Considerations For Choosing Right Generators

Choosing the right generator

The average person thinks of generators as backup in a storm or an electrical outage. However, generators are used for both prime and backup. We are here to share relevant information regarding generators and their use. Backup generators are used only when the electrical source for utility power is not available. Prime generators are the continuous source of power.

Whether you use a prime or backup generator will determine specific steps you need to take when acquiring one. It is very important to note that a professional should always install a generator. The importance of this cannot be underestimated because of the codes and regulations that need to be followed for proper installation.

Portable generators

Portable generators are often chosen for homes in the case of electrical shortages. However, stationary power sources are good choices and alleviate the need to move them in an emergency. You will also have to decide whether you want gas fuel - natural or propane - or diesel fuel. There are modern diesels available that are quieter and much easier to maintain than gas ones.

When looking to purchase a generator

There are several things that must be reviewed when looking to purchase a generator. These things include the engine block, air or liquid cooling, mufflers, lubrication, the electrical system and circuit breakers to name a few. The generator end is what makes it give electricity, so this is important as well. All of these things are important but specifics are available based on size.

Size is a very valuable and significant element when choosing a generator. It is the most critical thing because if a generator is too small or too large, it ceases to function properly. A generator that is too small will not last. Usage will cause smoking and damage to the equipment. One that is too large will cause excess carbon to stack and will use more fuel than necessary. This will undoubtedly lead to failure.

Motor starting loads

Motor starting loads are additional elements that make a difference in the generator chosen. Starting loads require more wattage than running loads by three. This can cause difficulty in starting certain equipment like air conditioners, compressors or freezers. The proper electrical systems and circuit breakers are really important for correct operation as well as a proper shutdown system to protect the generator.

Information about the generator that you need

We are here to provide specific information about the generator that you need. We specialize in generators and the specific needs that they are built to meet. There are various elements that must be considered in choosing generators. Factors such as high altitude and air temperature can make a difference in the operation of your generator.

Professional installation of generators

As mentioned above, professional installation of generators is necessary to make sure that proper codes and regulations are followed. The areas of importance for installation include the location, the exhaust system, the fuel system, AC connections, transfer switches, switchgear and mounting, whether the installation is indoors or outdoors. All of these elements are significant and are part of the training and education professionals receive. We offer quality support and information for you to choose the generator that will meet your specific needs.

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crockpotcooking profile image

crockpotcooking 4 years ago

How much power (Watts) is sufficient to power an average household (4 persons)?

Sometimes I think about getting a diesel or bio-fuel generator to power household appliances, from time to time, to save on electricity bills.

Would it be efficient?

Thank you

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