Toyota Motor Cars Are A Criminal Corporation

Toyota Needs To Come Clean Like Tiger Woods Did

    Toyota Motor Corporation is filled with criminals because they knew their cars were aving problems for years before they have kind of admitted it.  Shame on you Toyota.  You know better than to hide the facts.  i bet you people never would drive a Toyota.   They knew about their cars problems, but they kept it a secret for a long time. They did this because they have never really had any problems ever with their cars. They just thought they could cover all this up, but I guess they miscalculated their problems. You cannot always live on your laurels alone even though Toyota was a great company.  Good luck with future success until the corporation confesses their mistakes just like Tiger Woods.  If Tiger Woods can do it you can do it too.   Once you come clean about your lying people will like your cars even more.

Just try it.  I might be right.

They had to do something, because too many people were complaining about the cars brakes and then Prius was having brake problems.

Toyota took so long just to start apolizeing  for the problems with their cars, but it might be too late since they took so long. They also were pretty rude to owners of the recalled vehicles. Many of the owners were worried that their cars might blow up or crash or something.

The main problem is they were not properly prepared for any major problems on their cars.

They also took and are taking too long to fix the problem. They will lose loyal customers because they were so slow.


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