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Should Pubs, Bars, and Drinking Establishments be allowed to have parking spots at all?

Everyone has to park their vehicle; but why are they allowed to do so to merely consume alcoholic beverages, and then expect to drive immediately afterwards? Overnight and extended-hours parking should then be an option, to allow the drinkers to not get a parking ticket while they responsibly sober up to below the legal limit. What is a feasible solution for the obvious enabling of drinking drivers, "entrapment" by police, and to generally help all parties - Business, Patron, Driver, and the Public in the risk area of drinking establishments? SHOULD Bar Parking be banned altogether, or what?

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Faceless39 says

4 years ago
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    Timothy Donnelly 4 years ago

    I've been pulled over straightway after only visiting a local Pub to use their pay-phone. I've also seen police (when I used to drive a taxi) clean only "one" headlight or taillight of certain cars in Bar parking lots - for identification blocks away

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Timothy Donnelly says

4 years ago
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JThomp42 says

4 years ago
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