With the (Series 2) Skyline introduced in the R33 ,the drivers air bags came out standard fit in 1996 but with the other models they had only been options untill this time, as well as the passenger side airbags remained an option.

Also changed was the ignition system no longer located on the cam covers it was change in anyway. The Series 2 brought a few changes like headlights and the grill were tapered down plus the grill was shorter, the bonnet had some edges changed to fit the new headights and small changes to the front bumper to match the lower edges of the all new headlights .Much later models of the R33 11 had an Active-LSD fitted and that made them a very fun car around corners.replaced with better ignition coils and master ECU. One poor thing was the turbo it was changed to a nylon compressor wheel of all things.

In the time of the R33 there were quite a few body changes on the outside with the styled lights and some aftermartket bodykits, but the chassis and body did not

The R33 stopped production in late March 1998 with the making of the 40th Anniversary R33 Series 2.

check out the pic below of the great nissan skyline R33 for auto transport .


R33 GTR turbo

The R33 was came out in 1995 as the newer, and better then R32 model that so many had gotten to know well. With the new engine in the R33 that was almost the same as the old R32. It also came out with the same turbochargers, and just about the same gearbox , but the syncros are a lot stronger in the R33.

The newer engine had the weak oil pump fixed to stop it from failing in higher RPM. The 2.6 engine had mechanical advance fited on the intake camshaft and made better torque. All that gear in the R33 GT-R weight in at just over 1540kg.

Wtih the QLD laws changing all the time we now have lots of imports around here, In sunny queensland one car yard owner was close selling 100 cars a year ! Just think about that just one car yard with all the skylines coming into AU there will soon be lots of cars and we hope to get even cheaper nissan skyline...

This makes buying a Skyline the best sports car you can buy for the low cost right now.

There are many websites with skyline for sale check around and see what the best deal you can get is you will be happy once your driving one!.

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Justin 9 years ago

I would like to test drive nissan skyline, but unfortunetly there no sucha cars available where I live - eastern europe, but one day I will test drive it :)

david 9 years ago

man im thinking of buying a nissan skyline like the one in that pic.. but does any come with out turbo im 17.. i got 14k to spend ona caR..

nissan-skyline 9 years ago Author

yeah they come with out turbos as well your all good $14 will get you a good non turbo one

lina saied 9 years ago

i bought a nissan skyline r33 1995 model i converted it from manual to automatic will it cause any problems in the long run due to the change?

nissan-skyline 9 years ago Author

no as long as you have had it tuned since the change to auto, and use the correct fuild for the auto everything should be fine :)

Mac???? profile image

Mac???? 9 years ago

skylines have no doubtedly created more hype than just about any other import out there, but arent there other cars that have more or less the same performance if not better, for less money? not to mention much better availability. none-the-less i'd love to get my hands on a skyline.

nissan-skyline 9 years ago Author

yes there is a few other cars such as supras twin turboa and WRX 4 wheel drive turbos both cars are also good ..comes down to what you like i guess

bad z 9 years ago

dddfc must drive a diesel with that comment either that or has been beaten buy one to many times

Brooke Barnett profile image

Brooke Barnett 8 years ago from San Diego, CA

I just sold my Supra last year to buy a r34 Nissan Skyline GTR. Due to some unexpected delays I still have not recieved the car. I have been able to drive a few in the United States and Japan and they are incredible cars. I am looking forward to the release of the 2009 GTR in the United States.

nissan-skyline 8 years ago Author

hey that sounds nice we have a few r34's here in town very nice car ...congrats

ariff 8 years ago

why skyline cant go for a long top speed

nissan-skyline 8 years ago Author

they can for a while ...over all they are built with low diff gears in turn that makes for more engine revs ...they can still do a great top speed holding there for a long time comes down to how well the motor was built

Diego 8 years ago

TO DAVID: 14 K will get you a car but definetly not a Skyline and most likely not a new car either

nissan-skyline 8 years ago Author

Diego..... mine cost me $16k its the white one in the pic above here in AU skylines are very cheap now

Doepke 8 years ago

where can I buy Skyline R34 front bumbers from?

nissan-skyline 8 years ago Author

Doepke what part of the world are you in ?

Harry 8 years ago

I'm looking to get a Skyline in October but am stuck between taking a £4k loan to upgrade to the r33 gtr or just stick to the gts. Is the traction difference between the 2 and 4 wheel drive versions (and the extra power) likely to be worth it in the long run or shall I look to upgrade to a gtr a couple of years down the line?

Harry 8 years ago

Just a follow on question to that... How do you find the traction in your skyline? (looks like a gts, is that right?)

nissan-skyline 8 years ago Author

Harry mine has upgrade turbo and will spin the wheels all the way through the top of 2nd gear and the tyers are 255s on the back the wheel drive i have driven a lot of them they have no wheel spin you can leave the line at 8000rpm just awesome mine had the same hp as a gtr i drove but the torque is much more in the gtr from the 2.6l motor even though it had the same hp as mine ...hope that helps

Harry 8 years ago

Sounds like ou have yourself a beast! I was referring also to the ability to corner at speed without it losing traction with all the power. Does yours handle well?

Do you have the HICAS system?

nissan-skyline 8 years ago Author

oh yes mine has coil over shocks and strut braces it handles very well thru corners you should have no worries there

Cj 8 years ago

i have 20k to spend on buying a skyline... but only problem im in America Nebraska and... no one around here sells skylines... anyone selling thats around here.... can message me at

Jon 8 years ago

i bought mine here in Okinawa, Japan for $3,000. VERY NICE CAR!!

marcel 8 years ago

hey i just got a skyline r33 with stock turbo but i want 2 take out the turbo can i do that? would it damage the motor

nissan-skyline 8 years ago Author

yeah best not to talk the turbo off tho wont like it that much ...and its a bit of work to

R33:D 8 years ago

Hey, nice car. ive loved skylines for ages :) Now its illegal for me to drive a turbo one. Now before you start calling me and idiot etc, like evryone else. i want to buy an r33 gtst, over the gts (non turbo) beacause it has 5 stud hub, not 4 liek gts, stronger sway bars, stronger frame, bigger breaks, stronger g-box. the list goes on. now i was thinking... de-turboing..yes i know...stupid but :P (now b4 u judge just role with me) the parts im gunna buy for this areN/a EXhaust manifold (if it dosnt meet exaust pipe get custom piping made)Piping form airbox to inlet( maybe air box off n/a model too)And if the car dosnt run well ill get a n/a stock computerso yeah, after all that i would get it tuned (i know mechanics) so would she be right :)Lol thx

KC 8 years ago

I live in New York state and i love coming up on my 16th b-day ive driven cars from acuras to civics preludes 5.0 mustangs maximas neons and so on but ive loved skylines since i was 8 and seen it at a car show.....Ik i just cant go to any Joe Shmo used car dealership like in 2 fast 2 furious and buy one i know about the whole JDM EDM or any other country Domestic Marketing.....But people make it seem so complicated/impossible to get one to the U.S if i can get a base price of the car and legalization for U.S on a 95 GTR Turbo Please Please Please E-Mail me at Thank you for your time and help.

bushking 7 years ago

Hi, can anyone tell me if any of the 1993 r33 gts25t manual 4 door skylines ever come out with 4 stud hubs. i was looking at one to buy . I thought all the turbo models had 5 stud hubs. dont want to end up with a dodgy car, any info would be most helpfull , Cheers.

97 R33 GTS-T 7 years ago

to all those guys and girls thinking of buying a skyline wether its a GTS-T or GTR...i say go for it...they are the best Value for money sports car out there...very good performance and sleek looks...although here in Australia they are everywhere...and are so cheap...i have a 97 series 2 R33 and its worth about 12k with some mods added to it...

alex 7 years ago

whre can i find a 1999 or 2001 skyline good enough to build on

dylan 4 years ago

im from australia. i bought my GTR for 12k with only 68,000km on the dial. heaps of mods to imaculate condition. were are you guys from?

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    michael  8 years ago

    im turnign six teen soo and would love to save up to get a skyline where can you buy them near indiana willing to travel within the U.S.

    Grant 7 years ago

    hey i just bought a non turbo series two 1996 skyline and i was wondering are all skylines this model rear wheel drives or four wheel?

    nissan-skyline 7 years ago Author

    they are mostly rear wheel unless they are a GTR then they are 4 wheel drive

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