What Assessories Go With My GPS Navigation


GPS Mounts

GPS mounts are an important accessory because they hold your device in place in the most strategic place, your car's dash. Mounts keep the GPS stationary, even on bumpy roads, so that the settings are not jostled and change. The mounts can be permanent or temporary. There are mount designs that simply hold the device while other models will charge your device while in the cradle. If your dash is not designed to hold a mount, rear view mirror mounts are available. These are not as stable as dash mounts, but they do keep your GPS safe and secure during travel.

GPS Carrying Cases

A carrying case is an important accessory for your device because if you are on the road or on a hike, you want to protect the screen. Dirt or other hard items in your pocker or backpack can scratch the screen. If you have ever carried a open screened cell phone in your pocket you may have encountered a scratched screen from your keys or other things in your pocket. This can happen to your GPS also. Carrying cases come in plastic, leather, or cloth. You can purchase a carrying case that goes with the color of your autombile interior.

GPS AC Adapters

Even though most GPS devices have internal batteries, an AC adapter is essential for powering up your navigational system. The two most common devices are plugged into your wall or plugged into your cigarette lighter or AC input in your car. Make sure the car AC adapter has the right plugs that match the make and model of your car. A wall plug adapter is universal. If you are traveling over seas, make sure that your get an international AC adapter. There are different voltage variations in different countries and if you plugged into a wall with a U.S. AC adapter, you may burn out your device.

Universal Downloads

Universal downloads are a great accessory that may come with your GPS or you may have to subscribe to a service. What universal downloads are is a download that happens every day or week that will update your GPS with new information. This information may include new roads, roads under construction, or if your device has the feature, traffic updates for special routes. When you buy your GPS the manufacturer may already have a plan that you can sign up for or you can go online and find a venue or company that will download into your particular GPS navigational system.


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