Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars
Hybrid Cars

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Hybrid Cars

What Are Hybrid Cars Really?

Hybrid cars are so called 'hybrid' because they use two or more distinct power sources to make the vehicle move. Commonly, the two sources would be the traditional gasoline, powered by an internal combustion engine, and the other electricity, utilized by an electric motor.

Hybrid cars are lauded for their environment friendly quality. Though most may be a bit pricier than their conventional counterparts, the reduction in its emission of greenhouse gasses and its lesser overall carbon footprint makes it worth of all the extra expenses, especially if you do care a lot for mother Earth.

There are many kinds of hybrid cars existing in the market nowadays. They range from the conventional ones to hybrid SUVs, heck even vans and mini trucks.

Hybrid Cars
Hybrid Cars

Umm..Are These Safe?

If it is safety you're wondering about, then these cars are as safe as conventional ones. Of course they include all the safety requirements for conventional and hybrids alike, and so this isn't a problem. Having an electric motor does not in any way affect the safety of the driver and passengers alike. If you're on doubt, then it'll be a good idea to take a look on the car's safety rating.

How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

Hybrid cars make use of both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. When you start it up, it fires up the combustion engine, after which the electric motor takes over and comes into action. The combustion engine goes into dormant mode, with all the electric motor doing the work until you reach about 30 mph.

So what controls which power source to use?

From with the car there is an installed computer system that automatically makes the decision what power source to use. When the car is on steady mode and less acceleration, the computer proceeds on using only the electric motor. On the other hand if the driver is more spirited and accelerates often, the computer utilizes the combustion engine along with electric power to deliver the kick needed for speeding up the car.

And where does the electric motor get all this electricity?

Hybrid cars use nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries to fuel its electric motors. Specialized systems are utilized to the batteries' recharge-discharge system, such that these batteries only discharge when said so by the car's computer and recharges by using the excess energy on the wheels during braking. Cool isn't it?

Hybrid Car Maintenance

Ok, It really is cool, but how's for maintenance?

Contrary to what you may think, hybrid cars are maintained essentially like what you do with conventional cars, with an advantage. Since the excess energy during braking is collected by the recharging system, it doesn't end up putting too much stress on your engine and brakes, hence reducing the wear-and-tear.

With regards to engine maintenance, you've got little to worry as manufacturers usually offer longer warranties (some even lifetime) to their hybrid cars. And since there are now more than 2 million hybrid cars in the United States alone, you will surely find a mechanic that knows these kinds of stuff. Surely mechanics have heard about some of the best hybrid cars around.

Being greener than conventional cars, hybrid cars should be in the spotlight for regular folks and enthusiasts alike as these would help build a greener future for all of us.

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