What To Do With An Old Car You Have Laying Around


Having an old car laying around that you don't need or doesn't work is an eyesore, and is taking up space that could be used on something much better. The good news is that there are ways to get rid of your car quickly, and it's surprisingly easy to do.

This hub will cover both aspects of getting this done. You can either sell the car or donate it. Either choice is a great one and will have a financial gain for you. We'll break this down by donation, private sale, and selling it as junk.

Donating Your Junk Car To Charity

Donating your car to charity not only helps a good cause, but it also gives you a break come tax time. The process is extremely easy, and will likely only take a phone call to get it done.

The first move is to find out what charities there are in your area that do this, and you're probably going to be surprised by how many there are. Obviously, pick something that you feel charitable towards. They're all going to do the same thing with your car, so there probably aren't any differences between them.

One thing that might throw a wrench in your gears is the car's title. Some places won't take your car unless you have it, but others don't really care. They'll make sure that you're the owner of the car through old registration. The main instances where your title would be needed is if the car is still in fairly decent shape and can be resold. But again, some companies will simply track the title down through the DMV for you.

Most cars will simply be scrapped and sold for parts and metal. The money earned then goes back to the charity after paying the tow truck/employees/and other fees.

Private Sale Of Your Junk Car

I won't lie to you, this is tough to pull off. Most people simply aren't going to offer you money for your junk car. And if they do it will be far less than the car is worth since they're simply going to sell it for scrap.

If your car is still in running order you would sell it like any other car. Auto Trader, Craigslist, your local paper, or that spot in your town where everyone sells their cars would be the places to start. Check a site like Kelly Blue Book to see what your car is worth in its condition and price it accordingly.

Should you take this private sale route having your title is a must. If you've never received your title then the company that funded your loan will probably have it. Otherwise you need to contact your local DMV for the paperwork for getting a new copy.

Getting Cash For Your Junk Car

Another, more favorable, option if your car is not running or is in really bad shape is to junk it yourself. There are ways to do this yourself for maximum profit, but it will usually involve paying a tow truck company. Some companies will do everything for you, but it cuts a bit into the amount you get paid. For more on these companies check out this article.

Junking your car is a great way to make a quick buck. Many times the company can come a pick up your car and pay you in the same day. If you are short on cash and are looking for more on this and other alternatives, check out the site Is It Payday Yet for in depth coverage on all aspects of short term financial solutions.

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