How to Wash a Car

How to Wash a Car

Wash your own car is a good way to save some money and leave it clean and beautiful. You can clean your car manually or automatically. If you're planning to do it manually, you have to prepare some tools to completely remove the dirt and get good results. Before you begin, have in hands a brush, soap, hose, sponges, rags, bucket and maybe a wax for polish.

Remember that it is best to wear old clothes because your clothes are sure to become dirty. Remember the importance of washing and rinsing one side at a time of the car because the soapy water dries very quickly and can stain. Also make sure that all the things that you will use to clean your car are clean of debris and other particles. When everything is ready, simply follow our step-by-step:

  • Close all doors and windows. Turn the sound if you want.
  • You can find a covered or shaded area to start washing the car. Why a covered area? It is to avoid the falling of leaves and other debris while you work and the hot sun does not dry quickly the soapy water.
  • Use the hose to throw away all the dirt, especially in the area of the roof.
  • Pour the soap into the bucket and mix with water.
  • Squirt water in the car with the hose to water it. It will be easier to clean.

  • Use a sponge to thoroughly clean your car. Wash all parts thoroughly to remove dirt from your car. Do not forget to rinse the sponge a few times to avoid the accumulation of dirt and debris.
  • Clean the tires using a brush to remove dirt. Squirt the hose with water to remove dirt and soap completely.
  • After cleaning all parts, throw water all over the car to make sure that there was no place without rinsing and give the final polish.
  • Use automotive wax on your car to let a look bright and clean.

If you do not have enough time to do it yourself, you can also go through a car wash. You can save your time, especially if you have one near where you live. But anyway, here is our lessons for you to know how to wash your car yourself, which can be economical and fun. You can still call family or friends to help you in this task!

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