X18 Super Pocket Bike

Everything you need to know about the X18 Super Pocket Bike

By SuperPocketBikesX18.com

This article will explain the full details of the X18 Super Pocket Bike and similar 110cc super pocket bikes without any marketing hype or sales pitches. This is simply the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Super Pocket BIke Introduction

The X18 Super Pocket Bike, if you didn't already know, is the one of the best "Mid-Bikes" or Super Pocket Bikes out in the market, for its price tag. There are many other bikes as well such as the X19, S22 and X15 also known as the R32 Interceptor. There seems to be hundreds of websites and brands to buy from, how can someone possible know which one to possibly purchase? But keep in mind that these bikes are all very similar sporting the same 110cc engines with the X19, S22, and X15 even having the same frame and design. In reality, one manufacturer, one of the biggest motor-sports manufacturers in China, creates all of them. Importers simply buy the rights to label the bikes with their names, which creates the misconception of numerous manufacturers, brands, and types. However, the X18 Super Pocket Bike is a bit different as every X18 Super Pocket Bike that enters the United States come only from one company, a motorsports importer, in California. This company purchased the sole rights from manufacturer in China to import the X18 Super Pocket Bike. The two warehouses stationed in California supplies the X18 Super Pocket Bikes across the United States and occasionally into other countries as well. Many online retailers of the X18 Super Pocket Bikes keeps their own inventory in their own warehouses while a select few have the rights to sell directly from two hub warehouses in Los Angeles.

The Best Super Pocket Bike?

This is a common question. "Is the X18 Super Pocket Bike the best super pocket bike?" The honest answer is no and this is coming from an X18 retailer. I can prove that the X18 is not the best super pocket bike out there. There are many Honda's, Yamaha's, and Ducati's that can smoke the X18 in terms of reliability, performance, speed, and etc. However, the X18 Super Pocket Bike is the best super pocket bike for its price. I cannot emphasize enough on that previous sentence. The X18 and the other 110cc super pocket bikes all sell in the price range of 600-700 dollars, and for that price, it's a pretty good deal. You will get a Honda 110cc Clone engine, electric CDI, and for the most part, it runs! Because this is a no BS article, I can tell you right of the bat; if you plan on purchasing an X18 Super Pocket Bike or any 110cc Super Pocket Bike made in China, you will encounter some problem down the road. Now, when the problem occurs and the severity of it, well that's in the luck of the draw. There are many owners of the X18 Super Pocket Bike who have no problems with their bikes since 2005 and they do little maintenance. There also those who receive a bike that requires some work before it gets started. Our company statistics show that out of every 100 bikes sold, approximately 15 comes back with an issue or somewhat. 5 out of those 15 are minor issues and are resolved easily, 8 out of those 15 are a bit tougher issues with warranty parts being sent out to the customer and 2 are bikes well, we really do not know what's going on with it. Proper maintenance of the X18 Super Pocket Bike is ncesessary like any other motor vehicle. But either way, you cannot find a mid-bike or a super pocket bike in the market today for the price range of 600-700 dollars better than the X18 and its sister and brother models. In fact, those are the only models created. There really isn't a large catalog to choose from.

Now if the fact that the X18 Super Pocket Bike is NOT the best super pocket bike doesn't sound good to you, how about I tell you some of the best quality super pocket bikes in the market? Currently Ducati makes custom built bikes, and if you can fly to Europe and request one, they will be glad to make one for you. Honda also sports the NSR50R 50cc mid-bike. The NSR50R by far is one of the quickest and enjoyable things I have rode. These bikes will work like a charm the first day you get it, but they will also set you back at least 3.5 grand and if you are like most people in the world, 3.5 grand is not an amount to be thrown around back and forth, but than again, you do get what you pay for.

More to come about the details of the X18 as well!

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X18 Super Pocket Bike - Blue Right SideX18 Super Pocket Bike - FrontX18 Super Pocket Bike - Gas TankX18 Super Pocket Bike Rear Wheel
X18 Super Pocket Bike - Blue Right Side
X18 Super Pocket Bike - Blue Right Side
X18 Super Pocket Bike - Front
X18 Super Pocket Bike - Front
X18 Super Pocket Bike - Gas Tank
X18 Super Pocket Bike - Gas Tank
X18 Super Pocket Bike Rear Wheel
X18 Super Pocket Bike Rear Wheel

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Pocket Bikes 8 years ago

Great article about super pocket bikes

Mini BIkes 8 years ago

Keep up the good work

Matt 7 years ago

Great Info - great bike for the price as well

louis 7 years ago

is the x i8 better than the x19, x22, an x15 that's what i want to no an is it faster than all of the others

drew 7 years ago

the honda is nice, but not street legal too.

spongbob sqare pants 6 years ago

watch spongebob sqarepants...... best show ever

6 years ago

hey i have a x22 and the rear maybe tire and workings is clicking when the tire spins im thinking maybe a bearing but i was seeing if you have seen or delt with such an issue?

boob marly 6 years ago

well my x22 fighter sucks it isn't really good and the speed sucks ps if you have a x22 don't get it wet because the speedometer wont work have fun

Pitster Pro 6 years ago

If you are looking for the fastest production super bike, the X18-R Nitro ( Race Edition ) is it!

iwantone 6 years ago

where is the best an cheappest place to buy one???

rayshaun pope 6 years ago

how mutch

егор 4 years ago

? ??? ??? ????? ?????????)

spongebob square 4 years ago

spongebob square pants is best show ever

Travis 4 years ago

In my opinion I still think the x18 super bike is the best super bike on the market

Michael 4 years ago

Where can one buy a NSR50R? Does Honda still make them new?

chris776 4 years ago

witch one is the fastest

Ray 3 years ago

Y'all are idiots the X18 bikes are all the same the R and Race edition mean nothing.

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