What is Kart Cross?

Kart Cross in action

Kart Crossing Information

Kart Crossing (sometimes referred as one word; Kartcrossing) is a form of go-carting that takes place in ralleye environment instead of a typical track setting. It is not well known in the united States but is gaining a large following in Europe.

The premise of Kart Crossing is simple; take a Kart and race it through several stages of on and off road course. A Kart cross race is run similar to a Ralleyecross race in terms of starting positions, qualifications, and finishing. There are several brackets that are run depending on age group or kart type.

Kart cross racing

Fun and Economical Sport

Kartcross is a very fun way to get introduced to motorsport racing, and can be cost efficient depending on what level of competition you wish to be involved in. As with any motorsport, Kart cross is regulated for safety and there are a few rules which must be met before someone can participate in a Krosscart event. Here is a list of reference links for more information:

Kart Cross video

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