Used Scion TC

A new or used Scion tC may be considered by consumers looking for a vehicle, especially if they are interested in concept cars.  This compact coupe uses a platform that was originally used on the Toyota Avensis, a car released by Toyota, a Japanese-based car manufacturer.  The tC debuted in June 2004, and was sold as a 2005 model.   Although other Scion vehicle models began at xA, followed by xB, the model number xC could not be used by Scion because Volvo had already released a model using that term. 

Standard features that are available with the tC include power windows, air conditioning, keyless entry, anti-lock breaks, and a CD player.  The car also features a panoramic moon roof.  This vehicle has seventeen inch alloy wheels with spoked wheel covers.  A tC is only available in four colors: white, flint, silver, and black.  However, it can be customized in many ways, both at the dealership and after market.  Popular after  market parts include body kits and electronics.

It has a frontal crash driver rating of five stars, as well as side impact and side-impact rear ratings of five. The remaining ratings of frontal crash passenger and rollover received four stars. In addition to the anti lock brakes, the model features side curtain, traditional driver and passenger as well as driver knee airbags. A handy first aid kit and tire pressure monitoring system as also included. In 2006, Scion issued a recall for many 2005 and 2006 tC cars because there was a possibility that the glass wind deflector on the roof could be shattered by debris flying up from the road.

In early 2009 it was announced that a replacement for the Scion tC would reach the market by 2011. Nevertheless, it has been reported that the replacement will still have traditional tC features like the all glass roof and orange colored dashboard area.

Potential buyers can visit the Scion website and design a personalized Scion, inside and out.

2008 and 2009 Scions models come with a complimentary maintenance service at 5,000 and 10,000 miles. 2007 and earlier cars can receive three free oil changes at the dealership.

Owners can even register for e-mails reminding them when it is time to get their car serviced.

A base price for a 2009 Scion tC is about $17,670. Several different warranties are offered for both the car and any dealer-purchased accessories. Whether potential buyers are contemplating a new or used Scion tC, the vehicle has many key features.


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