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How to B.S. the car salesman......

Okay, I'm a woman in the market for a used car and I AM doing my research. However, I've been taken advantage of before by salesmen and mechanics because it seems obvious I am ignorant when it comes to the engine. I'd like to show up on a lot and confidently say, "Okay, Sir, Let's pop the hood" - I want to know what to look for, what questions to ask, or at least BS my way through it enough to get the "You ain't foolin' me" message across loud and clear. Unfortunately I don't have an anyone to accompany me. Do you have any suggestions?

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David R Bradley says

4 years ago
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    k12rswow 4 years ago

    Easier than that, tell the sales guy your cousin is in the hells angels and you want to take the car to the local boars head to have him and his buddies check it out.

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ackman1465 says

4 years ago
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