Follow up Story-To the Ford Mustang Boss 302

Ford Mustang Boss 302
Ford Mustang Boss 302


For those of you who read my article The Ford Mustang Boss 302, well by golly Mike got that doggone car! Yep, and I was the first to hear about it. So, I drove over to my sister’s house and there it was, sitting in the driveway! I started walking up towards the house when Mike came out wearing this Cheshire Cat grin, throwing the keys at me saying, “Now you’re going to get the experience of driving a REAL car!”

I got into the drivers seat with my heart beating rather rapidly. Ok, I thought to myself, I can’t let my sister’s husband see me shaking, not after I made fun of him like I did. I placed the key in the ignition and barely turned it, when the engine gave out this mighty roar. Ok, my hands started shaking, for crying out loud the most I’ve driven was a 4 cylinder!

Mike must have noticed my hands shaking for he immediately said, “How about if I drive?” As he started reaching for the handle I said, “Hell no, you can’t place me in the driver’s seat then take it away! Let me get the hang of this!” I looked down on the floor and said, “Is this what they call 6 on the floor?” Mike gave me this look of panic and said, “Dear God, what have I done?” As he started franticly reaching for the door handle, the car was in reverse and off we went. Yes, there was a woman at the helm of a Ford Mustang Boss 302, yeehaaw!

“Don’t do this, don’t do that…“ Ah, shut up! I was the master of the road now and nobody was going to steal this moment from me! I never drove a car with so much power, and such great ease, it truly was an adrenaline rush. We had a couple near mishaps, like when I started merging on the expressway…etc. But all in all, the Ford Mustang 302 is OUTSTANDING, and not only for men.

As we drove back into the driveway, I looked over at Mike and he looked green, I mean like lime green. “Are you ok? I mean, you look like you’re hyperventilating?” He just turned his head, looked out his car window, and said, “Give me the keys.”

Mike immediately wanted to wash the car, for crying out loud I didn’t kick up that much dirt!

All in all, The Ford Mustang 302 is a dynamic, outrageous, outstanding, POWERFUL car, definitely the car of the year.


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