - The Bugatti Veyron can do 254mph and sits in 4th place. No one forgot about it.

simon 7 years ago

WOW! This is the greatest thing i've ever seen!! I'm gonna tell everyone I know about it starting right now! Fantastic hub, you deserve a medal for such a great list! Anyway I did notice you haven't got the Nissan GTR on the list, surely this machine would be a great candidate considering it has a top speed of 191mph?

timmay 7 years ago

SInce you list older cars, the Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512 could have been here-

Around 200 mph is amazing- but all these cars do that while being strapped to something akin to an Apollo capsule...

Except the Bentley.

Image 200 mph while sipping a goblet, listening to Stan Getz.........

AmrcnHstryX 7 years ago

I had no idea that the T1 was actually in production. I heard about when it caught fire and the problems they had with it on Top Gear so I thought that it was too unstable for production because of what happened. For me the CTS-V is what I am looking for. I heard that it now broke the 8 minute mark on the Nurburgring for a sedan.

ladders 7 years ago

awesome..thanks fo' the info...

Eljugador21 7 years ago

I have an 06 M5 and it does 168 MPH with the limiter, I've verified on at least 5 occasions.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@Eljugador21 - Lucky you!

Anthony 7 years ago

Is this only stock cars? Subaru should be up there.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

No Subaru has a top speed of more than 185mph as standard.

Kyle 7 years ago

OK maybe it is .. lol.. ignore my last statement.. .. MY FAVE IS THE FERRARI 599 GTB Fiorano

Richie 7 years ago

Fuckin ass this website is good one!

Will 7 years ago

That is seriously sick stuff my man... Have to say my fav is the new skyline. Should get those car here in SA.

nukedukemboy2003 profile image

nukedukemboy2003 7 years ago from US

these cars are fracking amzing!

ely 7 years ago

as a race care driver and a speed tester in italy \, the

Bugatti Veyron

has a problem with its intake and gear shifting but thats not really a big deal but the speed only reach 215mph, my bos and promoter bet that if i make it to 250 its mine and after 28 atemp in 84 miles straight i got one in 248 record and insisted to the the price and they agree. i have now this one and still trying to meke it - 253mph but maybe the problem is in me and my chest.

Luis 7 years ago

isn't the bugatti said to be the fastest accelerating prod. car? i knew it didn't have the highest top speed but i think it gets to its top speed faster then any other.

auto expert profile image

auto expert 7 years ago from US

stupendous work..........great list and god pics... I must appreciate this hub... keep it up

Graphic 7 years ago


porche-man 7 years ago

i love this hub, you are great.All of them are beatiful cars..

ICQ 7 years ago


медицина 7 years ago

esssss!! good

Ian 7 years ago

Some guy asked a while ago which car was the best comparing cost to speed, mileage, etc... I did a simple statistical analysis of 5 expensive cars (I forget which ones, it was a year ago) and found no coorelation between price and how much speed you get. I would say that's confirmed by the m5 and the CTS-V being on this list, and placing fairly high. With the M5 testing at 205 mph and costing about $90,000 and the Porsche Carerra GT at 209 mph and costing over $500,000, I will save almost half a million and gladly give up that measley 4 miles per hour. If you really want a bargain, get a CTS-V for $60,000!!! Plus, you can take more than one other person along to enjoy the ride! Yippee!!!

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@Ian - I know what you mean, if I had the money I'd get the M5 estate, make so much more sense than pretty much any car on the market! Capable of over 200mph and enough room for the misses, the kids and the dog in the boot!

My local police force has 2 2008 M5 Esates marked up, wouldn't want one of them chasing me with the blue's and two's on!

Louis G 7 years ago

I don't believe that the BMW M5 can do 205mph. Not even close. The Ferrari F50 only does 202, and the smaller, lighter, more aerodynamic , and MUCH more powerful ( by more than 100HP ) Corvette ZR-1 does 205. The number is wrong.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

The BMW M5 does 205mph, google it and you'll see.

McLaren 7 years ago

Not to be nitpicky, but the McLaren was my favorite car as a kid. the picture you show is of the McLaren F1 LM (Le Mans), and it's top speed was 225mph. Also, the top speed reached in an F1 was 243mph. The McLaren F1 is the fastest naturally aspirated production car, since it doesn't use forced induction like the cars ahead of it.

Marcel 7 years ago

Year, great =)

I have linked it on my Website!

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

Thank you Marcel.

switch2glutenfree profile image

switch2glutenfree 7 years ago from Kansas City, KS

Good list of dream cars, but I'm not too sure on the accuracy.

chris 7 years ago

have had a look at that Maximus G-force and its as ugly as sin! Would rather pocket the $3million and buy an old beetle/camper van n buy a few islands in the indian ocean.

if they are going to charge that sort of money, they need to invest in a team of car designers.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@ chris - the maximus G-force is actually the Ultima GTR with 1600BHP and a $3mil price tag. Where as the GTR is only abut $100,000 nd still comes in 9th at 231mph! Why would anyone spend $3mil on a Maximus I don't know!

And it's not production yet.

RYPcontent profile image

RYPcontent 7 years ago from Chatham, IL

Wow. With the Ultimate Aero, you could drive from North Carolina to California in 8 hours. Wow!!!

Laura Lee 7 years ago

Great Work! I love them all. How much fun it would be to have a race track to really have some tire spinning good times.

MmorpgFanatic profile image

MmorpgFanatic 7 years ago

The Corvette ZR06 is probably the best bang for the buck out of all these fast cars.

Dan 7 years ago

Sorry, your list is WRONG and OUT-OF-DATE. There's a british T.V. show called Top Gear and on that show they take every car around their test track to see which car is fastest.


Nice try though...

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@Dan - I'm English and have been an avid fan of Top Gear going on for 10 tears now.

All that proves is how fast the car goes round their track, this goes on top speeds! There's a big difference.

Nat 7 years ago


ahlapski 7 years ago

Top speed isn't everything dear......

No One 7 years ago

in this list, top speed is everything. and as far as a car that is the best bang for the buck... you want to look for a car that cant just reach these speeds, but also remain stable and quiet, sure the cadi can get up to speed... but there are other cars that remain more stable and more quiet. 200+ MPH doesn't mean shit with out control. and the cars that have the best control usually cost over 100k, because the extra effort was put into them to remain conrtolled.

the Bugatti is an amazing vehicle.. but it does require a special place to hit its top speed. you cant just get in it and go to a very long straight road to hit the record top speed. you get to the straight, you have a second key for the car, when you turn on what ill call the fast setting (forgot what its really called), the car lowers and a few other things happen. i forgot exactly what speed. but supposedly, in this mode when you get beyond a certain speed, if the SLIGHTEST thing goes wrong, the brakes come on, the car slows down. and its taken out of its top speed mode. from what im told.. but i have seen the top gear episode where captain slow did get it to its top speed.. so not to sure about it.

if you are wanting a fast car, and top speed isn't the everything to you... the atom is the best bang for its buck. its acceleration can beat out many many supercars down the quarter. there might be some cars that can go around a track quicker, but isn't nearly as fun in the corners. you feel every bit of the car's acceleration. its capable speeds in the turn is unreal.

if you want a fast car, speed isn't everything, and how it does on a track doesn't matter much to you... there is the M5 and the cadi, those 2 are both luxury cars that are very fast, they are roomy, comfortable. and both can be taken on long trips with out you having to worry about limited storage in the trunk.

if you don't care about any of this, and just want something beautifull.. get an Aston Martin. =D

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@no one - I agree with everything you say. The only real problems I have persnaly with the Veyron, is the price, and the weight! I'm more of a light weight fan, so the Atom is such an appealing car!

Who really needs to go 200+ mph? Where can you do that? Where as a car set to 130mph but can get there in 5 seconds, now that would be a scream!!

No One 7 years ago

oh... i recently found out about an M5 that can hit that speed. its the G-Power Hurricane M5. im not to sure on if its something BMW came out with on their own, or an outside company tweek't the car.. but its reported to do 224.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@ No One - Yeah it's an outside car, not even sure it went into production because it went through tyres like a F1 car.

Still, bl**dy hell that's a fast 4 door!!

Mr. Ree 7 years ago

I had my Yugo up to 73 mph one time. Then the doors fell off and the radio stopped working. But I was hauling ass and it was fun!

EasyLearn profile image

EasyLearn 7 years ago from Washington State

Uh, I always wanted a Diablo as a kid, it was my favorite.

I'm happy with my S2000 though.

MattDrive 7 years ago

really a nice panel of fastest cars

7 years ago

Great list, a price tag on each would be better though

janicedickson profile image

janicedickson 7 years ago

Very nice collection. Look at the Cadillac. Pretty impressive.

fruitypastles 7 years ago

This is an awesome review! I know it really doesn't make much difference but the bentley continental gt can do 202mph if you use 5 star fuel. just thought i would add that. nice review again though! very interesting!

Isaac 7 years ago

MrRee... that was funny! I now have dr pepper all over my screen lol. Hope you found the doors. Great list!

jonathan 7 years ago

i'm glad someone has creamed ferrari. i just wish it were a cobra or corvette.

kinyari 7 years ago

ultimate aero EV well done.I wonder what happened to Bugatti Veryon.But are great cars.

audi a4 parts 7 years ago

They are great cars. Thanks you.

Reuben 7 years ago

Not to be nit-picky or anything, but that thing yall have been calling the "Speed Limiter" is called a Restrictor Plate. Just saying.

Reuben 7 years ago

Unless of course you're talking about the CPU, which can also be programmed to limit the speed of the car.

Ryster 7 years ago

Fantastic! This is the most up to date list i have ever seen, ableit a few mistakes. Ascari A10 is missing, some top speeds are out but overall you have done a great job. You have helped me learn things i didn't know. Like CCXR going faster than a Veyron. Thank you

JakeAuto profile image

JakeAuto 7 years ago from Calif.

You might mention the 8 wheel, 8 motor Japanese prototype electric car, the Eliica that did 230 mpg in 2005. It's 17 ft long and 5,300 lbs.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

Even though the Eliica's top speed of 230mph is very impressive, it's not a production car but a prototype. If it ever goes into production, it would make it into the top 50, 10th with its current 230mph top speed and 5th if it hit its projected high of 250mph.

Jay_the_Reviewer profile image

Jay_the_Reviewer 7 years ago

Verry good hub.

I will take the Porsche 9ff GT9 thanks.

jack hall 7 years ago

but i thought bugati veyron is the second fastest car

heherz 7 years ago

i would rather have an Audi Quattro

e39 m5 7 years ago

Cost no object ... I'd take the Veyron. But since that isn't the case - I'll stick with the e39 M5 :)

Mac 6 years ago

Really enjoy the accuracy of this page you created. Do you plan to keep it going, or is it more or less a one time thing? Thanks for broadening the horizon of new super cars. Where is the 599XX?

kenyon 6 years ago

think that the ferrari f50 is the prettiest car to 100mph, which is 6.0 seconds flat. the car looks so badass!

canyons 6 years ago

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttt?bmw m5 can do 205 mph???OH MY F**KING GOD!!!what the f**k???

kylee 6 years ago

the fasted recorded lamborgini countach is 195.1

thecoachhouse profile image

thecoachhouse 6 years ago from Aberdeen

that puts paid to all those people who still think the bugatti veyron is the worlds fastest car....

mtsi1098 6 years ago

I wonder how the Mark V (Speed Racer's car) would hold against this list...thanks...

sachin 6 years ago

vroom! vroom!

i think the bugatti did quite well but the ssc is definitely the right thing for the best driver... the stig!

jdm engines 6 years ago

Great list. For the corvette to hang in the that group at it's price is really pretty impressive.

adorababy profile image

adorababy 6 years ago from Syracuse, NY

Awesome list!. I just drooled going over the list.

Josh 6 years ago

what about the Chrysler Me-4twelve? i know that does 200

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 6 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@ Josh - The ME-4-12 was capable for 240mph! The problem was, it was only a concept and never went into production and this is a production car list!

RMCIII 6 years ago

Ok, so you already knew you would get some difference of opinions before you wrote this. Bravo for seeing it through. 2 comments I'd like to make all aware of.

1) The Jag. XJ220 testing was stopped when they crashed the 3rd car doing 220 plus in a test. Once the testing was stopped all agreed that the Jag not been pushed to its limits. So, the final tally on what the Jag was capable of will never be known unless you are a fortunate individual to have purchased 1 for the ridicules price of $1m plus once Jag sold them off.

2) The thrill of speed is only relevant when a factor of danger is applied. So these tests were completed on a mild course with little to no factor of danger involved. Case in point. Try running 150mph in a Mustang GT against a Audi IRS5 on an interstate with mild traffic. I think you get my drift.

Some Guy 6 years ago

What about the B-Engineering Edonis? (look it up)

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 6 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@Some Guy - Because according to Wiki, they only plan on building 21 cars and to be classed as a production car they have to produce a minimum of 35.

Phillyfreeze69 profile image

Phillyfreeze69 6 years ago

I have been fortunate enough to see both the Corvette ZR1 and Z06 up close and in person at the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Two months ago Governor Steve Breshear made the Corvette the "Official Car" of the state of Kentucky. Hopefully General Motors will look at this gesture as a positive sign that the Commonwealth of Kentucky appreciates their choosing to make Bowling Green their home for many years to come.

Samtl 6 years ago

Great article, really surprised at the M5. Such a classy car.

Shashank 6 years ago

According to my list :-

Toyota Fortuner

Honda Civic

SSC Ultimate Aero

Bugatti Veyron

I 10

Don't say it is boring!!!!

SS7 TT 6 years ago

It seems that most people are forgetting that the SSC can actually reach speeds up to 272 mph but the team has not gone that far and may I mention that the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo is the only car that can drive (theoretically) upside down? I think the SS7 tt is the best car hands down.

SS7 TT 6 years ago

Also, the BMW m5 CANNOT reach speeds of 205, it's top speed is 195 without a speed limiter because of the shape of it's body.

xxVeyronxx 6 years ago

The Bugatti's 253 mph is unofficial -.-

mac 6 years ago

4 cars chased me the other day

Brendon 6 years ago

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is officially faster than the SSC Ultimate Aero though in in theory Aero is faster

darian 6 years ago

I like the saleen the best

andrew 6 years ago

good reserch like the list. just think the veyron is so boring, its like the machester united of the car world! so many gtlory supporters lol. gimme a dodge viper srt10 acr anyday (and its not on the list lol) top speeds good n all, but we all know half them cars would handle like dogs. sorry im just winging now haha good list!

sphe 6 years ago

wow this is an awsome list

heath 6 years ago

the fastest car in the world is the ThrustSSC and it holds the World Land Speed Record, set on October 15, 1997, when it achieved a speed of 1,228 km/h (763 mph) and became the first land vehicle to officially break the sound barrier, not considering the earlier, unsubstantiated claim of the Budweiser Rocket.

Entourage_007 profile image

Entourage_007 6 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

I love this article so much. Soooo Many Gorgeous cars. I hope I didn't miss it but where did the Audi RS6 Come on this list. I recently just did an article on the RS6 I thought it might be one of the fastest. Especially for a station wagon with two twin turbos.

Great Article!

kartinki 6 years ago

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is a fantastic car

nikitha p profile image

nikitha p 6 years ago from India

Thanks for nice hubs.

andygrant profile image

andygrant 6 years ago

Really amazing. Seems like Ferrari has many cars in this list. Anyways, my personal favorite is Bugatti.

DaytonaGary 6 years ago

That Bently Continintal is the only one of them all I could get love that car!!

used mercedes parts 6 years ago

I like the Dodge Viper and Porsche Carrera GT the most :) Unfortunately, I can't have any of them...

AlexA 6 years ago

I liked looking through this list and was surprised by many of these cars but i have to admit if i made a top 50 fastest half of these cars would not even get into the list. There are hundreds of cars that do over 200mph now so to include cars under 200mph is kind of misleading.

But good list though :D

LynnF1 6 years ago

no one has mentioned the Bugatti EB110?

Miha 6 years ago

Bugatti Veyron Super thats a hyper-car......257,856MPH (431KMH)

Ofcourse that's the averahe speed....not the top....

th1981 profile image

th1981 6 years ago from North Carolina

Very well done article. The Bugatti has reclaimed its speed record with its new Super Sport model, average speed of 267 MPH. I was probably most impressed by the Cadillac CTS-V 191 MPH car and its probably the cheapest car on this list.

I would have thought the Zonda would have been faster though, but i bet the Zonda has the best track time of any car on this list. The Gumpert may give the Zonda and run for it.

nikhil 6 years ago

the new bugatti veyron did 431 kmph

David P.Curcione 6 years ago

1.The fastest Supercar Maxium Speed is Dagget Gt #1 model is Mfg too! Worlds top of the Class to is first Class is:#1 too! A Model is Supercar Fastest Supercar is number one First in line too! Top Speed is tested at 300+ Miles Per Hour too! The,New Club 300 Miles Per Hour too! will Begin very soon too! Or 476 Kl/n Miles per hour + too!

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 6 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@ David P Curcione - It's still a prototype and not a production car! So until it's proven to do 300mph+ it's not going to go on the list!

areeb fayyaz 6 years ago

what cool cars i wish i had one

evan 6 years ago

the fastest car is the melling hellcat

1217 horsepower

top speed: +270MPH

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 6 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@ Evan - Yeah, but the Melling is a concept car and not a production car and that is a THEORETICAL 270mph top speed!

Free Windows 7 Themes 6 years ago

Give me the Lamborghini Gallardo LP anyday!

new movie trailers 6 years ago

I really like the Dodge Viper and Porsche Carrera GT the most :) Unfortunately, I can't have any of them...

ben 6 years ago

I cant belive some people still say the bugtti veron is the words fastest car

ben  6 years ago

its gona be 2012 ssc aero

ben 6 years ago

I ment worlds

super car  6 years ago

shut up i thought bv was the fastest car in the world

God 6 years ago

My Corsa Sport with a LET init would beat all them cars easy. I've spent £20k making it faster and better than all them!

monkey 6 years ago

awesome #19!!!

m5 6 years ago

Just as late comment. My M5 is limited. Limitation boarder is 209 mph on speedometer.

nathan 5 years ago

the caparo is road legal but the frontend is so far down you would rip it of on a speed bump

BMWBIM 5 years ago

Some people just can believe or accept the speed of the M5. Check its drag coefficient against some sports cars and you will see why. Additionally it has the engine to do it. Quit the disbelief and just accept that BMW have a master vehicle in the M5. Quit the bias and acknowledge reality.

PeggyW profile image

PeggyW 5 years ago

awesome article thanks for the infos :D

Jake 5 years ago

Bugatti Veyron SS holds a Guiness World Record of 267mph!!!!!

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 5 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@ Jake, yes the Veyron SS does 257mph (limited) or 267mph unlimited, however, it's not actually in production yet and this is a production car list therefore it doesn't count until it's in production.

NoName 5 years ago

This is the real list of fastest cars in world...

ddxx1996 5 years ago

naa its old but the ssc is better than the bugatti even though its the fastest car in the world right now

ANOYING THING 5 years ago

All of this is wrong- the fastest road legal- including racing cars- is the new Mosler MT900 it will be made in about 2012-2013 and it goes over 300mph

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 5 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@ Anoying Thing - Ok, well here is two things wrong with what you have said. Firstly, the new Mosler isn't out until next year so how can it be a production car?? And secondly, the predicted top speed on that car will be on slick tyres which are NOT road legal. On road legal tyres, it will be at least 10% less than that stated. I also can't find any reference on the net to a Mosler capable of 300mph.

Oh, and you might think this list is anNoying, but spelling anNoying wrong is more anNoying!

Carl  5 years ago

I've never heard of the SSC Ultimate. 257 mph? That is close to the Bugatti and after reading some comments it matches it but "production car" is what you are after. I am sure that is the Veyron's target to surpass now.

Why hasn't some celebrity been seen in one of these?

I think it is b/c we pretty much know the price of a Bugatti to be $1mil and it just looks expensive. I personally will always love Lamborghinis. We've seen a few in the Bugatti

Ben 5 years ago

well personaly I don't think celebritys appreciate speed as much as flash

CJ 5 years ago

Just to comment on anoying things comment wasn't this list made a few years ago? The Mosler wasn't even anounced till just recently Not to mention ITS NON EXISTANT!!! any way good list might want to add the new Revento if ur still editing this list O and the Veyron price is 1.7 mill to bad u have to go to a special drive school to upgrade and buy the world record addition not that it would matter much but still

CJ 5 years ago

on the comment above i ment to say Rventon

CJ 5 years ago

God I cant spell for s**t REVENTON D**m

noah 5 years ago

go bugatti

Mr Fox profile image

Mr Fox 5 years ago from Vancouver, WA

Great article. But, if I remember correctly, the new record holder for fastest production car is the Bugatti Veyron Supersport, at close to 268 miles per hour. I could be wrong, though.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 5 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@ Mr Fox - Correct, the Veyron SS is faster at 267 mph but it isn't in production yet (and the tyres they set the record on aren't standard. When it goes into production, it will become the top of the list, well, as long as there isn't some new car out there!

cooperfsu profile image

cooperfsu 5 years ago from Valencia, Spain

very interesting read!

hamza 5 years ago

where is Mclaren Mp4-12C

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 5 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@Hamza - It isn't in production yet, same as the Bugatti Veyron SS.

ImWhoIam 5 years ago

why the hell SSC is the fastest??!?!?!?! Bugatti HAS REACH 267mph!!! look

look at this!

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 5 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@ ImWhoIam - The Bugatti Veyron SS isn't currently in production so when it does the list will be updated. A car cannot be a production car if it's not yet in production.

cars-knower 5 years ago

when will the bugatti start the production?

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 5 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@cars-knower - The SS is due to go into production with the first car being delivery sometime after summer 2011. There were rumours that it was being brought forward but I haven't heard anything to confirm that.

mar o 5 years ago

Need to update: bugatti veyron supersport is actually the fastest car in the world. And you should include the pagani zonda R. Other than that , nice job.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 5 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@mar o - As mentioned in the comment above, the SS isn't in production yet and will be later this year.

Yes the Pagani Zonda R is ridiculously fast and down right gorgeous, and yes it is technically a production car, but it isn't road legal, in fact, it isn't even track legal due to the noise from the exhaust!

Brett Thompson 5 years ago

@WHoArtNow You seem to know quite a bit about this list. Do you know how may cars you have to make in order for it to be a production car? I think it is 35, but I'm really not sure.

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 5 years ago from Leicester, UK Author

@Brett Thompson - Europe and the USA require a minimum of 36 cars in a single 12 month period to be classified as a production car. At that point, they need to pass safety and emission standards so it becomes more expensive. A lot of the small hyper cars (Pagani and Koeingsegg for example) will never make more than 35 in a year to save money on testing.

fashion 5 years ago

Great article.I really love fast running cars.Great information for me and others.I love it

pratik iyer 5 years ago

ooooooooooooooo man ssssssssuuuuuuuuppppppppppeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbbbb

Auto body sunnyvale 5 years ago

Lamborghini GT is a sharp looking car.

David 5 years ago

1.The Fastest Supercar is:Mosler MTB GXX No#2 Car was Built too! Short While ! the First Place of the top ten Cars too! The top Speed is 390 Miles Per Hour too!

amCar97 5 years ago

What about thwe ferrari 458 or the Mercedes sls AMG?

amCar97 5 years ago

^I meant "the"

PoshBoySlim 5 years ago

Where is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

james 5 years ago

mercedes benz is the best

no name 5 years ago

what about the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport?!?!?!

Pimp Daddy J 5 years ago

yall must really not have a life who cares about these cars yall are all idiots, get a life!!!!!!!!

Hamsolo 5 years ago

For the 35th fastest car in the world, the Audi r8 v10 costs about 150,000 dollars. Is this a good deal considering an Aston Martin is around 300,000 dollars, and the comparable ferarri and Lamborghini models are also more money? Im just looking at their top speed and the Audi is cheapest

nikhil 5 years ago

in other sites 2 fastest car is Number 2 ( 256 mph/412 km/h ) - SSC Ultimate Aero TT

Andy Yee 5 years ago

I like Jaguar that car was going to 218 km/h and it was slower than the last one that I saw earlier.

anyone 5 years ago

that's wrong, (SSC)ultimate aero is the third fastest n the bugatti veyron is the 1st fastest Koenigsegg CCXR is 2nd fastest

wyatt 5 years ago

the have these cars built up Chris you daom

Sneakyjay 5 years ago

SSc ultimate arro is not the fastest. Bugatti has made the new Veyron SS wich is over 260 mph

xavier 5 years ago

bugatti is the second fastest car in the world

abhishek 5 years ago

i like the ultimate areo best

Timber 5 years ago

at Chris,the M5 does 205mph with ease ok eventhough its a five passenger car but don't forget its a BMW for god sake and its even better and faster than the ordinary 5 series.What do u have to say about the five passenger Bentley Flying Spur speed of 200?Is that possible?Cause if it is then there's no need to doubt the BMW M5 ok.

et 5 years ago

like the sick cars

abhishek 5 years ago

what the hec the the ccxr is slower than the bugatti


Anyone notice that half this page is comments?

viper 5 years ago


you forgot lamborghini reventon given 205 mph

Ferrari 599 GTO given 209 mph

Porsche Panamera Turbo S (2012)gevin 190.1 mph

denel 5 years ago

a bad collection

kathiressan 5 years ago

HEY,THE FIRST FASTEST CAR IS Bugatti Veyron Super Sport NOT THE SSC Ultimate Aero!!!!!!!!!


Again, doesn't anyone notice how many cooments are on this page?

David 5 years ago

1. The Dagget Gt Supercar: top Speed is 315 Miles Per Hour too! Member of 300 Miles Per Hour to 390 Miles Per Club is offical in the U.S.A. It new Members Super cars will hit top Speed of 300 Miles+Per Hour or more too!

David 5 years ago

1. The Next Supercar is: Mosiler MTB GXX Car will hit the top Speed of 375 Miles Per Hour too! The Car is the Fastest Supercar in the World to true! Is First Place of top 4 Supercar Will Hit Speed of over 300 + Miles Per Hour to true!!

Learn how to read! 5 years ago

This guy has said over and over and OVER again, once the Bugatti Super Sport becomes a PRODUCTION CAR then he will update the list......

tim 5 years ago

I want to know the top 100 list of fastest cars in the world

SAMN 5 years ago


LAUNCH ITS FASTEST CAR SOON. NAME 918rsr its look very nice and its very fast i also like other brands like

Aston martin,jaguar,Bugatti,Audi,Maserati,Mercedes .

many more i Do not like BMW.

Kian Noble 5 years ago

Theres also the Bloodhound SSC which can do 1001MPH this car has a jet engine Shelby,Ferrari,Pagani,lamborghini and BMW Rules

russmartin55 5 years ago

The Viper goes 202

malcolm black 5 years ago

i say buggati veyron supersport is the worlds fastest car

wow... 5 years ago

Whoever wrote this article is a good damn idiot.

MOEEZ HUSSAIN 5 years ago

COOL MAN !!!!!!!

Chris 5 years ago

that is a lie the buggati ss is the fastest car in the world

cars-knower 5 years ago

@David ,c'mon...are the cars u said legaly?give me a proof!!!WhoArtNow told that thousends of times!!!he told also that bugatti veyron ss is the fastest car ,but the 1st one wasn't delivered human has it-at the time,the cars's owner is the bugatti company owned by wolskwagen

cars-knower 5 years ago

after you put the bugatti veyron on the 1'st place,wait for the Koenigsegg Agera R to be launched with apx. 275 mph (442.569 km/h)

mike 5 years ago

i cant believe the Bugatti is number 4 that's sad i actually thought that is was the fastest car

David 5 years ago

1. The Umlimmited Arrow Supercar: is the Fastest Car for now ! Top Speed is 280 Miles Per Hour too!

abhishekk 5 years ago

wheres pagani zonda r

ash 5 years ago

poor bugati

bob 5 years ago

the new bugatti veyron supersport hits 267.865 mph but is electronically limited to 257

rumon 5 years ago

i don't understand why don't they listed lexus lfa & mazda furai,they are also 200+ mph car....

Ranjeet 5 years ago

I wonder how can you say that Bugatti is not fastest..

001 5 years ago

very very hot car

Andy 5 years ago

I think the mercedes sls beats the bmw m5

TOMMY 5 years ago



Will 5 years ago

Wot bout the veyron super sport and zenvo st1 they can do 200 mph+ and venom gt

car fan 5 years ago

wrong no.1 Dagger GT

langly 5 years ago

ssc areo my ass the buggatti veyron ss is second with 282without a limiter right behind the dagger gt which goes supposedly 280+ and the buggatti goes 268 but is electronically limited to 253

This is a lie 5 years ago

Failure- the bugatti veryon is the fastest car in the world

Almost as fast as me

subaru 5 years ago

what about my favorite car a Subaru.A Bugatti Vernon is the fastest car in the world

brian 5 years ago

The new veyron ss can hit 264 mph.. hell yeah.

JAke 5 years ago

You forgot many lke the koenigsegg ccxr trevita and koenigsegg agera R, aston martin one-77, MAXIMUS Gforce is #1 nnow with 272, u forgot locust plethore, and Lexus LFA and the saleen s5 Raptor

Jake 5 years ago

1. Maximus G-Force which goes over 272 MPH

2. Bugatti Veyron which goes 260 MPH

3. SSC Ultimate Aero which goes 257 MPH

4. Locus Plethore - Goes 255

5. Saleen S7 which Goes 248 MPH

father 5 years ago

this is all a 'LIE'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vindude343 5 years ago

You Forgot my favorite car, KOENIGSEGG AGERA R it goes 260 miles per hour

lambo 5 years ago

where are the latest lamborghinis mucialargo lp 670-4 sv which can hit 214 and lamborghini avantador which can hit 217?!?

kennylych 5 years ago

they were wrong the corvette should have been tied with the mclairen because the top speed is 240

Carlover 5 years ago

I think the Koenigsegg Agera R is the fastest car-it does 265+ mph.

Carlover 5 years ago

Where is the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione?

cars-knower 5 years ago

what about tramontana ss with the 720hp(not limited at 500)

cars-knower 5 years ago

@Carlover,the agera r isn't in production yet...otherwise,it would be faster than the bugatti veyron ss

Stev 5 years ago

Are you all retarded? The Bugatti veyron SS is the fastest car in the world. No car can beat it. Go look up your facts first. And no the agera is not faster or going to be. Even if someone comes out with a car that is. Bugatti is always going to be able to one up it. Plus weres the porche GT3 RS?

bob 5 years ago

what about the konigsegg agera r the bugatti veyron super sport lambo aventador this is crap list


David 5 years ago

1. The Supercar is Street Lrgal Can hit Top Speed of 350 Miles Per Hour too ! Unlimited Arrow#4! Will Be Built soon! agreed!

Farrell 5 years ago

Why do I never see this car.




jsbsn cdsjxz sxz bsddbn 5 years ago

this is fake

Sky Semijon 5 years ago

My car is on the 19th :D niceeee

David P.Curcione 5 years ago

1. The Umlimited Arrow EV NO#5th Car Will Hit Top Speed of 350 Miles Per Hour too! with a Gasolean Engine too!

David P.Curcione 5 years ago

1. The Umlimited Arrow EV NO#5th Car Will Hit Top Speed of 350 Miles Per Hour too! with a Gasolean Engine too!

Mr.CaRs 5 years ago

This is all wrong where is the lamborgini aventor and revention tied with buggati?

Guest 5 years ago

number 1 is wrong

master chief 5 years ago

WRONG!!!!!!! the fastest car in the world is BUGATTI VEYRON SUPER SPORT

niven 5 years ago

of course master's the worth website that i never seen this website producer is mad

deriksenna 5 years ago

@masterchief-100%,but you know what=lots of stuf here are very wrong!

deriksenna 5 years ago

f40=202mph f50=203mph

idiots 4 years ago

yeah idiots, he hasn't updated this list, and it says at the top of the page in big letters for everyone to see, WHEN THE BUGATTI SUPER SPORT BECOMES A PRODUCTION CAR, I WILL UPDATE THIS LIST. however, i think your bitching drove the creator of this page away. nice job, if you want a more current page, look somewhere else.

joe shmoe 4 years ago

bugatti veyron does 268 not 253

volp 4 years ago

My top fastest cars

1 Koensegg agera r and hennesy venom

2 bugati veyron ss

3 Koeinsegg ccx

4 Malclaren f1

5 Zonda r

6 Ferrari enzo

7 Zonda clinque roadster

8 Zonda f

9Lambo aventador

10 aston martin one 77

wrong 4 years ago

It is actually

1veyron ss

2 koensegg a r and cxx then venom then bar honda then red bull f 1

some1 4 years ago

were is the bugatti veyron super sport it hits 268 mph (431kmh)

koopa 4 years ago

Shelby gt500 supersnake?

Ciaran Hegarty 4 years ago

BMW M3 E46 goes 191mph unrestricted and the M3 E90's range tops that again so how are these not on the list?

corne 4 years ago

super cars awsome please every car has his own speed

simon b 4 years ago

WHERE DID YOU GET THAT INFO ABOUT THE M5 and the gumpert is 8th fastest car and the xj220 is 7th and the fastest car is the bugatti veyron SUPER SPORT second is the HEYNNESY VENOM GT GET OUR FACTS STRAIGHT FYI the ford gt is 204 mmph

demogodz 4 years ago

hard to imagine that a Superbird didn't

make the list.

Evan 4 years ago

Where is the BUGATI

David 4 years ago

1.The Fastest Super Car is Umlimited Arrow Top Speed is 275 Miles Per Hour too! Or 440 Kl/n per Hour too!

4 years ago

yeah thanks alot for these comments

yannal 4 years ago

one thing that buggati veyron is the fastest car in the world and if you don't belive us check on the internet with your eyes open

rana 4 years ago




SHE 4 years ago

WHAT KIND OF CARS + FERARI ARE THOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!

usuck 4 years ago

buggati veyron ss is fastest get it right!

bhagirath odedra 4 years ago

you missed out number 46

saif Shahid 4 years ago

u missed out no. 46!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

weirdo 4 years ago

i like trains any way.

son 4 years ago

mummy and daddy are fighting over cars and trains i'm scared :(

dad 4 years ago

we are not fighting!!

David 4 years ago

1. The Dagget Gt:No#2 Second Super Car built too! Is The Second Fastest Supercar in the world is second Place of the ten fastest Supercars in the world true!!! The top Speed 350 Miles Per Hour too!!!

thfilms 4 years ago

this is the most wrong list ever and i mean everything is wrong if u make top 50 , i suggest u make at least an effort not call the name of the cars u know and please correct the top speeds it's all wrong

ijkjfk 4 years ago

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is the fastest at 267 mph

rahaan 4 years ago

i like it

ilike most ss ultima aero

ichu 4 years ago

i like all car

no one 4 years ago

the bugatti veyron super sport is the fastest car in the world it goes to 267mph and the henneysen venom is the second fastest car

no one 4 years ago

you forgot the lamborghini reventon it goes to 221 mph making it in 11 place

you 4 years ago

my car goes to 360mph

Clone captain Rex 4 years ago

My car goes 487mph.

you no one 4 years ago

my car goes to 1000mph has nitro and turbo

h3adshot 4 years ago

alllllll bullshit

he 4 years ago

a bugatti is the fastest car

HENRY 4 years ago


wolffepacksinker 4 years ago

come on!!! the Bugatti Veyron super sport does 268 american cars do not deserve to be #1!!!!, check up on research. also the konigsegg ager a is supposed to be in there somewhere, the jag xj220 goes 217 and that corvette only goes about 190!!!! please check work!!!

wolffepacksinker 4 years ago

Not to mention the all time prettiest lambo ever, and fastest, the Adventador goes 217, and in extreme cases 230!!!

wolffepacksinker 4 years ago

@no One Please remember the reventon roadster is even faster than the original!!!! but that reventon sure is quick!!!

wolffepacksinker 4 years ago

@no one again the henessey does not deserve it, they totally copy lotus cars!!!!!!!!!!

wolffepacksinker 4 years ago

@JAke you got it who could forget the aston one-77?!!!!!

wesley 4 years ago

what about the porsche 917

wolffepacksinker 4 years ago

I dunno but the 9ff sooo copies the 911 gt3 right

wolffepacksinker 4 years ago

the mclaren f1 pic is actually an f1 gtr!!!!! you got it all wrong!!!!!

wolffepacksinker 4 years ago

The murcielargo goes 220!!!! gosh peoples

hamid79 profile image

hamid79 4 years ago from Bloemfontein South Africa

how fast Car man go with his Andrenilin?

mydicks 4 years ago

what about the 2001 nissan skylline gtr r34 v-spec II nismo nur

Anonymous 4 years ago

what about the McLaren MP4-12C, or the Lamborghini Aventador, or the Lamborghini Reventón, or the Ferrari 458 Italia

Seth 4 years ago

Tat is som awesome car

Julio 4 years ago

The real world's fastest car is 267 mph

adsf 4 years ago


David 4 years ago

1. The Tortara Supercar is the newest Supercar today"s Supoercar market . It is the Fastest Supercar on the road too! to Speed is 275 M.P.H too!!! is Second Place too! of the top Fifty Fastest Supercars too!

HELP 4 years ago


matt 4 years ago

if u think the areo really is the fastes well dnt, then lamborghini has been toped over 350 mph. try to find out 4 ur self to prov areo is not the fastes car.

brian(Frankie) 4 years ago

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport broke the record. SSC Ultimate Aero previously set the 257 mph record in 2007, This had was better then the earlier Bugatti Veyron. Bugatti beat the record with the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

brett 4 years ago

wow this guy dose `nt know about cars

lol 4 years ago

this site is messed up he knows nothing!

Huffy 4 years ago

Tru day this site is messed up !!!!

David P.Curcione 4 years ago

1 The Supercar: Tartora Supecar Is The Proveen Fastest too! Top Speed is 275 Miles Per Hour too! The Fastest Legal Supercar today in Eurpean nations Germany Autobound Road too! & Us.A. Highways too! is true!!!!!!!!!

ronnick 4 years ago

GTR 35 world record edition has 600 hp it has a top speed of 200mph up

Kamran 4 years ago

Buggati Veyron Super Sport is the fastest car in the WORLD!

Dakota 4 years ago

the ford gt's stock speed is 212 dumasses

Gelo Pantoja 4 years ago

question what car is top 46?

buggati 4 years ago

i am fastest

Josh 4 years ago

What about the porche 959 which did 198 full throttle and was the fastest production car for a while as well as most technologically advanced of its time and has history with the ferrari f40 by the way on the list where the reason to the f40s existence was in retaliation to porche for the 959 being created with ferrari saying porche get back in your box, know your place. These cars were said to be milestones in the world of supercharged cars all of which happening in a period of two years between 1985 and 1987.

sofiane 1255 4 years ago

where are gtr r35 and lamborghini aventador

sofiane 1255 4 years ago

where are gtr r35 and lamborghini aventador

bob 4 years ago


David 4 years ago

1. Turtara Supercar is the Fastest Legal Car in 50 States too! The Maxium Speed is 275 Miles Per Hour too! Fastest Supercar in 50 States in the U.S.A. is a Maxium Cap Limit by State Police ,& Highwayb Patroll States Police too! is a Cap limit too! the Fastest Legal Supercar in The U.S.A. to By all Fifty States too! agreed!

J-train 4 years ago

276mph is top speed for Bugatti super sport

Sam 4 years ago

The BMW M5 is limited to 155 mph and if you took the limiter of the M5

yes it will go up to 205 mph but again it is limited by the law at 155 mph. And also the list is wrong about the Porsche 9ff it is actually 257 mph tying with the SSC ultimate aero;

My favourite car on that list is the Audi R8 V10 this to all of you people willing to by it, the price is £99,500 have fun.

Terminal velocity 4 years ago

334.795 is the max speed of a h2 hummer without its engine!!! drop any car out of an airplane an it will go fast and be 100% gas efficient!

dude 3 years ago

were's the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve.look it up it can go 248 mph

joshua 3 years ago

you will find out that the new pagani zonda is the fastest, with reaching a top speed 260+

yugers 3 years ago

you are wrong the Koenigsegg Agera R is 273 faster than that stupid ssc ultimate aero tt

banana man 3 years ago

it's cool that shelby super cars made an EV car that is fast!!! (º_º)

≥–≤ 3 years ago

did you know that the newest Bugatti that will come out soon will reach 288

bla bla 3 years ago

you should make a price thing besides the mph top 50

gh 3 years ago


salman 3 years ago

missed the buggati veyron and the Koenigsegg Agera r

eurozulu profile image

eurozulu 3 years ago from Harrow Middlesex

Nice read WHoArtNow, must say there's cars here I've never heard of. pinned this also.

David 3 years ago

1. The Fastest Legal in all Fifty States is Unlimited Arrow: Supercar is:, Fastest Legal Car is Certain Top Speed is 275 Miles Per Hour too!!! In Permitted the U.S.A. does Allow it be legat maxium peak speed is allow to be;at the Presentent time too!

subhan 3 years ago

yes the car buggati veyron is slower then the ssc ultimate aero but the point is that the buggati veyron super sport is faster than all the other vehicals

flowmen charris 3 years ago

buggati is really good car

Kevin 3 years ago


Buggati_Fanboy 3 years ago

The Veyron Super Sport is faster then all of these!!

yo yo 2 years ago

i think so pagani huyara is fastest car in the world

Unknown 2 years ago

Unknown message

Sid 2 years ago



Anonymous 2 years ago

16 (tie). Shelby CV525 - 211 mph

Carter 2 years ago

Reuben it's an ECU not a CPU K? if u have no idea what ur talking about when it comes to cars don't comment on a car website ok? I'm done here c u guys.

honey singh 2 years ago

the cars are very good if they aad some descriptin about the cars that is awesoms

This is wrong!!!! 2 years ago

Were Is the Bugatti veyron ss 268mph and ssc tutara 275 mph the ssc ultimate aero is 270 mph merc black series sls amg and the normal sls amg and the Audi R8 v12 more BMW Ferraris should be in here the Lamborghini aventador 217 mph this is so wrong I've seen different to this and more right

AHMED 2 years ago


tornado 2 years ago

i like fast cars

Johnk530 2 years ago

There is clearly a bundle to realize about this. I suppose you made some good points in features also. eddckdbcagda

YOUR MOMS BITCH 2 years ago

The Nissan Gt-R should not even be on that list because it only has a top speed of 147 km sadly!!! There are multiple mistakes of where the cars should go!

Romeos Quill profile image

Romeos Quill 24 months ago from Lincolnshire, England

Check out the Koenigsegg Agera R road car from Swedish manufacturer Agera R.

Features a 1,124bhp twin-turbocharged V8 engine and a reputed mind-blowing 273mph top speed with a 0-62mph sprint of just 2.8 seconds.

A bit steep at £1.1 million though lol!

Great Hub; enjoyed your write-up.

All the Best;


flynn 23 months ago

You forget the mc laren mp4 dash 12c

Sammy 23 months ago

Decent list but where is Bugatti Veyron??

Diaa Attia 22 months ago

Hello,Iam currently learning German through and i must say that the guys there are presenting Excellent quality, but i would like to try another option in order to choose the best, so if anyone got information that might help, I will be thankful

Chainz 21 months ago

Liars u a lieing..........

Where is Chevrolet Camaro

Where is Ford Mustang GT600

Chainz 21 months ago

Liars u a lieing..........

Where is Chevrolet Camaro

Where is Ford Mustang GT600

car expert 21 months ago

the fastest car is

"The Hennessey Venom GT is the fastest road car in the world, setting a mark of 270.49mph early in 2014. It beat the previous title holder, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, by just 0.63mph - but the record won't be officially recorded .Oct 17, 2014"

Jack sithebe 20 months ago

Hennessey and BMW M5...i just like those cars a lot...but i don't see Audi A8...where is it

cityboy 20 months ago

I love the cars but you need more cars to share with people who watches them


poopoo 19 months ago

No the fastest car in the world is the hennesy venom f5 and second is hennesy venom gt

omari 18 months ago


get better 18 months ago

this sight is obviously outdated by at least 5 to 4 years

ishaq 18 months ago

dude the gtr is the 39th... wtf

the gozilla with twin turbo is some 240mph

Christina 18 months ago

Very nice list my younger brother is is 26 and owns a Ashton Martin, a Lamborghini aventodor,AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST A BUGATTI VEYRON SUPER SPORT!!! well we come from a $1,000,000 FAMILY!!!!!!

Mr.perfect 16 months ago

Nice, I learned a lot but I am only eleven and even I know that the Koenigeg agera r, the ferrari f12berlinetta and the lamboghini aventador lp700-4 are all the fastest of their kind!!! But, all those negative comments arre too harsh, I for one appreciated the fact that you put al this effort into the page, you just taught me a lot more about cars and you kind inspired me to do the same thing when I am older!!!

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