Top Five Car Insuance Companies

Auto Insurance and Teenage Drivers

I have 5 children ages range from 10-22 I remember when my first born started to drive, what an ordeal. I am not talking about teaching him how to drive. I am referring to finding an affordable car insurance compamy. Now I am not a rich man and my children have even less money than I do, so needless to say we bought cheap cars and only put liability insurance on them. Even so when you have 2 or three teens driving at the same time, You might need to a second mortgage to pay the premiums each month. Very quickly the rule of the day became no job, no drive.

Now I have shopped around. I made my choice based on best price. However there are some folks out there who have a bad driving record and have fewer choices. I have taken the time to assemble the top five insurance companies in America. Hopefully you to can find one that best fits you.

My primary source for this article is 2012 Top10 a scale of 1-10 (1 being the Lowest performance 10 being the best performance) they asked consumers to rate the leading car insurance companies on four areas of service.

  • Response and repair.
  • Policy Flexibility.
  • Benefits and discounts.
  • Customer Claims and Timeliness.

Here are their findings.

Geico Received an Overall Rating of 9.80

Geico was voted # 1 in America

  • Response and repair-9.50
  • Policy Flexibility.-10
  • Benefits and discounts.-10
  • Customer Claims and Timeliness.-10

Progressive Received an Overall Rating of 9.63

Progressive was voted # 2.

  • Response and repair-10
  • Policy Flexibility.-10
  • Benefits and discounts.-8.75
  • Customer Claims and Timeliness.-10

Esurrance Received an Overall Rating of 9.30

Esurrance was voted # 3

  • Response and repair-9.0
  • Policy Flexibility.-10
  • Benefits and discounts.-10.
  • Customer Claims and Timeliness.-9.0

Nationwide Received a 9.13 Overall Rating

Nationwide was voted # 4

  • Response and repair-8.75
  • Policy Flexibility.-8.75
  • Benefits and discounts.-8.75
  • Customer Claims and Timeliness.-8.75

USAA Received a 9.05 Overall Rating

USAA gets the # 5 slot for best in America

  • Response and repair-8.0
  • Policy Flexibility.-8.50
  • Benefits and discounts.-10
  • Customer Claims and Timeliness.-10

For a detailed review of each company go to Top10

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Nikki Major profile image

Nikki Major 4 years ago

Good to know that Nationwide is in the number...i'm relieved Wew!! Thanks ABR.

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girishpuri 4 years ago from NCR , INDIA

Quite useful share , keep writing, voted useful.

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