Volvo FH16 700 - The most powerful truck in the world

This model, launched in the 7th January, has a engine with a maximum power of 700 horses, quite a power to drive in the roads, and another impressive achievement it's the torque that reaches 3150 Nm. This truck is aimed to the heavy duty segment in transport operations, as it's prepared for the extreme environments and difficult terrains.

For those who think this one is a big thirsty truck, you're wrong, as the engineers at Volvo managed to reduce the fuel consumption, promoting an efficient combustion process. To cut the increase on the emissions of nitrogen oxide a single step was made: to increase the capacity of the treatment system of the exhaust. The system chosen was the SCR (Selective Catalitic Reduction). And besides that, the engine is less noisy with the help of pre-injection, where a small amount of fuel it's sprayed on the cylinder, assuring a quiet combustion sequence. The engine also has a new oil thermostat, which has a positive effect on the fuel consumption.

Motor Euro V - The engine 16G, of 16 liters, has 6 cylinders and it's equiped with turbo and intercooler. It is already certified with the new gases emission laws in Europe, with a cut of 40% on the emission of nitrogen oxide.

The truck was tested on the desert of Australia, in the cold northern Sweden and in the Rocky Mountains.

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tonymac04 profile image

tonymac04 5 years ago from South Africa

Interesting Hub. I used to work in the truck manufacturing industry and so this was very interesting for me. Thanks.

Love and peace


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