Volkswagen Golf G60 Limited Edition

All the lowdown on Number 41

VW GOLF G60 "Limited Edition" (Not GTi VR6 8V)

A very rare opportunity to own a piece of Volkswagen history.

I am a VW enthusiast and have mostly owned VW 16v GTi's. I had already spent ages looking for the best MKII GTi available, when I re-discovered this gem of a car. I'd dreamt of owning one of these in my teens, but never thought I'd see one in the UK.

A brief history : The "Limited Edition", a 210bhp, 142mph four wheel drive Super Golf was launched by Volkswagen Motorsport in 1989. Until very recently this is the fastest ever Volkswagen offered for sale by VW and is a masterpiece of technical ingenuity.

Only 71 of these individually numbered, ultra fast and civilised sports hatches were ever built. Every single one was hand-built and sold prior to coming off the production line. Two three-door models were made, one has since been crashed and the other is on display at the Wolfsburg Museum, Germany.

The Limited is a subtle mixture of five door Golf, Syncro and Rallye, hand-built by Volkswagen Motorsport at the rate of two cars per week, which explained the price tag of nearly £25,000.

I bought Number 41 of 71 early in 2004, and cherished it until I sold it in 2006.

For the enthusiasts amongst you, I have tried to provide a comprehensive description of Number 41 below, yet those of you that are genuinely interested will undoubtedly want to know more.


Very Good Standard Appearance - It looks just as it did the day it left VW MOTORSPORT in Hanover (not Wolfsburg!) except for the professional right hand drive conversion, a quality lifetime-guaranteed hand-built stainless steel exhaust system, and a "Fort Knox" style alarm/immobiliser system. It even has the proper Blaupunkt Montreal stereo with security card, and the Warning Triangle & VW First Aid Kit in the boot. There are also some subtle enhancements under the bonnet. Original VW items such as G60 Master Key, Service and information pack, and VW Press Office tax disc holder are also present.

Historical Value - this car is already a piece of motoring history, being just about the fastest production VW Golf ever, with clear classic credentials. Also, it was the only Limited to ever be officially imported to the UK by Volkswagen. I doubt an opportunity will arise again to own a car like this - no exaggeration.

Security System - COBRA 832SU - Central window and door locking - with two immobilisers and certificate for insurance purposes.

UnbelievableSpecification - full range of extras including Power Assisted Steering, 15" BBS Split Rim Alloys, Hella Half Darkened Rear Lamp Lenses, Sunroof, and Central-Locking. Plus the really special stuff like full black leather interior, comprising of heated front seats, door cards, steering wheel, hand brake and gear lever gaiters. Anti-lock large diameter disc brakes all around. Traction Control. Four electrically operated windows. Electrically operated and heated wing mirrors. Electrically operated headlamp range control. Very special blue tinted glass all round.

Driving - The heart of the car is a supercharged and intercooled version of the standard 1.8L 16v twin cam engine, developing 210bhp at 6500rpm and 186lbs of torque at 5000rpm. Therefore, the drive is superb, with spot on handling provided by the four-wheel-drive system, and the car feels genuinely tight and fresh - a telltale sign that it has been well looked after and a testament to the very low mileage. This car really does drive like new. It'll bring a massive smile to any driving enthusiasts face.

Service History - Bear in mind that having not covered 49k miles by 2006, not a great deal of servicing has been required. Just the annual checks and fluid changes etc. As Number 41 was originally owned by VAG for the first two years of its life, all servicing was undertaken by them. Since 1992, I have some good service records from the various specialists that have worked on the car. The last service was done on 18 May 2006, and I spent over £1000 a year on servicing and maintenance. Lots of old receipts exist to verify the works, and all of the old MOTs to verify the mileage. Even the old tax discs are present!

Low Number of Owners - First registered on 6 April 1990, I have the original V5 document showing the previous owner to be VAG UK Ltd (Milton Keynes), and the original number plates from VAG UK. Since then there have been three enthusiast owners, who have really just used the car for shows etc.

Bodywork - CONCOURS - IT REALLY IS AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS. The exceptional paintwork is in excellent condition with a Permagard coating applied a year ago. All the original stickers are present - in the boot, door shut, filler flap etc., hence no accident damage. I have had the car fully checked out by VW and Classic Car enthusiasts, and there is no evidence of any accident damage or indeed any major work at all. I have never seen a MkII Golf in better condition.

Alloy Wheels- 6.5J x 15" BBS split rimalloys in excellent condition and tyres have plenty of tread.

Interior- This interior is also the best I have seen in a Mk2, with absolutely no sagging, tears or holes and a firm drivers side bolster. MFA also works perfectly. There are a few minor marks upon the trim within the boot area only.

Performance- The Limited has the same power to weight ratio as that of a modern Lotus Elise, but with handling assisted by 4WD, ABS and EDL (Electronic Differential Lock - Traction Control). It's quicker over the quarter mile sprint than the legendary Lancia Delta HF Integrale, and more powerful than the contemporary BMW M3. This gives a measure of comparison for this very special car. And it's all wrapped-up in a totally understated, practical yet luxurious, five door shell. The ultimate Q car.

A Very Exclusive Club - With only 71 ever built, and the whereabouts of a lot of those is suspect these days (see - the official G60 Limited Edition website - - needs updating!), this has to be one of the rarest hand-built production cars in the world. It attracts international attention; very recently I had a "research" enquiry from France, and I even had historical correspondence from Saudi Arabia in which the author requested the opportunity to buy the car!

Extras - All of the original parts removed during the RHD conversion. Such as; Power Steering Rack, LHD Dashboard, Cooling/Heating system and vents, Pedal box etc. were retained. There are at least 30 significant parts available, so that Number 41 can be readily be returned to LHD if required. All of these parts were transferred to the lucky buyer, as they belong to the car, and his plan was to reinstate the LHD.

The "Dress-Down Kit". See the photo taken of the car adjacent to water. This kit comprises a set of BBS RA 15" alloys with four matching BF Goodrich tyres with plenty of tread and special "VW Motorsport" centre caps, a standard single headlight grill, a 10-disc Sony dual remote control CD changer, which runs through the original 1990 head unit via an FM modulator, stealth rear sound shelf with good Alpine speakers, rubber VW car mats to protect the carpets, custom made drivers seat cover, a bonnet bra and Armoured Door Plates for all doors.


  • V5 Registration Document
  • Current MOT Certificate + past MOTs
  • Original VW Service and Information pack
  • Alarm certificate
  • Complete Blue Printed parts list for Number 41, direct from the Motorsport factory in Hanover.
  • 16 Magazines with a total of 63 pages of articles on the G60 Limited Edition, a majority of which actually feature Number 41, including an excellent cover shot. I have scans of these articles available digitally for genuine bidders, but they are very big files.

Status - The car was sold in 2006, for the bargain price of £7500, and the spares were all disposed of separately. A very sad day for me, but a happy one for Mark.

Dressed Up (Taken 28th August 2006)

A Nice Place to be (Photo taken 28th August 2006)


jreitz profile image

jreitz 10 years ago

That is a gorgeous car, you should be proud to have owned it. I don't think these editions were imported to the states as I've never heard of, or seen, one before.

I used to own a contemporary GTI 1.8T. While I loved the powerplant (particularly after an aftermarket chip upped the boost to 1bar), the front-wheel drive always left me down when it came to performance driving. A proper AWD system like this car's would have been much appreciated.

brennen 10 years ago

there is a few over here, I recently learned of one that's in my town in virginia. search hard and you might find one over here for sale...

xbox063 9 years ago from midland

wow nice car just give a new paint job then it would be pimp

16v gti 9 years ago


the steering wheel is on the wrong side ???

or is the photo in reverse

GH london 9 years ago

Quote: "?? the steering wheel is on the wrong side ???

or is the photo in reverse"...

We drive on the left in the civilised world.

government auto auctions 9 years ago

Nice hub. True, Volkswagen has always been making nice cars. I love the old ones becausue they were much easier to fix:-)

mohammed nawaz 9 years ago

I currently own a mk2 golf gti 16v, its done 78k miles and has two previous owners, since ive owned it i had it re-sprayed in tornado red, had corrado front and back seat installed including the dash, and replica audi tt alloys..I love it too bits but owning a g60 limited is still number one on my wish list you are a lucky guy to own this car, a true car for the true vw fanatic..the car looks beautiful and in prestine condition..i don't know why you are selling it, if i owned it i wouldn't..

mark 9 years ago


sipoom99 8 years ago

Nice car Hedley

Carlo 8 years ago


the steering wheel is on the wrong side ???

or is the photo in reverse

Have you've been reading?

Andy 8 years ago

This car is amazing a total daddy , your a lucky person to have had the chance to own such a brilliant motor vehicle..Regards.

russ 8 years ago

i saw a limited go on ebay for £12000 and i know of a website were you can see were most of them are today

Jason 8 years ago

where can you see were the most of these cars are today????

Neo 8 years ago

wer can i get a g60 limited?

Neo 8 years ago

wer can i get a g60 limited?

Chris 8 years ago

Wow!!! Never seen one in the flesh and probably never will!! Beautiful example and surely the ultimate factory Mk2.

SirHenri 8 years ago

Very nice car! I prowdly own Limited No. 53! Bought it last year from first owner with only 38.000km in very best condition!

smear16v 8 years ago

where is this car now?

vinnie 8 years ago

i aswell thought that all g60's where inports as they did not make them in this country therefore they where all left hand drive. i am currently looking for one myself but haven't found any good examples for sale...

jay 8 years ago

how many g60 editions 1 were made

anon 8 years ago

71 g60 editions 1 were made

Jose - Snails on Steroids - Aftermarket car Parts website 8 years ago

Excellent. I'm wondering if the rallye came with a shaved bootlid

Couger GTI 1.8 8 years ago

Hi Is a very nice car and i love the AWD system for that i own a mark 2 CL and all converted to gti 4 door spec is done 200k the engine is old and im looking for the 2litre g60 engine with manual gearbox, did anyone have any idea of it, anyway im from malaysia is a problem to import the engine over here plz email me if have any information on the engine part thanks bro

fritz 8 years ago

*how many g60 editions 1 were made*

*71 g60 editions 1 were made*

that's wrong.....this isn't an edition one

its an limited.......

the edition one was built more than 11.000 8v, 16v and g60

bhavin karbhari 7 years ago

excellent car i wish i had 1 of these 1 day its hapning come on lads keep it up wonderful car my dreams

mark 7 years ago

any one got one for sale

Nick 7 years ago

This car is now owned by a VW enthusiast, who also happens to own a French market only 16s Oettinger mk1 golf, and numerous other immaculate early version mk1 golf gti`s

it is now Left hand drive again and wearing its proper number plates as it was intended

I also don't know why people compare the limited to an Edition one or a Rallye? its a unique car just like the Rallye and G60 are, but they just made more of them!!!

if you can find a limited for less than 10k let me know!!!

dubsy 6 years ago

hi there that mk1 16souper produced for the frence market then tickeld with by oettinger was featured in vw driver magazine a couple of month back wish they were produced for the british market they had mk1 16v before we had mk2 16v mental was it a royl blue one that you are talking abuot

muktesh mehta 6 years ago

is this the syncro version?

seriously? 6 years ago

really? are you as high as i am or something? did you even read the article? or are you just dumb?

kitchen sync 6 years ago

i have a syncro and how i wish it was a limited

alan sproule 6 years ago

Am looking for limited if any one can help please


Ben 6 years ago

got a 2.0 g60 in a mark 3 2.0gti. stage 2 supercharger

and the anti rollbars off the mark 4, overcoil all round and polyurithane bushes and some fancy plugs and leads anyone interested?

john 6 years ago

bums manner

VWx 6 years ago

this car is not real though is it? it has been made up to look like

Gregory-six0 6 years ago

It's real.

I hope enough of these are left when I come up with the money for one.

Allan 6 years ago

How much are one of theese worth now??

Darren 6 years ago

Anyone out there know of one for sale? Cash waiting!!!!

Juan 6 years ago

Does anyone know if there is a golf mk2 g60 in South Africa.

golf.1.gti.g60 6 years ago

if you can find a limited you'd pay around 25.000€ in the netherlands. i know a guy who has one and he wil never sell him. and he was looking 2 years to find one

polk 6 years ago


SirWilliam Thepulla 5 years ago

One found from Finland. Price is around 8000€. Orginal condition only 10 249km on meter.

Jan 5 years ago

Could you give me the link to that car?

marcellino 5 years ago

I try to buy this car, who had news and 'begged to inform me that' s my address: thanks greetings

G60-Mann 5 years ago

Hi there,

there are a few Limited's for sale in

check it out guys! But according to my opinon, one is to expansive and the other one is not in a good shape...

marcellino 5 years ago

hei hello friendly my. they are happy for having found someone that it answers to me. you have reason on the two limited! but is possible that they still cost so a lot? thanks soon

How To Learn 5 years ago

When VW build a seriously quick Golf they don't scream about it from the rooftops. Just look at the plain-looking G60 Limited Edition

Nico 5 years ago

Does any one know if they imported the g60 s to south africa?

Supz 5 years ago

I've owned 3 mk2 gti's and I just can't stop loving them. At the moment I have a mk2 with a 1.6 driver shell with a 1.8 gti 8v transplant. The car is awesome and I am very fortunate to have it as in NZ the veedub mk2's are very hard to find as there aren't many.

Brilliant hub and its always great to hear from other veedub lovers.

Jas Mahal 5 years ago

Beautiful car; just a shame people can't appreciate it for what it really is.

I've not had the pleasure of seeing one in the flesh, but one never knows what's around the corner.

I'll put one on my lottery as soon as possible.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

pete 5 years ago

i have a mint capri green syncro,with a fully rebuilt just fitted 2.0 g60 supercharged stage 2 engine.very fast.has coilovers new interior,electric windows and mirriors,£300 worth of angle eye lights,new alloys and proxy tyres,loads more.selling due to health problems.will be sad to see it go.£4600 ono

pete 5 years ago

its me again my email address is don't hang around this wont be up for sale long.thanks pete

ilke Tasci 4 years ago

Do you have any information about "Edition One" ? Does it have a difference with usualy g60 limited editions?

Dazza 4 years ago

I have one of the early numbered 16vG60 Limited's. I've owned it for about 5 or 6 years and have been thinking recently about selling it. I know if I do I will probably never see or own one again so don't know what to do.

vdub_n00b_tuber 4 years ago

This pictorial has the one that was converted to RHD incase you failed to read the article at all. This car was meant to be a sleeper and to give it a "BLING BLING" paint job not only would decrease the value of the car it would ruin it's intention of being a sleeper that can out-pull Porsche 911's from a Ruby Rumble.(Race from a dead stop))

vdub_n00b_tuber 4 years ago

To Dazza ;

In all honesty my greedy heart wishes you to sell this as it would put it one step closer to my dream of obtaining one someday , However I will try to dissuade you of selling this car unless you have too. I am on the east coast of the USA and this car would easily fetch $20,000 or more on the wholesale market and $30,000 or more U.S. on the Auction Block. If I am ever to obtain one (which would be next to impossible since there weren't any imported to USA) I would never sell it and would definitely make it an Heirloom to which ever child falls in love with it first. :) My $.02 (two cents) anyways.

Yet we all must do what we must do. Happy Motoring!

4 years ago

dazza, if you want to sell your ltd let me know, i'm very interested.

4 years ago

to dazza: i'm very interested in your ltd, let me know further information on the car by mail ( Kind regards.

SpaceCoast profile image

SpaceCoast 4 years ago from Titusville, FL

Keep in mind the 1989 Mustang GT only had 225hp. That's from a V8. This car is a bad machine. Rock on.

4 years ago

to Dazza:

Do you have some news for me? (

Allan Macmillan 4 years ago

Dazza Put the car up on ED38 forum for sale.

I'm looking for 1, if it is for sale


blimihommut 3 years ago

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Futamarka 3 years ago

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Deft 2 years ago

please sell me this car!

Deft 2 years ago

Lots of people looking for a gold mk2 limited edition. I am also on the look out for one, in the U.K. would be perfect. If anyone reads this and has one for sale, feel free to email me at with the reference mk2 golf limited edition and i'll reply a.s.a.p.

Going to have to try build one myself at this rate. :D

Gerhard 13 months ago

I also have a vw mk2 im gonna make mine a repluka g60 limited motor sport thy are so rere im gonna make mine a repluka i love the vw mk2 g60 limited motor sport is a nice car and rere so its defently a gem

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