Honda Portable Generators For Sale

The Products segment Force Honda brings two novelties to the public using the service engine power generators for home use or professional. These are the new versions of generators of the U.S. series and EP, which feed ash units of TV's, provide energy for domestic power tools and have great utility in pleasure, camping, or fishing sites. In these applications, the EP series is also recommended for service providers to maintain the electricity network, sewerage, telephone, among others.

The EU 20i generator reaches the market as an alternative power series of intermediate U.S., with proposals to complement the line formed by U.S. versions 10i (1 kVA) and U.S. 30i (3 kVA) and meet consumer expectations that needs an easy and convenient way to get electricity in different situations.

With maximum power and long battery 2kVA, the portable generator has the technology "Inverter (Inverter sine waves), which provides food and electronic equipment sensitive to fluctuations in voltage and frequency.

Please be quiet and have insulation that reduces noise and improves the motor control is ideal for use in urban environments, offices, homes and apartment hall and offices. Moreover, the device incorporates "Eco-Throttle" automatically responsible for controlling the engine speed. When triggered, the rotation remains at idle and increases according to the load. This system ensures 20 to 40% fuel economy and therefore greater autonomy at work with this portable generators.

Honda Portable Generators For Sale
Honda Portable Generators For Sale

Single portable generator that allows double its power with parallel operation, through a special connection cable (sold separately) quickly and easily by connecting two units of the U.S. 20i (EU20 = 2 x 4 kVA).

With the objective of providing a choice of models EP 2500CX (2.5 kVA) and EP 6500CX (6.5 kVA), Honda launches the generator EP 5000CX (5 kVA). Silent and economical, the equipment has great autonomy due to the size of the fuel tank (25 liters). It also has automatic voltage control (AVR) - which stabilizes load fluctuations - fuel gauge, battery charger and output bivolt (110V / 220V).

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