What Does Uninsured Motorist Coverage Cover?

Everyone knows that these days it is illegal to drive around without auto insurance. Since it is required by law to carry auto insurance, most people assume that they are covered financially in the event they are involved in an accident where the other party is at fault. They believe that it will never be a problem to collect from the other party if the other party is responsible for the accident; this is unfortunately untrue. There exists thousands of Americans that don’t carry an auto insurance policy, most of the time because they can’t afford it and sometimes because they just don’t want it. Yes, the local DMV authorities now require proof of insurance in order to register your vehicle, but what about those people that drive around in unregistered cars with no auto insurance? If you are hit by one of these drivers, odds are you will have to take them to court and it could be a long and expensive journey before you are able to collect the funds owed to you. That is why in more recent years uninsured motorist coverage has gained popularity among auto insurance company offerings. To compare car insurance alexandria rates in your area for uninsured motorist coverage, click here.

Uninsured motorist coverage has recently become more popular primarily because it is affordable and people tend to be more risk adverse, meaning they want to be able to sleep peacefully at night knowing they are covered if involved in an automobile accident where the other party is at fault but has no insurance coverage. Some people may be confused as to what exactly uninsured motorist coverage is so I will break it down for you. This type of insurance is usually coupled with underinsured coverage and covers you when the OTHER party is at fault in a car accident. Sometimes, the other party will not have insurance or enough insurance to cover the cost of all the damages. At that juncture, your auto insurance company will cover the remaining balance, which is the difference between what the other party’s insurance will cover and the actual cost of the damages and injuries you have incurred. Of course this policy has limitations, and the higher the limits you want to carry the higher your premium will be.

I highly recommend this type of coverage for you and your family if you consistently drive around in more impoverished areas. This is because there is a higher likelihood of people in that area to either not have liability insurance or not have enough to cover the costs of a typical accident. At your convenience, you can click here to compare car insurance Alexandria rates for uninsured motorist coverage policies. This site is pretty good at enabling you to receive quotes with the only requirement being that you have to enter your zip code. God bless and safe driving!

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