Used Army Jeeps for Sale - Buy Old Military Surplus Vehicles

Many people are shocked to learn that they can buy used Army Jeeps for sale and other types of military surplus vehicles directly from the Federal Government. Of course, the private citizens of this country aren’t the ones that normally get the first crack, but it can and does happen every single day. Through this article, not only will you find out where to purchase the old automobiles, but you will also learn when you able to buy them. Let’s look at how, where, and when to buy used Army Jeeps for sale. As a private citizen, you still have a place in the pecking order for purchasing them.

Where to Buy Them

You can buy military surplus vehicles and used Army Jeeps for sale in a couple of different spots, should you decide not to buy from the US government. Let’s explore some of your options right now.

Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service: This is NOT a private company. This site is run by the Armed forces and the Federal Government. They actually do have used Army Jeeps for sale that private citizens can purchase if they wish. There are some stipulations for when private citizens can purchase them, as listed below.

Private Sellers: If you don’t by from the Military, you can still purchase surplus vehicles through private sellers. Some will restore the used Army Jeeps for sale back to their original state, while others will sell them as projects. If you buy from a private seller, you may or may not actually get a legit military vehicle. Plus, many people buy off this little known site listed above and then simply resell for profit.

Local Government Auctions: You just might get lucky since other government agencies have priority for purchase over private citizens. If another branch of the government uses the jeeps and then is done with them, they are often sold at public auction.

Who Can Buy

As noted, there is a few things that have to happen before private citizens can buy the old used Army Jeeps for sale. Let’s look at what has to happen before you or I could buy these old military surplus vehicles.

They Get Stripped: The firearms come off, so don’t expect to buy your complete with a rocket launcher. They are made safe first.

Other Government Agencies First: Before we can purchase the used Army Jeeps for sale, other branches of the government get to go first. Other branches of the Armed Forces go first. So, the Navy or Air Force, for example could purchase them first. Then, state and local government agencies, like law enforcement, get the next crack at any military surplus vehicles and the old used Army Jeeps for sale.

Other Vehicles: You can find Hummers, ATV’s, amphibious vehicles and just about any other type of vehicle out there.

How Much Are They?

Prices are all over the board, but in general, they are sold at reasonable prices, considering what they are. In addition, for the most part at least, they will have been well maintained, so there should be a little less fear about the purchase.

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Lowell Berry 5 years ago

where can a m151 jeep be purchase?

army surplus uk profile image

army surplus uk 4 years ago

@ Lowell Berry - have you tried looking in a military surplus auction - you might have to investigate several but it is surprising what kind of items you can find that is my experience in the UK anyhow

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