Ferrari 4x4

Ferrari 4x4

The latest model from the renowned Italian brand Ferrari, the FF 4×4, an acronym for "four seats, four wheel drive" was launched at the Geneva Motor Show at the start of March, having delighted the eyes of thousands of car aficionados.

This motor show is held annually during the month of March, and is the most prestigious European showcase when it comes to new releases of the most prestigious brands, Ferrari is not an exception, decided to dazzle the world with their new "machine".

The Italian car manufacturer and super high competition sports cars, decided to break with tradition that has prevailed since 1929, the year of the founding of the Scuderia of Enzo Ferrari, and has launched a totally different model from all sports cars that the high yield brand delighted us in the last century. Keeping the horse symbol Earl Garner, a former Italian Air Force pilot and national hero who kept a prancing horse painted on his plane during air fights.

Ferrari, now owned by the Fiat group, gives us a model that seeks to serve passion for sports cars with high yield, in a more conniving and updated way, trying to create a true family car, thus giving the chance to buy a Ferrari for those who love speed, also can use as a family car. The back like a minivan, since the design lines to the trunk, and the traditional sport front of Ferrari, this new model intends to conquer kids and adults around the world, thus opening new doors for Ferrari and drivers.

As the brand reported on its online site, "... is not an evolution but a revolution!". This new model is especially surprising because it is the first Ferrari with 4 wheel drive, thus paving the choice for the lead wherever your Ferrari goes, from off-road to the snow. A model that aims to break with the past and focus on a vehicle with a level without comparison, uncannily sports and with a guarantee of incredible high performance and versatility, not to mention outstanding comfort and sophisticated elegance, providing guarantees of a singe experience ride on the road for the driver and passengers.

With a direct injection engine with 6.262 cc, producing 660 hp at 8,000 rpm, and a box with a dual-clutch transaxle F1, it can dazzle us with impressive acceleration guaranteed from 0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. This dual clutch allows a fantastic response from the gearbox, reducing the time-shifting clutch, in everything similar to high competition Ferraris in Formula 1.

The handling is superbly sensitive because of the power-weight ratio of 2.7 kg/hp, and the same weight distribution results in total enjoyment of feats that property owners can take advantage of the FF.

The new Ferrari Four has a new 4x4 system called 4RM, about 50% lighter than a traditional 4×4 system. The weight is distributed almost perfectly with 53% on the rear axle. Traction 4×4 was chosen for improved security and performance of the car on the road, while offering a more enhanced acceleration. A new damping magnetorheological system called SCM3 was developed for the car, which will also be equipped with brakes, as standard, carbon/ceramic, the most advanced braking system today.

This new model also offers us an excellent standard of passenger space, comfort, and equipment in unprecedented high-performance cars and can comfortably accommodate four people plus luggage, thanks to greater cabin space and luggage capacity, which has 460 liters of space and could reach 800 with the rear seats folded.

With this release, Ferrari definitely starts in the "family" car market, hoping as always, the overall success.

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