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DMV Driver's Exam Failure 2009

A new study by GMAC showed that around 41 million current drivers would fail the standard driver's safety test. This same survey found that the overall knowledge of basic road rules is decreasing.

Take a look at the list of top 20 (or should I say bottom 20?) list of worst drivers broken down by state. Is your state on the list?

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Only a matter of time before this boneheaded driving maneuver will score an accident. Britney Spears anyone?
Only a matter of time before this boneheaded driving maneuver will score an accident. Britney Spears anyone?

20th Worst Driver State: Delaware

Average test score in 2009: 76%

Average test score in 2008: 78.9%

Average test score in 2007: 77.7%

Note: Congratulations Deleware, your score is worse than last year.

19th Worst Driver State: New Hampshire

Average test score in 2009: 75.9%

Average test score in 2008: 77.9%

Average test score in 2007: 76.1%

Note: The study showed that men were more likely to pass the driver's exam than women.

18th Worst Driver State: Ohio

Average test score in 2009: 75.6%

Average test score in 2008: 78.9%

Average test score in 2007: 76.5%

Note: People who took the test in Ohio had the most trouble on questions revolving around yellow lights and safe following distances.

17th Worst Driver State: Kentucky

Average test score in 2009: 75.5%

Average test score in 2008: 78.2%

Average test score in 2007: 76.8%

Note: Almost everyone who took the test knew what a solid line meant. Congratulations, except that your overall test score sucked.

16th Worst Driver State: Pennsylvania

Average test score in 2009: 75.4%

Average test score in 2008: 77.2%

Average test score in 2007: 73.7%

Note: The lowest average test scores came from the Northeast. I guess the rest of the state has just gotten used to dodging Amish buggies.

Don't forget to watch the road when driving. She must be from Louisiana.
Don't forget to watch the road when driving. She must be from Louisiana.

15th Worst Driver State: Louisiana

Average test score in 2009: 75.3%

Average test score in 2008: 76.4%

Average test score in 2007: 75.4%

Note: Older drivers scored higher on the test.

14th Worst Driver State: Tennessee

Average test score in 2009: 75.0% (tie)

Average test score in 2008: 77.3%

Average test score in 2007: 76.1%

Note: The lowest scores in Tennessee came from younger drivers (18-24). Big surprise there.

13th Worst Driver State: Mississippi

Average test score in 2009: 75.0% (tie)

Average test score in 2008: 75.7%

Average test score in 2007: 76.1%

Note: The highest driving exam scores came from white males over the age of 45.

12th Worst Driver State: South Carolina

Average test score in 2009: 74.8%

Average test score in 2008: 77.1%

Average test score in 2007: 76.3%

Note: Congrats South Carolina, your test scores dropped over 2%.

11th Worst Driver State: Maryland

Average test score in 2009: 74.8%

Average test score in 2008: 76.8%

Average test score in 2007: 77.1%

Note: Almost everyone who took the test (93%) had never heard of "pay as you go" car insurance.

It's all fun and games until you get into a car accident. Then, in this case, it's *still* fun and games...
It's all fun and games until you get into a car accident. Then, in this case, it's *still* fun and games...

10th Worst Driving State: Connecticut

Average test score in 2009: 74.4%

Average test score in 2008: 77.3%

Average test score in 2007: 75.8%

Note: Way to go...your test scores dropped almost 3% from last year! Did Northeast PA rub off on you or something?

9th Worst Driving State: Florida

Average test score in 2009: 74.1%

Average test score in 2008: 78.6%

Average test score in 2007: 76.3%

Note: Due to the plummeting movement of Florida's scores, it went from rank 26th last year to rank 9th this year.

If you are a bad driver, please read this sign and obey. Just please pull over first.
If you are a bad driver, please read this sign and obey. Just please pull over first.

8th Worst Driving State: District of Columbia (Washington DC)

Average test score in 2009: 75.5%

Average test score in 2008: 78.2%

Average test score in 2007: 76.8%

Note: Ahh the nation's capitol is representing! Sure it's not technically a state (as much as it wants to be), but I can personally testify to the uber-suckiness of it's drivers.

At least it moved up from rank 2 last year...

7th Worst Driving State: Massachusetts

Average test score in 2009: 73.8%

Average test score in 2008: 75%

Average test score in 2007: 72.7%

Note: Some test takers *might* have been from Connecticut. At least that's what someone from Massachusetts will tell you when the read how SUCKY their scores were.

6th Worst Driving State: Rhode Island

Average test score in 2009: 73.6%

Average test score in 2008: 76.9%

Average test score in 2007: 72.8%

Note: It's not looking good for Northeast US...

5th Worst Driving State: Georgia

Average test score in 2009: 72.7%

Average test score in 2008: 75.5%

Average test score in 2007: 74.7%

Note: Wshew, just when we thought the Northeast had it bad, the South came to the rescue.

4th Worst Driving State: California

Average test score in 2009: 72.4%

Average test score in 2008: 77.3%

Average test score in 2007: 77.5%

Note: Congrats, you had a huge drop-off in your test scores. But are we really surprised? California allows for motorcycle lane-splitting and even makes it against the law for a woman to drive while dressed in a housecoat.

3rd Worst Driving State: Hawaii

Average test score in 2009: 72.7%

Average test score in 2008: 75.5%

Average test score in 2007: 74.7%

Note: Oh c'mon let's not be so hard on Hawaii. With all the beautiful scenery and perfect weather who says you also have to pay attention to the road too?

2nd Worst Driving State: New Jersey

Average test score in 2009: 71.5%

Average test score in 2008: 69.9%

Average test score in 2007: 72.7%

Note: Good work New Jersey, last year you were the #1 worst driving state.

Poor driving in NY will land you a broken beamer
Poor driving in NY will land you a broken beamer

1st Worst Driving State: New York

Average test score in 2009: 70.5%

Average test score in 2008: 74%

Average test score in 2007: 71%

Note: Great job keeping Northeast US on the radar for the poorest drivers, New York. This is the second time in five years that you have been the state with the worst drivers in America, and that's no easy feat.

Did your state make the list?

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Notes about the Driver's Exam

The driver's exam was taken straight from common DMV exam questions and surveyed over 500 licensed drivers from each state and Washington DC. It also asked a number of questions regarding the participants' planned driving habits going forward.

Take the Test Yourself

Before you judge other states or boast that your state wasn't the worst, try taking the driver's exam yourself. Then come back and leave a comment telling everyone how poorly you scored...

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Comments 87 comments

manlypoetryman profile image

manlypoetryman 7 years ago from (Texas !) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

Shocked that Texas didn't make your list!

Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 7 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

I am a living miracle! As a child, I lived in New York. We regularly drove to New Hampshire to visit my grandmother. This required us to drive through Connecticut and Massachusetts on the way. That's 4 out of the top 10 states in one trip (8 if you count round trip!).

I now live in CA and can report that it earns its spot near the top (aka bottom) of your list.

And do not get me started on the motorcycle splitting issue. I might just have to write a hub about that!

Thanks, Peter Brown. I am looking forward to learning your true identity! MM

Drake's Compass profile image

Drake's Compass 7 years ago from Denver, Colorado

As much as I love living on the South Carolina coast, I must admit that our driving habits leave a bit to be desired.  May better driving begin with me!

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 7 years ago Author

@manlypoetryman, maybe you could be a catalyst for your state?

@Mighty Mom, it's a miracle you're still alive! And I'm surprised you don't know my alter ego. I'm a fan of yours on both hubnames!

@Drake's Compass, you're in good company. My state didn't make the list (VA), but I'm so close to DC and Maryland that I get to experience their poor driving often. Sorry your state made the list!

Drake's Compass profile image

Drake's Compass 7 years ago from Denver, Colorado

That's OK, Peter - having the beach nearby makes up for it!

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 7 years ago Author

Good point. Maybe my next hub should be on the worst motorboat operators? haha

English Teacher 7 years ago

Illinois probably would have made the list, but one of our politicians must have paid to get us taken off. ;-)

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 7 years ago Author

Hmmm, Blagojevich perchance? Or was that a cut on Obama? haha either way it made me laugh!

sam 7 years ago

I live in ohio and I need to say that there are some awful drivers here. You may sooner want cut your head off and stab yourself 90 times before speeding on this street called Union because it is full of cops and you WILL get caught.

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 7 years ago Author

Really? I don't have extensive driving experience in Ohio so you'd know more about it than I, but I felt like the drivers there were actually quite considerate. Clueless at times, but considerate!

Alan 7 years ago

from what i've heard New Jersey drivers are aggressive, rude, careless, angry and dangerous and the traffic is as insane as bipolar disorder.

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 7 years ago Author

Alan, and that's just in the neighborhoods! Tolls there charge exorbitant amounts, people yell out the windows of their cars, the smog is utterly demoralizing and only increases traffic stress, and the list could go on.

Brent 7 years ago

The GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test

Your Score: 100%

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 7 years ago Author

Wow, great work Brent! You should try to take the test again, but this time you should text and be on your cell phone while juggling a coffee like most other drivers. It might make for a more realistic test experience.

No but seriously, that's awesome. Which state are you hailing from?

newsworthy 7 years ago

Is your state on the list? Yes my state is on this list. Too bad these stats aren't broken down into gender specific. Now that would be cause for a study! :)

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 7 years ago Author

Newsworthy, my state is not on the list...:)

But four neighboring states are :( Better not rub off on us!

Palmer 7 years ago

Funny to see Kentucky make this list, when one of our metro areas has been ranked in the top 10 for safest drivers in America.

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 7 years ago Author

Palmer, that's an interesting point. Thanks for commenting. Did you take the test yourself? It's not as easy as you might think :)

Eaglekiwi profile image

Eaglekiwi 7 years ago from -Oceania

And the worst thing ( for me ) everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road! lol

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 7 years ago Author

ha! Well although people drive on the "right" side here, it sure feels like they forget that rule often.

Maurice New Jersey 7 years ago

I live in New Jersey and all of my friends tell me I am a bad driver but I don't notice. Obviously if I am a bad driver then they must be too because we are number 2 on the list! Also I have only wrecked 3 cars and I am 26 years old. I have friends that have wrecked 4 or more so apparently I am more considered to be a safe driver.

Maurice New Jersey 7 years ago

Also just an FYI...I notice all the time that people who visit NJ from out of state always drive the posted speed limit in the left lane which makes us have to slow down and be late. I have noticed this particularly on the Garden State Parkway and The Turnpike. This drives me crazy! The left lane is for drivers who are in a hurry and need to drive 20 miles above the speed's called the pass through lane! Although we drive over the speed limit in NJ, we have an understanding with law enforcement! You only get pulled over and ticketed if you are driving more than 20 miles over the limit and if you don't believe me try it the next time you pass a state trooper on the Parkway....also most are dummy police cars anyway with no officer inside.

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 7 years ago Author

Good comments Maurice. But seriously- you've wrecked 3 cars by age 26?!? I'm 27 and haven't wrecked any (and I ride a motorcycle too). Good thing you're okay after all those wrecks.

I'm totally with you on the slow-drivers-nuisance in the left lane. That's one of my biggest pet the point where I'll sometimes flash my lights to wake them up and get them out of the left lane.

wallybclarks 7 years ago

I don't know why Virginia didn't make the list.

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 7 years ago Author

wallybclarks, I drive in and around Northern VA and I couldn't agree more, especially after my commute today. If it sprinkles, people freak out, go 10-15 mph slower and still get into accidents.

Silverlining profile image

Silverlining 7 years ago from Port Elizabeth

I think you cannot compare these states to South Africa! Especially joburg...we could show you guys road rage!

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 7 years ago Author

Oh I'm sure you've got it worse. From what I hear, the US highway system is the envy of quite a few foreign nations. I guess I shouldn't complain...

J. okc 7 years ago

I am supprised Oklahoma did not make the list. We have some of the worst drivers. People in the okc metro ride your bumper all the time. You want to see some tailgating, come to oklahoma city,I have never seen so much tailgating. People drive 80 on the interstates, when the spped limit is 65. We have to drive like a nascar driver during rush hour, weaving in and out of traffic with out a turn signal. This next one is for the TEXANS, Running red lights. You have taught us Oklahomans to do it now. We also know nothing aout how to merge. People come on the freeway at 80 and push there way in.

Anthony 7 years ago

whatever these test say. Rhode Island is by far worse than any state, even Massachusetts, I'm from New York and can understand we're not the nicest drivers but we get where we going in a decent amount of time. Rhode Islander's have no clue what or where their going, and stop signs and red lights are apparently optional here?

Lee Thacker profile image

Lee Thacker 7 years ago

I like the way your brain thinks, makes me feel alive listening to what your thinking, very cool...Keep it up ...PS Now I Know Why I bookmarked your page ;-) ...Hope you are doing well,

Musicmaing 7 years ago

As a lifelong NJ resident and someone who has driven in most of the 50 states, NJ is by far, the worst possible state to drive in. Our roads are way outdated. Many of them need to be widened as you'll see long long long long lines of cars waiting because someone in front is making a left turn. The traffic lights? Very unforgiving you will hit more red lights than green. Ironically, I was in California for a few months, in Sacramento, and it was a dream to drive there. People didn't go too slow, the roads were nice and wide, and ppl were very courteous. Once again NJ sucks at everything. I can't wait to get out of this place; some ppl love it here and yes, they are insane.

Cristal 7 years ago

I moved to NJ to be w my fiancé for work 2 months ago and the "logic" that is so expressed (that to any one else outside of NJ is enough to make your mouth drop open) while reading Maurice from NJ's comments...I mean this is how they drive and they think its normal and ok to have 3 accidents by 26 and they just don't understand how their driving behaviors are so dangerous and unsafe and they don't care...leave 15 minutes earlier. Thats the solution to YOUR problem. Pushing people out of the way and flashing lights, etc is dangerous and the reality is that driving the speed limit +- 10 mph is right...20 over is wrong. Its so wrong that its against the law. A law that was set in place for safety. The worst that will happen is having to pay hundreds more per year to drive in this state. Take a chill pill and your driving habits is not other peoples problem. So, if you beep or flash your lights to move us out of the way, just know we dont give a crap what your aggressive lunatic crazy needs are. Be frustrated, have a fit, scream, flip the end Im driving for safety and to follow the law and I really don't care how you feel in your car. Pass by, go away its not the safe drivers problem! Your stressing yourself out and suffering.

acoustique 7 years ago

born in jersey, raised in new york. moved to massachusetts, definitely have to agree with anthony, rhode island and massachusetts are awful to drive in. ive never had roadrage like i do living in mass. my fiancé is born and bred Boston and even he admits that massholes and rhode islanders are the worst. i've seen people run red lights in packs in front of cops and never seen them pulled over.

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 7 years ago Author

haha massholes? Never heard that one before!

Nicki 7 years ago

VA driver's(arlington area etc.) may not have made the list, they are horrific on the road. No notice of lane changes,making u-turns without warning, pulling over 2 lanes,waiting unitl your car gets really close and then I'm slamming on brakes because he/she decides to cut across the road when I saw them just sitting their. Also, a lot of people that take the knowledge test start out at at 16 and in some states 15. I've seen driver's on the road that should be re-tested on the driving portion.

girl 6 years ago

I am surprised CT is on the list.

NJ-Dukes 6 years ago

New Jersey second worst!

We'd be in better shape if it weren't for the illegals and Indians in the road.

U suck Idahoans 6 years ago

If anyone holds up traffic for miles expect the classic IDAHOANS *hahah* They suck #1 on my list

brandon 6 years ago

Ok this test is has flaws, such as in ohio & kentucky you have to take drivers-ed, while in Indiana you only have to take the stupid test. Great these people can look at a book and know the answers but still not know how to drive. I have drove across most of he US and i have to say that indiana is one of the worst states for driving in. I prefer to drive in downtown NY City then to drive a suburban road in Indiana. These results are crap!!!

james williams 6 years ago

the reason northeast pa scored so low is because all the people from new york and new jersey that live here!They truly do suck at driving i find myself amazed everyday!

Collaborative Problem 6 years ago

It seems to me that many of the states that have seemingly bad drivers are not on this list. To me, it seems that people in my state (Texas) aren't very good drivers, however, they don't give too many middle fingers or honk or other things which would PO people, and this may be the difference. I have visited New Hampshire and Maine and have had no bad experiences with the drivers there so I think the "Northeast has bad drivers" is wrong.

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 6 years ago Author

Brandon, I've driven in downtown NYC and I've driven in Indiana and you've got it backwards! Never again would I drive in NYC unless 100% necessary. Give me those Indiana suburban roads!

Laura in Denver profile image

Laura in Denver 6 years ago from Aurora

I suppose I can breathe a sigh of relief that Colorado is not on the list!

Still, as an avid bicyclist, I avoid busy roads and distracted and texting drivers even if it takes going way out of my way.


FlintGirl 6 years ago

I hear so much bashing of Michigan drivers - isn't it interesting that we're not on this list? I will admit, though, we do drive like we are on the autobahn. 80-85...90 on the expressway is not an uncommon occurrence where I live (and yet there are surprisingly few accidents). We may be aggressive, but we generally tend to pay attention to the road ahead of us and any hazards. If you're from out of state, just stay in the right lane. You'll be safest there. =)

Quick question to those from other states: When people come to our state, they seem to not understand the concept of driving with the flow of traffic (i.e. maintaining a speed that is consistent with other motorists). Is this taught in other states? It seems like there are always cars or semis flying up the bumper of a poor little Indianian or Ohioan when they are doing 60 in the left lane. See that vehicle tailgaiting you? That is the international sign for STEP ON IT AND MOVE OVER! Idk, just curious. =)

Plaincuris 6 years ago

Our trip to see our grandchild takes us from SC to VT all by interestates. The absolute worst place in that 1000 mile trip is the 50 miles in the Scranton Wilkes Barre area of I 81 in PA.

Speed and cell phone use have given us the scares over the years. Doesn't look like there is much enforcement in that area. If you aren't going at least 20 over speed limit you get run over

Kathy 6 years ago

The written exam is only one indicator of driving skill. There are those individuals, while scoring well on the written exam, that should never be allowed to actually drive a car on U.S. roads. A written exam doesn't tell you if the person will have road rage, drive under the influence, actually yield the right-of-way when necessary or forget that their cars comes equiped with a turn signal or break pedal.

Dawn Wride 6 years ago

Such people should simply not be granted a driver's license. And, if they get caught driving without a license, they should automatically receive jail time! The car is a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon demands jail time. Don't even get me started on drunk drivers. The United States is not serious about the campaign to get drunk drivers off the road. A stern lecture, a small fine and just a slap on the hand is all we are willing to dish out. Disgraceful!

hortense 6 years ago

Signaling seems to be a thing of the past where we live. People use cell phones and text. DUI is prevelant. Rules do not apply to them. They think they are above the law.

This is in a rural area of Oregon.

Chris 6 years ago

I took the quiz and scored 95%, the 1 question I got wrong was the "passing on the right" question. In Massachusetts it is illegal to pass on the right on a multi-lane hi-way, you can only legally pass on the I got that one wrong.

I consider myself to be a safe driver, been driving for 20 years. I was accident free until 2 months ago, when I was rear-ended at a red light by a kid who was texting while driving, totalled both our vehicles and he was injured pretty badly because he wasn't wearing a seat belt.

As for the worst state to drive in, New Jersey is a horror show. I have yet to travel down 95 without seeing a major collision or it's aftermath. People drive too fast (85-90mph usually) and change lanes without signalling and will cross 3 lanes of heavy traffic (without looking) in the blink of an eye. I've even seen a couple idiots stop and back up on the highway because they missed their exit. When police witness something that dumb they should be allowed to cut up that person's license on the spot and have their vehicle impounded. They should have to pass a safety course to get their license and vehicle back.

Carol Siler 6 years ago

Surprised that Michigan isn't on the list. I live in Kentucky near I75 and when they travel through our state they are ALWAYS in the far left lane with cruise control set on 80, they slow down for nothing! I have always wondered if they think that because they are going south that they are going downhill!

Tom Jones 6 years ago

Interesting article. As the driver of an 18-wheeeler primarily in the NorthEast,I tend to agree with MOST of the statements made here. I am from KY (yes on the list too)I scored 90% on the GMAC test I missed the following distance( because it takes more time to stop 80,000 lbs than it does 4,000 lbs) and I missed the Steady yellow light. Turn signal use (lack of) and self appointed speed controllers are my biggest peeves about the nations drivers in general.Note: turn signals on a Semi are not a signal to speed up and cruise beside us. It means we are moving over. Don't be there when we do...

masterchief117A 6 years ago

I got a 100!!

Gene 6 years ago

I am from SC and scored 100%. It's the non English speaking immigrants bringing the scores down. I'm certainly not saying SC doesn't have its share of bad drivers but probably no worse than the other 35 states I have driven in. If you want to see some really bad drivers, go down to San Juan, PR or to Juarez, MX.

twerp 6 years ago

Nevada did not make the list? Are you kidding me? I have not lived here for very long, but I have learned that you go on a RED light and stop on a GREEN light. I always thought it was the other way around. It's very confusing. These people have their own rules and make them up as they go along. I don't know what the questions are on the driving test, but I know for a fact they are not the same questions I had on my test. My husband has been rear-ended twice sitting at a RED light. We thought that was what you were supposed to do. Both guys were on there cell phones and not paying attention(distracted?). Isn't there a law against that? Pedestrians are killed here at least one every two weeks lately,while in a crosswalk. But officer, I'm first. It's all about me!! Can you figure out that I am in Reno? I bet you did!!

nikki 6 years ago

Wow I'm surprised Texas isn't number one for the worst drivers. NOBODY in Texas can drive.... Glad I'm from Ga

JD 6 years ago

@Carol Siler: I'm from MI. Here's why we're flyin through your state: It's because (9 times out of 10)we're very HAPPY to be out of Ohio, where the cops are always just waiting to get us, and as a result, we fall asleep driving their speed limit while making the 4 hour descent from one end to the other :). The speed limit on most of our freeways in MI is 70 (which, to us, means 75+). Btw, we step on the gas crossing back into our state too.

Speaking of which, I'm surprised Ohio even made this list, since they, like ppl from Ontario, Canada, drive way too doggone SLOW (can't stand driving behind these ppl)!! I agree with FlintGirl in that, yes, we drive faster than the speed limit on the freeways, and that those from out-of-state need to either adapt, or stay in the right lanes(the 2 lanes closest to the enter/exit ramps on a 4-lane highway, ex. I-75)

JD 6 years ago

@nikki: I agree 100%....Texans can't drive. It takes rain for them to drive like they halfway got some sense, cause they're (all of a sudden) too scared to drive more that 5 MPH then (haha)

JEFF LOURIE 6 years ago

When I first got my license (54 years ago) my father advised me to drive as if everyone else were either lost, drunk, or drugged. Sad to say this has become more and more truthful with each passing year - and it seemed worst of all to me in Utah.

Angstman 6 years ago

So this must mean that New York has the highest percentage of Asian women drivers

Peter Brown profile image

Peter Brown 6 years ago Author

Try driving a motorcycle in any of these areas! Using the utmost of caution is great for cars and trucks, but motorcycle drivers (such as myself) need to use even more restrain/caution!

Jody 6 years ago

Having grown up in OK I'm not sure if the drivers were bad cuz I haven't lived there since 89, but they were really friendly back then, i.e., waving at everybody. Now I live in MN. I didn't used to have 'road rage' til I started driving. Especially along any hi way that borders the Mississippi. The idiotic bird watchers don't watch out for oncoming traffic when they pull out of one parking site and drive literaly 15-20 till they find the next one. There are a lot of semis on that road and there are only a total of 2 lanes! And I'm not even gonna get started on where I live now!

Chelsea 6 years ago

Ok, Louisiana is not that bad... I'm sure people just failed the tests because they are illiterate rednecks 'round these here parts, lol.

But seriously, the driving isn't that bad (Unless you're in New Orleans. Those people do NOT stop for pedestrians!). Texas is much much worse. I mean passing on the side of the road just because you're on a hill? Crazy. Just like the men from Texas...

Jeff 6 years ago

I find it hard to believe that New Mexico wasn't included in this list. I cant go a single day without seeing either an accident or someone almost causing one. There's a reason why we have the highest car insurance rates in the country.

Erin LeFey profile image

Erin LeFey 6 years ago from Maryland

I live in MD and I think it deserves its place on the list. DC as well. I think the only thing that saved VA was that its such a big state and everyone south of 64 saved the average! This whole 95 corridor from FL to ME just attracts the worst of the worst. I think we also have the largest populations per square mile. Such an interesting article. I'd love to see the International driving results. Those are really sad. Great article. Voted you up! Namaste'

Alex 6 years ago

I'm a 26 year safe driver (tractor-trailer) with UPS and I'm quite surprised North Carolina didn't make the list. When it comes to texting and checking e-mail, NC drivers are disturbingly preoccupied. (I can easily look down into your car and see you!)

Also bad are the tailgaters and the ones who like to pass me, give themselves about 8 feet, then pull in front of me like I can stop my rig as fast as they can if they have to quickly stop; do they hate life?

Pay attention, people... Especially all of you Volvo drivers (who seldom use turn signals) with Duke University Alumni stickers on your rear windows! Sheesh!

candi 6 years ago

I just came back from a trip to kentucky and I couldn't believe the way they drive! Speed limit is 70 and most go 85-90!(on interstates) AND I did not see ONE police car for the whole two day trip! Im surprised they are only #17! I am from Ohio and I don't think we drive so bad,At least we follow the speed limit or 5 over :)

Jennifer 6 years ago

I'm a Californian of Vietnamese descent, and I scored a 90% on the test (only two questions missed, and one of them was what should I do if I came to a light turning yellow. I chose "prepare to stop" because that's what I've been instructed to do, but turns out the correct answer was "stop if it is safe to do so"). HA.

Katlynn 6 years ago

I'm from kentucky but live in Hawaii now so I'd say my driving went from bad to worse since being here. But yeah we do love to go fast on the interstate cops don't really care they're pretty chill. Driving in Hawaii is a trip though I can't tell you how many times I'm coming around a turn and the car in the other lane is driving in the middle of the lane

stf 5 years ago

This is the worst list I have ever seen. Since when does taking a WRITTEN test have anything to do with driving ability?

Dylan 5 years ago

West Virginia, where I live, gets pretty bad when it comes to driving. I am surprised it isn't at least at the bottom of the list.

Nunya 5 years ago

I'm surprised Utah didn't make it. I live there and they are just simply awful.

And I have to take drivers training and halve the stuff they say is odd....

Pat 5 years ago

I lived in jersey most of my life, and recently moved to North Carolina and don't believ one bit of this survey. Sure we may drive "crazy" at times but in no way are most people from jersey bad drivers. Driving in North Carolina and a lot of the southern states seem to be a lot more risky due to the lack of skill. They seem to drive very slow, as in under the speed limit, they change lanes very slow, and surprisingly never use there blinkers. They also seem to not understand why some roads have multiple lanes because I find myself a lot of times stuck driving under the speed limit with three lanes to choose from due to everyone driving the same speed and taking up all three lanes. Well I'm done with that rant, but in no way if we are talking about skill of drivers should jersey or New York be up top and rather should be some of the last on the list of worst

Al Brown 5 years ago

I must disagree with the above. FLORIDA has the worst drivers. Why would I say that? Very simply, Noo Yawkas, Noo Joiseyians. Massachusettsians, Pennsylvanians (SNOWBIRDS ALL) come to Flahda to practice their rudenesses! That's why!

HUH wrong 5 years ago

New York and the northeast take driving serious well at least NYC does the test is harder to pass anywhere else if you even touch the curb or park to far from it you automatically fail.

don 5 years ago

I agree that tennessee has some really bad drivers especially the knoxville area

Scared N' Bangor 5 years ago

I live in Bangor Maine and in 2010 insurance .com ranked Bangor Maine as one of the top 10 cities for dangerous drivers (something to do with the amount of accident reports filed per year). I believe it because people drive like punks in Bangor Maine. I'm a pedestrian and no matter how careful I am I'm nearly run over lots of times. I hear of people on bikes being hit by cars on a daily basis. And if I had a dollar for every time some Maine woman on a cell phone has nearly run over me I'd be rich. Other reports said the same thing so I'm surprised that Maine (at least Bangor Maine) didn't make this list. But I guess this study above was for entire 'states' and not specific cities? I've lived in Bangor off and on for over 20 years and say with all certainty and in all reality that in Bangor Maine these people are selfish drivers and/or they are just stupid. Maybe non of them ever took drivers ed or perhaps the DMV is just handing out drivers licenses without testing these people?!?! Who knows. And anyone who thinks that Bangor is a safe place to drive is obviously blissfully unaware just who ignorant they are.

Amina 5 years ago

I live in Massachusetts and I don't

think the drivers are THAT bad as everyone is saying they are. Maybe its cuz im used to it.

Paz 5 years ago

I'm a Rhode Islander who moved down to North Carolina and....hmph. Well atleast in Rhode Island we know the TRUE MEANING of the multiple lane roadways. In NC and a lot of other Southern States, people take up the right AND left lane with their slow azz driving....making me late for work.

And I would never pass through NYC on Rt95 again unless I had a death wish. I can't believe how quickly (and dangerously) people will cut you off there.

John 4 years ago

Its clear this article is wrong. The midwest have the worst drivers in the nation.

massfromvermont 4 years ago

I drive a 35 mile commute from Worcester to Littleton. MAevery day. No less than 5 massive accidents each week. Driving home in an ice storm earlier this week, was passed by multiple cars like I was standing still and I was doing the speed limit. MA is the worst state to drive in, not only because we ranked high on the list, but b/c RI, NH, CT, , and NY drivers are everywhere. A safe car us a must have. Buckle up!

John W 4 years ago

Minnesota has a multitude of bad driving habits. Forget the Minnesota nice thing, that just means some drivers will create their own stop sign ie: on a four lane highway to let a car on while catching drivers behind them off guard. not slowing for another car to get on the street..they won't brake until they are just about to hit you. (they are usually speeding) SUV and Pickup drivers will run up your bumper unless you move into much slower traffic or an entry lane when you are are already driving 5-10 miles over the speed limit. Then they get off the next exit! Not putting headlights to low beam when approaching other cars and having fog lights on when there is no fog and are as bright as high beams. Is closing your eyes when they do this make the roads safer? OK, the blue lights are the rage now and they do increase visibility for the user but what about the oncoming car or the pedestrian? It blinds them and you can't tell if they are going to hit you or not. If a dozen or so blue light cars are coming at you even on a four lane, it acts as a strobe light and the car you are following can virtually disappear Is that safe??

Florida Safety profile image

Florida Safety 4 years ago from Orlando

Wow being from Texas and recently moving to Florida i am not surprise Florida is the 9th state with worst drivers. Driver improvement courses and Education is very important for many drivers that have been driving since an early age, it helps them refresh their knowledge about traffic laws and driving skills.

For more information on Driving School in the State of Florida

florida 4 years ago

how to stop bad driver the answer is nobody drive

reagu profile image

reagu 4 years ago from Los Angeles

Instead of test scores, could they make a study based on accidents per car or driver capita? I feel that an applied approach rather than test-on-paper would yield a more accurate reading of worst drivers.

Paul 4 years ago

Every time I come back to SC (current home) I know I crossed the state line when someone Flys up behind me then slows down and stays next to me no matter my speed. I think that is SC's trademark haha

Lindsey 3 years ago

I'm not quite sure how the fuck Virginia didn't make the list. Everytime I drive through there I always get cut off and there's ALWAYS someone rear ending another because of idiots. Oh yeah and the lack of use of the god damn turning signal. They are for sure worse than NC.

ipackrat 2 years ago

Great hub, sadly my state made the list though.

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