Two Post Vehicle LIfts - Best for Less Space

Two post lifts are one of the best variations of the garage lifts available in
the market. These lifts help to lift a car to a suitable height so that the
underside areas of the vehicle can be accessed in an easy way.

Functionality of a two post vehicle lift

Springs, wheels, shocks, breaks and exhaust systems can be easily accessed by
lifting the vehicle with these lifts. It is easier to work with two post lifts
in comparison to four post lifts. In four post car lifts a platform is provided
which sometimes makes it difficult to work with some specific areas under the
car. The bulky ramp of the 4 post car lift obstructs the working with some
underneath areas. The only drawback of the two post lifts is that they have to
be mounted on the floor permanently.  If a portable lift is required
scissor lifts can be used instead of two post lift. This machine functions
through hydraulics. It has a control panel which powers the pump. This pump
controls the pressure in the arms of the lift which ultimately holds the
vehicle up. These lifts can really turn tricky repairs into simpler tasks.


The space required by these lifts is less when compared to the other lifts.
Only two lifting columns are there in the lift which occupies the floor space.
As these lifts have low footprint hence these are ideal for the home garages
where there is less space. To install these lifts you need not dig the floor
because they are floor mounted. All you need is a floor of at least 3 inches
thick. This is enough for the lift to get lifelong support.

The cost factor

This is the main factor which makes the two post vehicle lift a good amenity
for the garage. It is quite affordable. It can be bought for about $2500 where
as the other varieties start at $4000. The price will depend on the size and
model. The price will also vary according to the lifting capacity of the
lift. If you want to minimize the cost, you can try buying an auto scissor
lift. This will come at half the price of regular lifts. However, the
functionality of auto scissor lifts are somewhat limited.

Safety rules

As you will be working with heavy vehicles, you need to take care of your
safety. There is a rating known as maximum safe working load of a lift. Check
whether the vehicle you are loading is under this limit or not. Check for the
balance of the vehicle.  For the proper functioning of the lift get it
repaired/serviced every year. Always keep the help line number of the lift
manufacturer ready or easily accessible so that you can call whenever any
you need to. 

The two post car lift can be an ideal lift for car repairing centers as well as
home garages with less space.


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