Warning Signs that Your Car Needs Maintenance

Early Car Maintenance Warning Signals

In order to keep your car in optimum condition, you need to send it for maintenance from time to time. You may not take it to a professional unless it dies suddenly. But your car gives you warning signs that you should watch and listen to. Here are a few warning signs that you should watch out for:

Leaking Fluid

If you notice leaking fluid from your car, there is something wrong with it and you should take it to a mechanic right away. Leaking fluids are bad for your car as well as for the environment.

Poor Consumption of Fuel

If your car has started giving less mileage, then it surely signals that something is not well. It may simply need an oil change or carburetor cleaning. But if you ignore it for long, it may turn into a bigger problem which will prove to be much more expensive to be fixed.

Screeching Brakes

This is one of the most obvious warning signs that there is something wrong in your car. When you hear any kind of annoying screeching from your car, you should immediately take it to a professional. Most probably, you can hear the sound because there is some problem with the brakes. Brakes are very important for your safety as well as for your car’s safety. So, do not ignore any such sound

Poor Consumption of Fuel -Older Cars Need Oil Maintenance
Poor Consumption of Fuel -Older Cars Need Oil Maintenance

Guides on Car Maintenance

How Your Brakes Feel

Consider the way your brakes feel when you step on them. They should be easy to push and feel soft. Sometimes, the brakes may feel as if they are grinding. They may also cause your car to stop with a jerk. In some instances, your brakes may feel mushy, and in others, they may be very hard to push down. All these may be signs that your brake system is not working properly and it should not be ignored.

Difficulty Igniting

If you are struggling to start your car from igniting, then there are chances that its motor is going to fail on you. So, get it checked as soon as possible before you get stuck somewhere in the middle of a road. A new motor will be extremely expensive to be replaced. So, it is better to get it repaired in time.

Shaking Excessively

Certain amount of vibrating and shaking in a car is obvious, but if it is excessive, it can be a problem of wheel alignment. This kind of shaking can cause something to come loose or damage. So, it is important to get it fixed quickly.

Problem changing gears

When you shift gears in your car, they should shift almost instantly. For example, when you shift from ‘Drive’ to ‘Park’ or vice versa, you should receive an immediate response from the gear system. If your gear system is taking longer than usual to do so, your car may have some issue with its transmission. Transmission systems are relatively expensive to be replaced. So, you should address this issue as soon as you notice it.

A basic car maintenance checklist should include the air pressure on the tires, the engine oil level, the headlights and the windshield wiper. Check these basic safety items on a car periodically with tips from this free video on car maintenance.

In order to keep your car in top working condition and to avoid any expensive costs associated with replacements, you should watch out for these warning signs and take the car to a mechanic as soon as you notice them.

Car Maintenance Tips : Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

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Great advice! I'd like to add a squeaky sound coming from under your hood could be a belt that's about to snap and leave you stranded. Not fun when that happens.

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