Alfa Romeo Brera Review

Alfa Romeo Brera Review

It is increasingly common the presence in the automotive market of models with diesel engine, but with performance and technical characteristics typical of a sports car. This situation happens with the Alfa Romeo Brera 2.4 JTD 200 bhp, which also offers a design as an important argument in its seductive silhouette as well as on the carrier.

The Italian coupe is an ideal vehicle for driving enthusiasts. Allows constant approaches the sports segment, but does not offer the radical approach of other rival models like the BMW Z4. However, the vehicle trans offers something the others do not: a diesel engine for its sporty models.

Check out some of the features offered in this model, you may founf that this is the right car for you.

Exterior Design

In its front area, the front is full of personality. The Alfa Romeo emblem appears on a powerful and imposing triangular grid. The headlights have a sharp and aggressive appearance, denoting a degree of rebellion. These lights are made up of three approaches. In its first overview is that we can appreciate better the nature of this sports coupe. The silhouette shows a vehicle whose ultimate goal is to offer less resistance to air, and this is seen in a rear slightly higher than the front. In the side view, the wheel arches are bulky. At the rear, a discreet spoiler and a spectacular exit exhaust, which has four tubes (two double pipe). The rear lights. The alloy wheels have a size of 17 inches.

In the original bodywork of three doors, the ceiling may be wide, depending on the version. Inside, for electric control, we can implement or deploy a curtain to protect from the sun. As a good Italian car whether it is the means Brera design at its best.


In the design elements of the carrier, excel modernity and functionality. All panel controls are in extremely accessible to the driver. Furthermore, their identification is very comfortable and its placement is very clean and orderly. The chromed aluminum found in various parts of this area, a feature that gives a sporty and elegantly into the passenger compartment. Although technically and according to initial data for the Alfa Romeo Brera is internally configured as a 2+2 seating, it must be said that the two rear seats are not very large. One of the disadvantages that are often visible in a vehicle with the characteristics of Brera is the size of the boot. In the case of the Italian coupe is not the case, since its 300-liter is more than enough. This capacity can be increased twofold, 610 liters, if rear seats are slaughtered.

The available space in the rear is very fair. Despite the fact sheet indicate that four seats, actually not, because two adults of average height (about 1.70 meters) travel on board the Breda with great difficulty. Furthermore, the front seats offer great comfort and legroom is quite generous.


The beautiful Italian coupe mounted behind the well-known diesel engine 2386 cc, 200 hp and power that are also mounted in two other models of Alfa Romeo: Spider and the 159. This is a five-cylinder transverse engine online and linked to this, a manual gearbox six-speed. The output of 200 hp begin to show themselves in a serious way from 2000 rpm.

The best of the diesel engine, is found in chapter performance and consumption. A more than acceptable speed tip, an acceleration time from 0-100 km / h in just eight seconds (8.1 seconds to be exact) and real average consumption of 8.4 liters per 100 km, shown by high ratio between performance and consumption of diesel Brera.

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