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Cheap Tyres

Maintaining your car can be pretty expensive, especially the tyres because they can be worn out within only a few months. Perhaps this is the reason why many opt for second-hand tyres which are barely used, as this would help them save a lot. However, buying used tyres isn't actually the only solution to save up with maintenance costs, as there are also other techniques.

Car Maintenance Saving Tips

Listed below are some of the common techniques that will surely allow you to save in your car maintenance costs.

  • Always check up your tyre pressure and inflation. Tyres deflate regularly, and so they need to be checked every once in a while. It's always important to remember that both under inflated and over inflated tires wear out faster (under inflated tires will additionally ramp up your gas costs. Checking once every two-three months should do it. Also, remember the pressure needed every time. You may need to consult with your mechanic about this.
  • Rotate your tyres. Tyres are like shoes, you need to get them to rest before using them again at some point. Unlike shoes however, which are recommended to be rotated at least every other day, tyres are recommended for rotation every 5,000 miles or 8,000km. If you can use two sets (one at a time) for rotation, it's better. If you have only one set however, what you'll need to do is to change the back wheels to the front and vice versa. Doing so would even out the tear.
  • The tread depth. Since you're using it for conventional ride and not for motor racing, avoid bald, slick tyres. Most tyres nowadays come with their own tread wear bars to check them regularly. If the tread is already too low, then it's about time to replace the tyres. I think this feature depends though, as I saw these on cheap tyres in Sydney but not in other places.

Cheap tyres in Sydney
Cheap tyres in Sydney

Cheap Tyre Buying Tips

When it's finally the time to buy a new one, it can be hard to choose and decide. Lucky you, as I've got some tips for your next tyre purchase.

  • Do your homework. Do a little research in your neighborhood, or in the internet. There may be specialty shops that offer deals for tyres around your area. You should also browse the net, as there are businesses that offer nationwide deals such as this site.
  • Read reviews. You can find a lot of them. Forums, blogs, or review sites. Most of the time, these reviews provide you with the most accurate information as possible with what to expect with a company's products or a certain shop's services. Don't fully depend on them though because sometimes they can be a bit bias.
  • Overall cheap doesn't mean low quality. Though some may be low quality, not all of it are. So keep away from the mentality that cheap = LQ. If you're buying used, second hand tyres, be sure to discuss the mileage that tyre was used, or how old it is. These two factors are probably the most important ones.

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