Shopping for a car


Shopping for a car, is at best difficult. You feel like you are going into battle to get the best deal for you:on he other hand the car dealers are oi to sell and make money for the dealership.

You are two diametricly opposed fractions.

The way for you to get the best deal, is for you to be prepared before you leave home.

You should know what type of care you want. Do you want a compact? A sUV? A luxery car?

It is also in your best interest to have a good idea of style, color, brand of car and most importanily price.

Do your homework online, if possible. Don;t just go to a neighborhood dealer, research the dealer. Call the Better Business Bureau. You can also talk to friends neighbors and co-wokers who have recently purchased a vehicle. Ask where they went, and if they were happy with the service/ Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool. If your Neighbor had problems, discuss what they were so you are aware of the circumstances before you go to the dealer.

Most dealers have websites now, You can shop their site from home:this way you know if they have anything on the lot you ae interested in.

After your research on the dealer, you are ready to search for financing.

Most people feel that going to the dealer for financing is the best option, but anything you save on your car will be lost in the finance office.

Dealer financing can be more expensive the regualr finacing, it is best for you to go to your local bank or credit union. This way your interest rates will be lower, you know exactly how much you have to spend, and there is less risks of hidden cost added to the financing paperwork.

Car dealers will often deal with banks in other states, if you go through a local bank your money is helping your community.

You have now completed your esearch on the car, and you have your financing, you are now ready to go to the dealer and purchase your car!

Remember Car Dealers have their own agenda, its their job to move cars.

But, unfortunetly, sometimes they are not as above board as they could be.

Hidden costs, such as dealer prep can add as much as $500 dollars or more to your financing and with interest it extends the life of your loan almost 6 months.

Car Dealers Handbook, tells you wht to look out for in your negotions with the dealer.

It will tell you what to expect, so you are prepared to counter any offer that comes your way.

Knowledge is Power

Do your homework before going to the dealer.
Do your homework before going to the dealer.
Make sure you check your Carfax report
Make sure you check your Carfax report
Dealers have an agenda all their own.
Dealers have an agenda all their own.


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