Car Engine Performance Tips and Alternatives

ECU remap or engine tuning box is not available for petrol car engines less than 1500 cc. In fact, tuning box is also not available for petrol car engines. It is only meant for diesel car engines but still you have a few tips available:

Spark Plugs Replacement

This is the basic upgradation as you can switch to Iridium spark plugs, as they generate stronger and more consistent current and improve the combustion so less pollution, more smooth and consistent idling, and better performance though hardly noticeable.

 Air filter Change

A free flow air filter will not only increase the performance by 0.1 to 2 seconds, but it will also enhance engine smoothness feel and increase the engine life too as more pure air means less stress on critical engine parts. Also, free flow filters have real long life and don’t need early replacement.

Tuning Performance Exhaust

A properly tuned exhaust can do wonders for your car. It will not only improve the exhaust note (making it deeper sounding), it will also reduce 0.3 to 4 seconds from 0 to 100 timing. If you also match a good exhaust with a properly tuned header, you will feel serious improvement in engine performance.

So above are the basic tips you can do to get more torque, power, and engine performance. If still you are not satisfied and need more power, petrol has many other choices like lighter camshafts, ECU remap, polished cylinder heads, turbo/super charging, and NOS.

But one sad thing and it is that none of these engine modifications can be done on a 1.2 liter engine as it will not be able to handle the extremely supercharged power.


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Revo Remapping 5 years ago

Good hub, interesting points raised.

This hub highlights the steps you need to take if you have a car below a 1500cc petrol. Above this, well there is always the revo remapping. Apart from the initial outlay, the remaps will increase your cars power, torque, responsiveness and flexibility without it impacting on the cars fuel economy. Here in the UK, the fuel is increasing rapidly so the remaps do carry a lot of of benefits.

Thank you for reading

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 5 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Fuel rates are increasing everywhere friend. By the way, thanks for your comment.

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