Yamaha RD 250/350 LC

The 80s Screamer

The bike every young boy wanted in 1981, the LC's were, for many, the performance bike of the 80s. Despite only having a top speed of just over 100mph, the combination of fun and speed and, most importantly, a low price tag, meant that many people enjoyed this two-stroke bike.

The LC stood for liquid-cooled and the bikes pedigree, coming from a line of proven air-cooled two-strokers ensured it a place in the Yamaha history books. The 347cc engine (247cc for the 250) delivered power at the top end that could leave larger bikes standing.

Too ride one of these bikes is an experience in itself. With, initially, little power until 6000rpm at which point the bike comes alive. This is due to the bike not having a power valve, like most modern two-strokes. Fortunately this keeps things entertaining but can catch out the unwary, especially when cornering in the wet! The cantilever rear suspension system with a single shock mounted, diagonally under the seat, was a race developed feature and means the bike handles well despite the front shocks being a little on the soft side.

Overall, the LC was and still is a great value bike for both performance and fun. If you're looking for something a bit different, find yourself one of these and enjoy!

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