Vehicle Detailing - A Primer

While most car owners pay a lot of importance to engine tune ups, oil changes and general servicing of the car- very few indeed care in a similar manner about car detailing. The most common response is – “It’s a luxury that I don’t need.” Is it really though?

What is vehicle detailing?

Mention the phrase ‘vehicle detailing’ and most people will confuse it with a car wash. In truth the concept goes far beyond a simple rinse through water.

Vehicle detailing involves a through cleaning and finishing up of the interiors and the exterior of a car or a motorcycle. Its main purpose is to improve the look and feel of your car thereby enhancing the ownership experience while also ensuring a good resale value in the future. Also, contrary to what many believe, detailing in now way involves any sort of a car tune up for performance purposes.

What constitutes a part of detailing?

When it comes to a car, detailing can be external or internal. Depending on the package, internal detailing could involve things like conditioning treatment for leather seats, carpet extraction & cleaning and removal of dog hair from all nooks and crannies. External car detailing on the other hand involves cleaning the exterior of the car, removing scratches and protecting the paint job of the car by using wax products like DODO Juice. Contrary to popular myth, wax is very crucial for the car body as it protects the exterior of the vehicle from sunlight and other natural elements.

Detailing a motorcycle on the other hand is a far more time consuming process as a bike not only has many different types of materials on the surface, it’s also a much compacter space when compared with a car, thereby making access to many components very difficult. The end product however is worth the effort, with top of the line detailers making sure that even the tires and the exhaust look as good as new.

Why do I need car detailing?

While a good detailing job does end up making your vehicle look extra spiffy, the benefits lie far beyond that. For instance most detailers seal up the external paint job with wax polish and a paint sealers. This means that the exterior damage caused to your vehicle stays at a minimum and as a result, the automobile maintains its resale value over time.

Similarly, regular interior detailing makes sure that the insides of the car remain clean and provide a comfortable space for you to enjoy your driving experience while also giving a fresh lease of life to the car.

Thirdly, a car that as regularly been detailed by professionals is very easy to maintain and runs into lesser problems over the course of time. For example, it is fairly common to discover oil leakages and broken electrical connections when detailing an aged vehicle for the first time. If these cars weren’t brought in for detailing, these faults would’ve gone unnoticed causing unexpected problems for the owner.

To sum it up, vehicle detailing is important not just for maintaining the resale value of your automobile but for also its smooth day-to-day functioning. Ensuring that your vehicle is detailed 3-4 times a year ensures that it stays and functions in an optimal state.

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