Best Priced Cars below 4 lakh in India - New Maruti Alto vs Spark

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Below 4 lakhs price tag, which one is better Maruti Alto or Chevrolet Spark?


I own a November 2003 model Maruti Alto and my cousin brother has a Chevrolet Spark. Alto's advantage is fuel economy and ownership experience. As I am an Alto owner, please do not think that I will give all the credits to Alto. I will give both cars the credits they deserve.


Mileage difference between Spark and Alto is just 1 to 2 kilometers per liter max.

If a person is looking for a car at a price range of around 3 lakhs and is ready to sacrifice these 1 to 2 kilometers per liter for better comfort, handling, and more responsive engine, then Spark is an ideal choice. It also looks sporty as compared to Alto.


You take a tape and measure it. I did it for Alto and Spark. Outside length is same at 3495 mm. Width wise, the Spark is just 10 mm wide than Alto.


When it comes to inside look, Spark is more spacious when compared to Alto. Leg room is better than about 30 mm in Spark. That's all. Width wise, it has just 10 mm wide seats.


Spark with a clear advantage over Alto. No matter how peppy Alto's engine may be, Spark's unit is much more modern and more powerful and it shows.


Spark no doubt resembles the Daewoo Matiz closely but think over it world over, Alto has been replaced by Maruti A-Star while Spark still sells in current avatars everywhere.


Sparks' cab forward stance makes it more spacious inside than the Alto despite being marginally bigger from outside. The plastic quality again is miles ahead than the Alto.

Fuel Efficiency and Maintenance

Alto is a clear winner here and General Motors can only dream of matching the Maruti's after sales currently in India but it is not that bad a deal with Spark as you get excellent warranty options.


Alto again is an advantage here for people who sell their vehicle within 3 to 4 years, but not many people in India actually sell their vehicles within 5 years and so it does not make much a difference overall.

Cheap to Buy and Maintain

Alto is cheap to buy and cheap to run and maintain when compared to Spark and resale is also good. In this case, again Alto stands out as a clear winner which is confirmed by its sales figures in India.

General Motors Survey of Spark

Spark in metro cities provides a max of 12 kmpl. When a GM's survey in Delhi arrived a few months back, my brother filed a case in consumer forum regarding Spark's with A/C mileage, so in reply the company/service manger regional gave a petition that the figures they claim are on an average basis and depending upon traffic and driving conditions also which I guess may be one reason my brother is getting low mileage on his Spark.

My conclusion

At the end, I would say both cars cater to same category, so driving pleasure is at par as pickup timings and top speed do not matter in a car priced below 4 lakhs and the only thing is Spark has gas-filled shock absorbers which Alto does not have, so ride comes comfy for more technical stuff.

Another point is that Spark has harder suspensions than Alto, so on small potholes, Spark cannot glide as good as Alto which has softer suspension base but huge craters are an issue in alto which is not in Spark and that is what I felt when driving both of them.

Both Alto and Spark are no doubt good cars but that extra 40 k for Spark (I am comparing the Alto LXi and Spark LS) is not worth it.

I would like to say again that Alto's length matches Sparks at 3495 mm and the Spark is just wider by 20 mm. So space wise, there is nothing to compare, both match out and when it comes to equipment list, the only difference is that Spark LS has got the body-colored bumpers and power windows.

Of course, the Spark is more powerful @ 63 PS compared to the Alto's 47 PS, so if you think that you can spend that extra 40 k, then go for the Spark; otherwise, go for Alto and if a person is ready to spend for the Spark, then one can also consider the Santro Xing GL which comes at 3.36 lakhs and the Spark LS at 3.23 lakhs. Santro Xing is definitely a far-far better buy than the Chevrolet Spark.

Alto is the best

New Maruti Alto
New Maruti Alto
Maruti Alto economical car for middle class people for all your travel needs in the city and on highway
Maruti Alto economical car for middle class people for all your travel needs in the city and on highway
This is my favorite color of sexy Chevy Spark
This is my favorite color of sexy Chevy Spark
Chevrolet Spark
Chevrolet Spark
New eco friendly Alto car
New eco friendly Alto car

New Maruti Suzuki Alto

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Rakesh Thakur  7 years ago

One more great review and comparison on economical cars below 4-lakhs segment. I will go for Alto because of better mileage and the Maruti brand tag.

Raghu 7 years ago

Yes, better to buy the Alto...if you buy the Spark, you will be stuck two years down the line if GM closes its India service centers.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes, I have always been in favor of Maruti for buying a car and Alto is best in this segment.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Raghu thanks for visiting this hub. Please tell where you find these news that GM is in the process of closing its service centers in India. It would be really helpful for people who are stuck and confused between buying Maruti or Chevrolet cars.

Nitin 7 years ago

Now GM is bankrupt, so now u can expect it anytime

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes thanks Nitin. I have heard the news about General Motor's Bankruptcy.

Now it is possible as told by Raghu that we will be stuck two years down the line if GM closes its Indian Service Centers, so it is high time to buy Maruti cars....

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you Carazoo India for your valuabe input.

Wg Cdr (Retd) Ravi Bedi 7 years ago

I drove a new Alto in 2005 from Abohar (Punjab) to Bangalore to deliver it to my daughter. This, after having enjoyed, and loved, my beloved Cielo Executive for over five years. I felt as comfortable as any. Over the years my daughter has bashed it up a couple of times and driven it like a mad trucker in the pathetic traffic of Bangalore. It is full of dents and scatches, but still runs smoothly without any rattle. I recently did all the hills of south. Boy, this is one great car. I'd go for the latest version of Alto for her any day, with power steering -- that's the only thing I regret not having in the good old alto.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hello sir you have much more experience of life and many other things than me or any other person of my age. I respect your truthfulness and generosity by commenting over here your own thoughts. Yes even my wife bashed my old Alto 2003 model a few times but she is now trained . I have purchased my new car but I do not want to sell her and drive it sometimes to the market and nearby places. I have done all the trips on it to the North to Shimla, Vaishno Devi, Corbett, and even Manali and I know that she is just like my very good friend. Never troubled me. I am not in a mood of selling this great car. By the way, I also want to go for New Alto for me and give my new car to my wife for driving.

car lover 7 years ago

Alto versus Spark, nice review.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks friend.

hanmant 7 years ago

car is very good i really like it very much comportable for especially for small family.....itsA+5 star

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks for providing that rating hanmant. I agree with your opinion on this car.

Amit Arora 7 years ago

Guys, I too am a true fan of Alto, infact a maruti fan, been driving Alto vx for around a year now. Just love the drive .

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks a lot Amit for sharing your views on Maruti Alto.

Alto is cool, friendly, and has never given me any problem. I am owner of Alto since November 2003 and I do not want to sell my old car because of its wonderful mileage and its tension free maintainance.

Amit Arora 7 years ago

Thanks Soni, I just got another new Alto Xcite and drove around 300 kms, and just loving it again. Starting mileage is around 350 kms. / 1000 rs. of petrol( around rs. 44.72/liter) in Delhi city driving conditions.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks a great mileage Amit. 350 kilometers for just 1000 rupees of petrol is good though. As your Alto is new right now, its initial mileage is like this but after some time of using it, its mileage will also increase. Traffic conditions is Delhi are really bad but Alto runs well around the roads in Delhi. It's a real cool car.

Right now, your car is giving an average of 15.6 out of 22.36 liters. Its wintertime here in Delhi and you might not be using A/C. If it had been summertime, your Alto would have been giving an average of 14 after use of continuous air-conditioning, so what else a person shelling out 3.5 lacks for a top model wants from a car. The average is fine enough and I guarantee just like my old car which is giving an average of 16 right now, your car's average will also improve but it also depends on the maintainance of your car, as it is the key factor in assessing mileage parameters.

Amit Arora 7 years ago

Sure Soni, would keep the forum updated about the recent happenings with my Alto, i believe the mileage will improve after first service, till now I have not crossed speed of 65, let me check after the first service.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks a lot Amit for your updates on Maruti Alto, your new one. Yes I am pretty sure that mileage will definitely increase after first service. If you have not crossed speed of 65, it is really good. Keep doing that up until your first service. Best of luck and keep us updated.

pms prasad 7 years ago

I am a sr bank manager and made a survey indipendently and if the result of the survey advertised the car sales, of course all the cars market in the world will increase min 25% a year.if you want to know please call me 09676590049

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

That sounds really good PMS Prasad. I will definitely give you a call.

Dr Nitai 7 years ago

Alto ! ohah ! sexy - I like it. I hope also u will be satisfied with Alto.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes, I am really satisfied with my Alto as are my other friends who own Alto. Thanks Dr. Nitai for your visit and comments.

pradeep 7 years ago

I found A-star VXi a real value for Money. With it's 1000 cc engine its performance is quite good. Look wise its superb. After launch of A-star some of the cars are looking outdated in shpae. Being in a price competitive market,surely A-star is a value for money . Suits the young Indian crowd!

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes, one of my colleague has recently bought an A-Star. The looks are dashing and it certainly outdates other cars in its price range. Yes also it suits the Indian crowd. Good opinion Pradeep.

Waqas 7 years ago

First of all i would like to say, why are you comparing Alto Lxi with Spark LS.Better compare Lxi and Spark PS model, as both have got AC and Power Steering(LS is costlier just because of power windows).This way you'll come to know that the price difference is just Rs 10,000!!And i have read lot of comparisons between Spark and Zen Estilo where Spark is a clear winner.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks for giving that nice idea Waqas. I will compare them as advised by you.

Sahil bansla 6 years ago

Sir, i want to but maruti alto.

When will u launch this new alto shown in website.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hey Sahil, the new Maruti Alto has already launched back in April 2010 and it is interesting to note that they have not increased the price after adding 1 L K-series engine also. Maruti, what a brand I love it. Here are the prices for new Alto.

Price Of New Maruti Alto 2010 With K Series Engine

The price of New Alto Ex-showroom Delhi, metallic color are :

Price of Maruti ALTO LX BS IV (WITH IMMOBILISER)is Rs.263362.94

Price of Maruti ALTO LXI BS IV (WITH IMMOBILISER) is Rs.280871.07

Price of Maruti ALTO STD BS IV (WITH IMMOBILISER) is Rs.231989.50

earnestshub profile image

earnestshub 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

Very interesting comparisons. GMH really have some competition don't they?

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes they have earnestshub. Thanks for your comment and appreciation.

Vineet 6 years ago

Hi Mr. Soni, thanks for giving precious comments. As you have a sound knowledge of cars. I would appreciate if you advise me that what car should I buy in the range of below 5 Lakhs. As I recently got the job and I am 24 year old so plz suggest me those cars who matches with my personality.

Waiting for your valuable thought .


soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Vineet, I have written so many articles on cars below 5 lakhs. You just need to visit them and read. Best of luck for your new car. Waiting for your comments on my articles on below 5 lakhs Indian cars. Just scroll about this comment box and you will see two arrow keys displaying two titles. Now you can browse through them and visit more articles I have written.

Dr Dhiraj Kaveri (PT) 6 years ago

hi soni...

a very informative comparison between alto and spark...even i am having these two cars as options but as everyone says alto is the first choice...can you tell me why you said santro is better as compared to it only the price or something else...

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks a lot Dr. Kaveri. I said that Santro is better than Chevrolet due to several reasons:

1. Hyundai is the most trusted small car manufacturer after Maruti in India.

2. It is the second largest company having service centers in India.

3. Santro is specifically their best car ever in economical segment.

but not in any way Hyundai Santro is better than Maruti Alto.

Raman 6 years ago

I am planning to buy a new alto car in Bangalore. I enquired about Kseries engine(from Maruti) and they told me that the K series engine car is still in Testing

but your above comment says otherwise, that K series engine car are in market from April 2010.

Please suggest

Nikhilesh Srivastava 6 years ago

Hi Soni ji I m just looking for a better mileage&good performance car of 4 lakhs Rs which has Diesel engine. Plz help me 2 shortout dis matter.

ajay 6 years ago

spark is a worth invest with d deluxe look $ features at this price in comparision 2 alto.

Krishna 6 years ago

Hiii MR. SONY how r u? I m planning to buy a car but confused between HYUNDAI ACCENT AND VERNA please tell me which one to buy

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@Raman, I am really for that information. Alto K-series launch has been delayed by December 2010 or January 2011.

@Nikhilesh, just increase your amount a little bit and by Maruti Swift Diesel, the best diesel car right now.

@Ajay, Spark is always costly than Alto and what about the aftersales service and resale value of Chevrolet cars?

@Krishna, Hyundai Accent and Verna are of different segments. If you have more money to shell out, then buy top end Verna Crdi, the best in its class. Also I am saying this as Accent is already a decade old now.

harry 6 years ago

I don't agree to you wen u said that santro is not in comparison with alto.

I have driven both the cars amply.

First of all Santro's price is lil on a higher side but the comfort of driving, maneuvering, pick-up,interiors are far better than Alto.

On the mileage side santro is 2-3Kmpl down at max.

I had Santro earlier n city drive gave me the avg of 15-16 easily. Though avg depends alot on the way one drives.

And about service n stuff i don't think one has to think now coz santro is the next big segment in india after maruti.

You seems to b a lil biased towards maruti :)

Though ur this review was good n informative (spark vs Alto), thanks for it :)


h @rry

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Harry, thanks a lot for your feedback. Feedbacks helps us improve. Time has changed and everything is changing. I am not a die hard Maruti fan, I love Hyundai cars too mostly Accent and Verna but that's a different segment. I also know that Santro had been and is still really popular but whatever I thought good at that time to that person, I wrote it. Competitively, Alto does not come in front of Santro. Santro is a near match for Wagon R, a little bit bigger segment. Only due to mileage, Maruti's brand, and cheap spare parts, Alto is preferred. Also one more thing also has been a replacement for the previously highly popular 800 which has been phased out. What do you say Harry.

harry 6 years ago


yes u r correct.

I agree.

More car more competitions and more worth of the money a buyers puts into.

Earlier maruti had dominated and at present too but now things r changing slowly n steadily.

Have u reviewed Segment B cars like Figo, Punto etc.

Just wanted to know which is most suitable in the range of 4-5.5lac segment.


h @rry

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks Harry for your prompt reply. Yes I have reviewed Punto with Polo. Here is the link to that review:

Raman 6 years ago

Please provide your comments on ASTAR

Gaurav 6 years ago

Sony ji please give me full detail of zen estilo and most important about its mileage

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@Raman and Gaurav, thank you so much answering those questions. Actually I was thinking to write a new hub but I was confused between writing on several topics. I think now is the right time to write a review on Maruti A-Star versus Maruti Zen Estillo. Thanks for the nice ideas. I am starting to write and will publish the link over here when the article is ready.

Kannan 6 years ago

Hi Soni,

You are providing good information for fresh car buyers. Thank you for the same. I was planning to buy an alto Lxi, but as I came to know that the new K series Alto is launching shortly, I waited. Yesterday(Aug.4), we got all the spec on the Alto K10 and I got wondered on the new features and appealing looks. At last Maruti has done a good job. I think now only the game starts in this segment. Pls give us a review on Alto K10.

Liju 6 years ago

Hi, guys,

I do not know why the peoples go after Maruti Vehs. Really I am not a fan of any manufactures. Definitely Alto is a fuel efficient car in its segment that too within 3 lacs price tag. When I decided to purchase an entry level car within 3 to 3.50 lacs, most people advised me to buy Wagon R. I had three options, Wagon R, Spark and atlast Santro Xing. After carrying out test drive in three vehs. I opted Santro Xing. An amazing vehicle. Though it gave me 11-12 kms average initially, after 1st service at 900 kms, surprisingly it gives 16 kms average. In comparison with Wagon R and Spark it has following advantages and comforts. 1. Very Good maneovorability, feel very good comfort even after driving long distances, powerful AC, stylish interior. Though it gives low mileage, I prefer this veh than Wagon R and Spark. Wagon R still has poor plastics, hard gear transmission. Any how , it is upto your choice to buy which one. Before buying, one has to go for a test drive and satisfy himself that he would have no regrets later on. Best wishes

Venkatesh Warlu Naiud 6 years ago

I have an alto lx model purchased in the year 2008. I am really happy to own one. I have traveled long i got nearly 22 km / ltr. Hates off to Alto.

jomonkerala 6 years ago

hi soni,

please compare spark and alto k10. i want to buy a car below 4lkh. and i give importance to good suspension and good AC. pls help me

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@Kannan, Liju, Venkatesh, and Jomon Kerala, Alto K10 is a really great car. It is having the same engine that WagonR is having. K-series is another positive point. I am going to sell my old Alto and buy a new one. Alto still gives the best mileage in entry level cars. It's suspension and AC effectiveness is great. One problem is that don't buy Alto Lx model that comes without power windows and power steering because it's steering is really stiff. Buy Alto Lxi or Vxi K10.

jomonkerala 6 years ago

thanks soni..

Sunny 6 years ago

Dear Friends, How can we justify ourselves with K10 Lxi over Santro GL/GLS. The difference is around Rs.40000/- but when specs & features are compared, is it not worth considering Xing GL/GLS than Alto K10 Lxi? A frank opinion is expected

rahul 6 years ago

Hi there thanks for the nice reviews which will be of great help for the confused first time buyers like me. I am planning to buy new car. Plz give me some suggestions regarding 1) Between alto Lxi & K series which is the best bet? 2) Do we get any offers during Diwali? 3) what are the average expenses incurred for music,central locking & others? 4) Should i think of others like Santro/spark. Thanks in advance

alok kumar 6 years ago

i want to by a car suggest me between Alto K10 or spark which is better

Suri 6 years ago

suggest car within 4 lakhs ,could you please throw some light on i10

Sreejesh 6 years ago

Great! info for a first time car buyer. Sincere thanks.

jomon kerala 6 years ago

hi all,

the k10 is still the better choice than santro and spark. because the service cost is low and ofcourse k10 will give better milage than the other two. and if you are planning to buy a k10, then only go for vxi... (resale value matters, again suzuki is better choice.)

jitendra aswal 6 years ago

which is best car between alto k-10, santro and spark for hilly area also regarding ground clearance.pla let me know as soon as it is possible, i m going to by within 5 days.

Venkat 6 years ago

Hi, The comparison was great as well as the comments by others. Actually I have decided to go in for Alto by Jan 2011 (for new year make of course) But my doubt is whether I can go for old ALTO LXI or new Alto K10 because the cost difference is about 40+k. The dealer says the old Alto is likely to be phased out in about 2, 3 years time. Can you pl advise? Thanks.

anand 6 years ago

this is one of the best car to buy(alto) i bought it and i feel good bcoz it give all satsfaction which a middle class buyer wants to have

kranti aswajl 6 years ago

i wanna know abt alto k10 and spark, which will be the better choice,plz let me know.

Mahamood 6 years ago

After checking various things...I have decided for Spark over Alto K10, because of interior space, looks and 3 year maintenance package for Spark. Very little leg room for rear seat passengers in k10 and plastics used are really poor. I beleive Maruti would definitely consider this in their next versions of alto k10. Spark would give 2-3 km less in mileage, but seems a better choice. I was an Alto fan, but had to consider my family's comfort as well. If you are single or small family, Alto k10 would be fine. You cannot decide unless you feel the vehicle from inside..Test both of them :-) Good Luck.

Naveen 6 years ago

After 2 months of continious comparision of cars which range 3-4L, im going for Alto - K series Vxi, which i feel better than spark or any others in same segment.

Gourab kalita 6 years ago

If there is any question regarding highway performance based on comfort,mileage alto is much better than santro and is very funny to drive alto lxi in highways.just make a test drive in highways, you will know the truth.

Sunny 6 years ago

Hi ,i am from Indian born Australian,i wanna buy car for my family india,but i am still confuse,,plz help me Guys,whichone is Best Maruti's car or Spark???

sam 6 years ago


Don't compare Alto with Santro, they are different.

I have an alto lxi and santro xing. I feel that the comfort of Santro you cannot get in any other small car. Alto is good from the fuel economy pont of view, but santro is also not too bad.

prathap T 6 years ago

Yepeee..........I agre with u all....Alto LXI is my first car and i learnt driving with it, and i can't explain in words, how comfortable i felt, as a beginner.The car is awesome, and it's a part of my family now

kim 6 years ago

spark is better than altoK10

Shree 6 years ago

Nice comparison. Have been thinking of buying the Alto from its NRI website. Do you think the NRI price is a lot more compared to a regular showroom?


PRABHAT 5 years ago


SHRADDHA 5 years ago


Sridhar 5 years ago

Hey.....a ton of thanks to Mr. soni and other all for sharing their experiences....really iam in dilemma since 2 months to finalize the car (Alto K10 or Spark)....but now am decided to take alto k10 vxi.....thanks to all.....

sharma 5 years ago

I think that this comparison is quite healthy after this comparison my vote is quite clear to by an alto

sam shibu 5 years ago

Alto's model is already outdated, but Spark is not. Who buy car to sell after 2-3 years? Do people think about resale value before buying a car?

My spark is giving me 14.6 mileage (with and without A/c, I use A/C as and when required), even when I am a new driver, learned driving 1 month ago.

Frankly, Spark is superb, spacious, average mileage, good looking.... blah blah blah...

akanksha shukla 5 years ago

i want 2 buy alto k10...should i buy lxi or vxi model n wants to know d best car 2 buy in 3lakh to 4lakh range... plz..if u can help...thank u

Pravin Ukey 5 years ago

I am quite confused which car i should go for my choices are Hyundai i10 or swift new model.

bens 5 years ago

spark comfort is very good..particularly elderly peoples can easily be seated for which i bought spark.. mileage in cities depends purely on driving skills. riding in the highways between 70-80 will surely give you optimum mileage. both alto and spark got their own advantages and also setbacks. so the buyer has to decice which car to choose based on their requirement.. so people who bought spark don't regret.. don't depend on dealers all the time. educate yourself how to maintain your vehicle. that will save your vehicle from unnecessary downfalls. .. so be a happy washi !!!!

Raj 5 years ago

How much will the Alto cost with Gas conversion

Abhishek 5 years ago

spark more much better then alto

dr amit 5 years ago

i have heard that new alto k series is giving some odd problem is it true

profile image

cars2love 5 years ago

Hi Dr Amit.

Alto K10 is really good car to drive.In its segment you can not find any car to give such driving experience.

Engine is better in comparison to Alto Lxi and Spark.

The only thing comes when you FIT A CNG KIT.

I had listened to many of the customers who fitted the best CNG kit with good price from famous (NAAMCHIN)CNG Garage but you will get less mileage, less power than Petrol for sure but if you compare the pickup with a Alto LXI CNG fitted with K10 CNG fitted you will come to know, still As per the ALTO K10 Green you will be happy to know that its not that bad than an outside fitted (PERSONAL EXPERIENCE).

My cousin had a Alto LXI got a K10 and without CNG runs in PETROL you will be happy know that its giving a mileage of 19Km/L(verified) in fair traffic.

But he have a good case that he just travels 30km/day.

Not like us cheeking gals out and fun.

2nd Problem is gear seems lil hard than LXI and Spark but still manages to get fair as if you know Maruti cars except SWIFT and SK4 have bad gear box(as i did not use Kizashi yet).

3rd problem is Price but you getting better interiors with bit good seats and legrooms,and K series in pocket.

I you really wanna get this K10 buy K10 Green for better fuel economy and power to race. But DRIVE SAFE. Gals like if you ask them to wear SEAT BELTS As its shows YOU CARE....!!!!!

Spark - No

Alto LXI best if you like Pockets.

Alto K10 More Power less left with POCKETS.

akshay 5 years ago

I guess u uploaded the pic of BEAT thn SPARK with tag line " fav colour of sexy chevy spark) lol....

manoj k sharma 5 years ago

I am quite confused which car i should go for my choices are BEAT PETROL,EON,FIGO AND WAGNOR PETROL

S.Barath 5 years ago

hai soni:) i am planning to buy a car which will cost me below 5 preferences are MAHINDRA THAR n HONDA CITY.i don't worry about the mileage of d vehicle but my only conditions are low maintanance n powerful engine.please do help me by giving good ideas in choosing a car.:)

vsabbu 5 years ago

I've been using alto Lxi for the last three years and happy with that. I've crossed 80K km so far. Changed the clutch twice and some repairs for the suspension.Iam getting aroung 15km/ litre driving both within and outside the city.(I travel 80 KM a day)

The only issue could be the power. When you use AC, necessarily you have to shift gears.I presume that this is one of the reasons for the clutch wear.Service facility is better with maruti since they have dealers everywhere.

harjinder singh 4 years ago

hi...... i m planning for my first car in a range of 2.5-4 lacs , plz sugest some good options nd best out of it

naaz 4 years ago

ee gadi tu badi soni hain dil karda papi lelan

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 4 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Alto looks are outdated now and Maruti needs to bring out some different concept. But then also Alto's mileage is great and CNG conversion does not have a problem at all.

@naaz, kidi papi lena chande ho, gadi di ya kisi commenter di.

satish 3 years ago

sir i am confused to buy under 4 lakh car.. which is better for me..santro xing or spark ls or alto k10

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