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Planning to buy a car, which will be a better choice Volkswagen Polo or Fiat Punto?

  • Fiat Grande Punto is very low in maintenance and spares are also on the cheaper side.
  • Volkswagen has assured that Polo will not be expensive to maintain.
  • Volkswagen Polo wins when look at build quality with 6 years anti-corrosion warranty.
  • Both cars have 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating.
  • Fiat Grande Punto wins hands down when you look at equipment level.
  • Volkswagen Polo misses out on automatic climate control, electronically adjustable mirrors, bluetooth enabled entertainment system, and so on.

If you see from my perspective, which obviously I would not impose on you, then both the cars will complement each other in the market rather than either of the two winning hands down. Earlier I had concerns and apprehensions about the maintenance cost of Polo but hearing the level of localization, VW has achieved for this I can say it should be easy on pocket to maintain. Engine wise, both the TDi (CRDi) and Multijet are capable small motors but the real to look out for engine is the TSi petrol in the Polo, which is new age, powerful, low on emissions and is reliable too unlike the MPi of the Fabia.

If you are only talking about the petrol based versions of both these car brands, not the high-end version like Punto 1.2 Petrol Active, Price 4.5 Lacs and VW Polo 1.2 Petrol Treandline, Price 4.8 Lacs, then I would say that you grab the Polo without any question because the engine in Polo is a TSi Petrol unit which is very new age unlike the old FIRE engine of the Punto plus the design of the Polo is very today, not that Punto looks dated but still Polo is fresh.

Fiat Grande Punto versus Volkswagen Polo vs Maruti Swift vs Ford Figo
Fiat Grande Punto versus Volkswagen Polo vs Maruti Swift vs Ford Figo

If your budget is maximum 4.2 lacs (+-20k as you told me in the email) and use of your car is limited to less than 1000 km per month, then go through two options mentioned below:

Option 1

If you want a good looking vehicle which gives you okay mileage and you are not really a driving centric person, I mean who does not give priority to driving pleasure and just wants a commuter vehicle, then you can easily grab Maruti Swift, Maruti Ritz, and Hyundai i10 in this budget. All are equally reliable and efficient. Don’t forget that the Maruti line up now has the K-Series engines and they are good enough at that price.

Option 2

If you are a driving centric person and like sturdiness and feel of a car, then I think stretch your budget a bit and buy Punto Active MJD or Volkswagen Polo Diesel. Both the cars are good engine wise and don't opt for petrol out of both Polo and Punto.

Happy motoring...

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paidwriter 6 years ago

punto is anyway better than polo.

polo will drain your pocket.

@soni2006 ,

a good article from you. i really love your articles about Indian automobiles.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you so much paidwriter for your appreciation about my articles and your view on buying Polo or Punto.

SK Ghosh 6 years ago

Its a nice article on buying guide of hatchback. May I know why do you think petrol version of Polo will drain more money than Diesel one?

In fact, in the bracket of 1000 km per month driving and likes comfort driving with my family. So, which one do you suggest for me?

James 6 years ago

Punto is easily better than the polo. Low maintanence, cheaper, and good fuel economy. Would definitely go for a Punto.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes Fiat Grande Punto is a great car. Thanks for your consideration.

Sugi 6 years ago

My driving is approximately 1000 km/month so i was about to opt for diesel variant i narrowed it down to polo comfortline and grande punto 90 bhp diesel which would you suggest me?

greg 6 years ago

hi soni.... which car shud i buy?? punto or polo... am geting confused................ am nt understanding,.. ma heart says punto.. bt litl confused, eith these both car... plz ................

add me google talk

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Sugi and Greg, you both can go for Grande Punto 90 BHP diesel.

Narmada 6 years ago

I test drove ritz, figo, indica vista, i felt Ritz has refined engine and performance is top notch. I am using Ritz for the past 2 months, what a superb suspension, mileage of 18 kmpl with AC on and driving is very easy with effortless steering. Go for Ritz.

greg 6 years ago

thnx.. does punto has re sale value????? coz i sale ma car aftr two years..... i hered punto noise ??

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

See Greg, if talking about India, Fiat cars have low resale value, but in UK, there is good value. I am not sure about the noise from Punto.

greg 6 years ago

i kno, fiat as low resale value in india.... so tats what i worried........

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Don't worry. Buy Polo or some other car.

greg 6 years ago

soni ma frnd, i love punto lot thn polo... problm, i want resale value.......

greg 6 years ago

yu thnk if i sale punto aftr two years, i get resale value for it..... yu thnk fiat gona transport all thier car's, spcly evo, abarth...

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

If you will sell off your Punto after 2 years, you will get at least 50% depreciation and aftersales service is really costly for Fiat cars in India and customer care system of Tata which owns Fiat India is still not well trained enough.

harry 6 years ago

Hii Soni, i went through your this review.

Tell me something.

Earlier we use to say if someone has atleast 30KM drive/day than only he/she should opt for diesel car (as the most cost u pay for diesel is offset by hw much u drive more) & diesel engines need regular grinding, means if u dont drive it much than they could give problem in long run.

So if my above statements are correct than how abt today's technology, does diesel engines still are same or irrespective of daily drive one can opt for any-petrol or diesel.



soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Harry, nowadays, due to advanced technology, diesel cars have totally changed. Previously we used to hear roaring sound from diesel engines like Tata Indica but now you can start Maruti Swift Vdi and compare it with Maruti Vxi of course with the engine on and you will feel very little difference whereas before the difference was too much, so according to me, today's technology has changed the previous scenario and it will keep improving year by year.

greg 6 years ago


and wot abt volswogen polo.. is tat hv resale value?????

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

VW Polo is a also a new car in India market and launched first car in this segment. It will be determined after at least 4 to 5 months that what will be the resale value. I don't think it will be too good.

greg 6 years ago

i ll go fr punto.1.3 mjd emotion.. it wil cost me 688000 on road with free insurance..i ll go fr punto, polo cant beat this hatch which colour looks hot??????

greg.. 6 years ago

i saw inerior looks good, afraid off poor plastic quality..tat is headach to me.. ,, blounpuk system is good???

Rahul 6 years ago

Hi Soni! Could u pls suggest me which car should I buy... Polo Trendline or Punto Dynamic or Swift VXI. which is the best car in all aspects

Daniel  6 years ago

Hi, The engin offered is not the 1.2 TSI its the HTP 1.2 the same as the Fabia its a 3 cylinder just that they have changed the crank-shaft. The mileage I am getting is 18-19 on the highway and 12-13 in the city.


Ashwin 6 years ago

I am looking to buy the Punto 1.2 Active , what do you think about that car , is the Polo base version any better ?

macro_life profile image

macro_life 6 years ago from India

When it comes to looks, Punto wins hands down, atleast for me. Both cars are great handlers. But the petrol engine in Polo is not a TSI, it is just a 3 pot unit. In my opinion , both cars lack good petrol engines, until we get the 1.6l Polo. In the after sales department, Fiat has a bad reputation and Polo is still in unknown territories. So make your decision wisely.

asif 6 years ago

hi soni i have heard that punto is coming with sports series ,so if u have any idea when it will get lounched n what will be the price.



Naresh 6 years ago


I am planning Punto Emotion Petrol 1.2L Version. I wont drive daily mostly in weekends and some times during weekdays..which is best car to buy ?. I am totally confused which own to buy.

Is Punto Emotion Petrol 1.2L Version best option to buy. I like looks very much....Please help me...

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@Greg, Rahul, Daniel, Ashwin, Asif, and Naresh, please follow the advice of macro_life regarding this.

Prasanth 6 years ago

yes, punto is the best car for indian roads compared to other cars

uday 6 years ago

hey suggest best petrol car (1.2L engine)options are,

i10, Chevrolet Beat, figo, punto,polo and Ritz

Nikhil 6 years ago

i m confused by ur blog... u sound like some promoter of punto.... cuz u seem to refering only punto diesel without any specification.....

U have mentioned above Not to go for petrol Why ?

i m looking for one of these cars (May be petrol) and really confused .... polo will give me better milege n alos it looks great and other specofocations are cool.

wat i think Punto 1.2 petrol will be more slugish then polo 1.2 petro cuz punto is more heavier then polo and generates less power comparing to Polo...

i could also go for diesel provided there is better reason then just usage .. my usage will be around 1100-1300 km per month.

please advice but with specification... thanks.

hirankr 6 years ago

Hello Nikhil, As many say its not true that Punto is sluggish. Its great to drive in midrange, you wont feel that its heavy, The drivability compared to other cars are great (the bhps of marutis are just in paper). If you are looking for a car for rallying Punto Petrol is not the car. Othrwise I would ssay the best among all the hatchbacks and this side of

Kirtan 5 years ago

Hi.I have booked my polo trendline 1.2 petrol and I am supposed to be getting it in march.I am in awe of this car.Solid build up and the average isnt that bad - 15.5 on highway with AC and 12 in city with AC on..Wot is bad? First oil change and maintenance costs Rs4500 (oil change+filters change and labor and all)...but this is after 15000 kms or 1 year,wotever first..I am FOR this car.Buyer in dilemma about Polo versus other cars,go for this one cause this is Volkswagen

tharian koshy 5 years ago

which car is maintanence free? its Fiat Grande Punto Dynamic 1.3 diesel or Volkswagen Polo Comfortline diesel or Maruti Suzuki Swift VDi BS4 diesel.

ROBIN 5 years ago

I intend to Buy POLO 1.2L Comfortline (Petrol).Is it a good decision or should I go for i20.

Please suggest with justifications.

Abhijack 5 years ago

hello soni...

i'm planning to buy a hatch back diesel,

confused between punto and polo.

i rip a lot.

which of them will win d race

shailesh umate 5 years ago

hi can u suggest me that first time user should go for petrol car or diesel car?

TARUN MEHTA 5 years ago

i would like to buy Punto Active Maltijet as my traveling is 70kms i have taken test drive of high end 90BHP punto and i fell in love with Car but i am still confused as Punto less seen on the rod plz advice

jithu 5 years ago

wat about the new swift 2011 model.

Naveen 5 years ago

I had a dream to buy a best car and will be among first time users and my options are (Swift / Punto / Polo / new Honda Brio / Toyota Etios )

First priority for Mileage

second but important is comfort

Third is Looks

Kindly suggest me the best car

preetham 5 years ago

respected sir ,

im totally confused when thought to buy a hatchback i finally concluded from five cars in my mind to two. those two are FIAT GRANDE 1.4EMOTION PACK FIRE PETROL and VOLKSWAGON POLO.Please advise me to a which one to opt as comparing on all aspects plsss waiting for ur reply....

Harshad Hinge 5 years ago

Hi, m just informing u tat m going with the punto 1.2 active. fully satisfied with it. :)

SGhosh 5 years ago

Hi!All experts...

I want to buy a petrol hatch.I am confused between Punto,Polo,Fabia & Swift.I would drive around 600-700kms per month only.

I would require a car which got strong body,good engine,comfortable seats,good handling,good ride,low maintainance and descent fuel economy.I would use it until it reaches scrap value!!

SGhosh 5 years ago

Hi!All experts...

I want to buy a petrol hatch.I am confused between Punto,Polo,Fabia & Swift.I would drive around 600-700kms per month only.

I would require a car which got strong body,good engine,comfortable seats,good handling,good ride,low maintainance and descent fuel economy.I would use it until it reaches scrap value!!

harish 5 years ago

punto 90hp is really good car. excellent driving pleasure - no strain even after 4-5hrs drive. 20kmpl with ac at 22c in highways. i am using from last 8 months and driven 9500kms. fiat can defineltly improve on interior quality fit and finish, but still interior desing is good. harish 9632223315

Ankit 5 years ago

Hi, I'm planning to buy a Punto Diesel Emotion. I test drive the car, and found the car to be pretty good.

I'm trying to work out a deal with a dealer, but the dealer is not ready to offer anything other than whats offered by Fiat(Insurance+5K cash disc)this is mentioned on the Fiat Punto website too. Need help in understanding what can I expect from the dealer.

Thanks in advance

Pundit 5 years ago

I am trying to buy a used Punto, 100000 Km mileage. Is advisable to go ahead?

Paras MD 5 years ago

Hi Soni,

Based on all blog trails, I would like to tell you that I have bought a new Active MJD Punto last month (Oct 2011) and happy to have it as of now but is very much disappointed that it does not come with Central locking system (manual) by default. Now searched through out Gurgaon & Delhi aftermarket, could not find Punto Central Locking (Remote system) any where. The sales guy even did not tell me the same else could have negotiated at that point as it comes INR 8500 and only in Fiat showrooms. Please suggest the cheapest way as 8500/- is very much on the higher side for me on spending only on Central Locking system.



hira 5 years ago

hi i want to buy a car and i am confused between toyota yaris and volkswagen golf, which one shall i buy ???

Tejas S Shah 5 years ago

punto is any way better than polo, maruti swift in diesel version, punto 90hp is very good on highway/very sturdy/good looks.

naman 5 years ago

i like polo as this is my dream car

aditya bishnoi 4 years ago

I20 is more better car then punto,polo,swift,figo buy i20

leodurgesh 4 years ago

Hello Soni,

I want to purchase a new car [Diesel] i have Punto and Figo in my mind and want your guidance, my budget is 5.5 lac maximum.

My daily run is approx 40 kms, i want to have a car with good mileage, low maintainence and having integrated power windows & power windows.

It would be nice to have your expert advice....

thanks in advance

Aman 4 years ago

Unlike swift,all three polo,Fabia and Punto have strong structure .I own one and half year old Fabia and a Punto !I am very happy with the low maintainance Skoda Fabia!Mileage in our fully congested traffic: 14 km/lit. With AC and 19 km/hr with AC highway!

Punto is better for mileage 15 Kms per litre with AC in same contested traffic and 20 on highways!

But Fiat service is not that sophisticated!Fabia had got a small crash from backside but skoda guys did good repair job whereas my Punto faced with an rear crash accident due to approaching drunken driver !And even though I sent my Punto to Fiat factory,the car repair work was definately of low standards!And the rubbery door sealing is comming out near the place of crash!

However,strong structural Quality of Punto saved our lifes An I10 comming at speed of 150 Kms/ hr collided the rear of our car!Luckily we were saved because of good quality strong metal used and larger dickey than Swift!Had I purchased Micra or renault new small car or Swift or Honda Jazz Or Honda's new baby ,No body at back might have saved!

My advice will be "Don't ever go for those cheap japanesse unsafe cars,Punto is good car but go for polo if you want good service,a bit expensive though!Although Punto has much better ride Quality and better suspension and more spaciousness"

Aman 4 years ago

Never go for Swift,It's metal body structure is of low Quality and will not save in side or rear crash!

Some one had one doubt,if you opt for high end Emotion option pack Punto ,the car will come with central locking,dual airbags ,E.B.D and A.B.S

I purchased the Punto 3 -4 months before the new 2012 model launched but punto's music system is not good at all!One side speaker is vibrating badly and the bass is not bass that you need for enjoying music ,whereas the sound Quality of Fabia and Polo speakers is great,simply mind blowing!The advantage of Punto is good Bluetooth system!

Although,New Fabia model does not come with rear wipers ,the old version I have came with rear wipers and heating mirrors!

the polo and Punto come with rear wipers which are very essential!

So clear winner is Polo !second choice is Punto!

Remember we were saved due to rear structural strength of Punto ,polo has the same strength!swift couldn't have saved us!

Aman 4 years ago

Forgot to mention,both cars I own are diesel!Both cars make less engine noise but Punto is much much better than Fabia in sound insulation,both from road and engine!

Nik 4 years ago


Aman is close friend of mine!Aman told me that he already had a comfortable Fabia car for long drives with enough 315 litres of boot space!He is using Fabia for his college!His father's office was near house but beacause of office shifting,his father had to buy a new car!

So basically Aman's dad wanted a small car easily manuvarable in conjested city traffic with good mileage!They would have gone for Subsatndard Alto or nano,for 1-2 Lakhs!

But they bought Emotion pack Punto:The reason -Safety mostly than anything else-Sadly the Punto got involved in rear crash accident!

And the 6.5 Lakhs spent additional for safety paid back!

The truth is heavy tax!Govt. of India thinks nonsense that safety is liuxury !Even good Quality 8 airbags and strong structure is luxury in india ,but not in developed countries !

Nik 4 years ago

To dear leodurgesh,

Ford figo's qualiaides also as bad as swift,it's a made for India car,but why not wait for Ford's Fiesta Hatchback:It's very strong car,excellent mileage in Europe,excellent safety,excellent looks,good sportiness .I don't know about ford service Quality,but people say ford service is good!

Consider Ford fiesta Hatchback,may be launching soon.

Aman 4 years ago

Thanks for the advice,unlike the bad quality figo,Fiesta hatchback should have really strong structure.Its worth waiting for Fiesta hatchback.The all new fiesta 2012 sedan launched in India ,has excellent quality but overpriced:I would rather consider Vento or linea,because of the pricing.

If ford wants to be in market,it should price the fiesta hatch sensibly in India.The old fiesta was of very bad Quality!weak structure!The New fiesta is a surprising improvement over Quality!The new fiesta's structure is made of totally different alloy or metal or whatever!The new model is launched allmost in every country!

However,we are only expecting or guessing Ford's next launch!There is no official news that fiesta hatchback will be launched!

amansanat profile image

amansanat 4 years ago from Bangalore, India

Hi this is Aman,now as a member of the website.

Good news:It seems that Skoda has added Defoger and rear wash and wiper system now to the new version of Fabia (It was not available on the new version initially) ,so considering my experience with maintainance issues of Fiat and Value for money proposition,Skoda Fabia new version is really a good deal.

Nik 4 years ago

Aman,you told me also that since skoda has added Defoger and rear wiper whose misingness has bothered you regarding highway night time safety during rain,now you think,Skoda Fabia is the best buy ,which has low maintainance and high strength and road stability.You also have old version Fabia which actually is low maintainace and strong vehicle.

Your service experience with Fiat is too bad and hence as value for money proposition,Fabia wins according to you.Am I right?

amansanat profile image

amansanat 4 years ago from Bangalore, India

Absolutely right.actually Polo is my first choice,but still consider the value for money proposition and the Fabia wins!

Low maintainace and reliability is what skoda is about!

amansanat profile image

amansanat 4 years ago from Bangalore, India

And after my sluggish experience with Fiat,I think,I should have waited Skoda to add wipers and washer system as I expected and bought the new version skoda Fabia instead of Punto.

After very sluggish Experience with Fiat,untill any improvement from Fiat service side,I decide better I don't buy any fiat product in future,even though Linea 2012 has amazing useful safety features like rain sensors and automatic headlamps.

If I were to buy linea,I will buy rapid or Vento instead,even a bit costlier and with slightly lesser features.

German Fan 4 years ago

Sonu,which one is good according to you?

Polo,Fabia OR Punto

Or probably may be upcoming Fiesta hatch?

Other hatchbacks in India as of now are really not preferable.Etios is overpriced with bad Slugish structural strength.

Dhaval 2 years ago

Aman and Nik are the same person working for Skoda or something. WTF man.

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