Reasons to Buy New Maruti Alto 2010 with K-Series Engine

There was a time when the Indian roads had only Ambassadors and Fiats to choose from and we were more than happy with those cars. Now, the scenario on Indian roads has changed rapidly and we have a lot of choices, especially in the small cars segment. I can still remember those days when my uncle brought the first Maruti 800 some 20 years back while I was a kid. We enjoyed the smooth handling of that small cute car comparing with our old heavy Ambassador and now the time has changed and latest technology cars have arrived. These new cars are equipped with latest fuel efficient and low emission engines and Maruti is one and only brand which has some place in the heart of every car buyer in India. After the extreme success of Maruti cars including Wagon R, Swift, Ritz, and Alto in India, Maruti has come up with new 1L K-series engine for all its brands. As the Ritz is new, it already has that engine. All other new car models are being loaded with this engine but all this is available at an escalated price and it is there because this new engines provides better mileage and less pollution which are both benefits for any car owner.

New Suzuki Alto K10 Launched on August 4th 2010
New Suzuki Alto K10 Launched on August 4th 2010
New Maruti Alto with K-series engine Bharat stage IV
New Maruti Alto with K-series engine Bharat stage IV

Price Hike of approximately 40000 INR for New Maruti Alto 2010 with K-Series Engine - This is a 1000 cc car. The old Alto is 800 cc.

But you will be surprised to know that Maruti has come up with New Alto 2010 with K-Series Engine at a price hike of 40000 Indian rupees than what it was selling up until July 2010. Yes you heard it right. Your one and only Alto is now following Bharat Stage IV norms at an increased price but it is really worth your money. Now read below some reasons to buy New Maruti Alto 2010 with K‑Series Engine. I have provided these reasons basically to select Alto over its competitors keeping in mind fuel efficiency and price. In my opinion, Alto is one of the best small cars in its segment.

Most fuel efficient car in India after 800
Most fuel efficient car in India after 800

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Official Commercial Video

Release pics of Alto 2010 BS IV dashboard
Release pics of Alto 2010 BS IV dashboard

Why buy New Maruti Alto BS IV K-Series - 1000 cc?

  • Most economical car after Maruti 800 in India.
  • Small size - Easy to handle, drive, and park in busy roads of India.
  • Damn good mileage- My Alto 800 cc gives me 19 km/pl on highways and 15 km/pl in city traffic but New Alto will give at least 20.2 km/pl in AC. This is a really great thing. No one can beat Alto in mileage now.
  • Comes from Maruti, the most trusted car manufacturer in India regarding after sales service.
  • Very low maintenance cost.
  • Very stable on highways, even at 100+ speeds.
  • Powerful A/C
  • Best after sales service.
  • Proportionate interiors
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Better resale value.
  • Maruti’s reliability and brand name.
  • 3 lakh price tag.
  • Suitable for a small family
  • Value for money.
  • Only 40000 INR price hike in newer models equipped with latest norms and accessories. According to Maruti, ex-showroom price of New Alto 2010 is 3.03 lacs to 3.16 lacs. The on-road price will come somewhere around 3.5 lacs after addition of road tax, insurance, and other things.
  • The interior of new Alto is better than its previous versions.
  • The exterior and outer appearance has also changed.
  • New Alto is coming with very comfortable and smooth cable gear shift mechanism and user-friendly steering.
  • Now you don't need to open the window of your Alto and set the rear view mirror as you can do it from inside in the New Alto 2010. This function is known as ORVMS full form outer rear view mirror.
  • Your new Alto goes from 0 to 100 in only 13.3 seconds. vrooooooom...
  • The New Alto will beat all its competitors including but not limited to Chevrolet Spark.

I think after reading all the reasons above, you must be really interested in buying New Alto with K-series . Best of luck for the purchase of your most economical Indian car after 800.

Best Mileage New Alto 2010
Best Mileage New Alto 2010
Alto - A complete small family economical car
Alto - A complete small family economical car

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vinod 6 years ago


soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes it is available now Vinod. Go to the Maruti alto website and check price.

Mahesh 6 years ago

Guys ,

Alto is now upgraded to BS IV with small changes in the old 796 cc MPFI engine but its NOT THE K-SERIES ENGINE which is used in A star ,Estillo or Wagon R . There are plans of upgrading but as of now its not available ,

there would be a defenite hike in price if Alto is equipped with 1 liter k series engine ,if its launched in the same price then maruti would be killing sales of the other cars with the same engine like estillo wagon r and a star

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Mahesh but then how Maruti is claiming to have launched Alto with K-series engine. I agree with some of your points and don't agree with the part where you say that "Maruti will be killing sales of other cars with the same engine if Alto is launched at same price with K-series" Brother Alto has a 796 cc engine and WagonR and others have more than that. A person looking out to buy WagonR will always buy it rather than buying Alto because of many other factors like more boot space, etc. plus all are having the K-series engines, not only Alto.

Rismayanti profile image

Rismayanti 6 years ago from Tropical Island

wish get it 1

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks for your expression Rismayanti.

akhil khare 6 years ago


soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

I don't know if its selling in Gujrat or not. Why should the dealers will hide that??

Ranjit 6 years ago

Alto with K10 engine will be priced between (2.75 - 3.25 Lacs) and avaibale in Sept /oct 2010. It will have new name, a all together a new car. Not alto. Because current alto is already upgrdaed to VS-IV with same price range (2.28-2.80)

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks Ranjit for the latest update on release of New Maruti Alto 2010 with K-series engine.

rajesh 6 years ago

when its available in delhi the alto k sereies

vishnu 6 years ago

I found your suggestions very informative pal.

had a query for you- which would be a better buy--Alto or Wagon R. Considering that mileage and maintenance is an issue.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@rajesh, Alto with K-series will be released in september or october 2010. Best of luck.

@vishnu, Alto and WagonR both are great cars and maintenance is mostly same but if you are worried about mileage more, buy Alto for maximum mileage. Best of luck.

webtraffic enhanced 6 years ago


New alto with 3 cylinder k series engine will be launched on august.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

That's great but from where you have got these news.

Bhaskar.S 6 years ago

i am planning to buy the alto..what would be the price difference between the existing lxi model and the one with k-series engine??

pramod agrawal 6 years ago

maruti is honesty beleable co."suzuki naam hi kaafi hai"

sameerk profile image

sameerk 6 years ago from India

thanks for ur info

hi 6 years ago

i seeing two new alto first one is alto looks like a star and other is alto k10 are both launching ?

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@Bhaskar, Pramod, Sameer, and Hi, I have updated this article loaded with latest information on New Alto 2010. Sorry friends, we all were wrong, Alto got released yesterday, August 4th, 2010 and according to the news, there is already a waiting of 1 year to purchase the car.

sportsbun 6 years ago

Maruti Suzuki India has launched a new version of its most popular model Maruti Alto. The new Maruti Alto K10 will come equipped with the company's most popular 1.0L, K10 engine. The company has launched two variants of Maruti Alto K10 – Alto K10 LXI and Alto K10 VXI that will be priced at Rs 3.03 lakh and Rs 3.16 lakh.

Bhaskar.S 6 years ago

new alto looks exciting,worthy to purchase.....

only issue with me is regarding the height factor,wish if it would have been a little taller...

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@Bhaskar, then you can opt for New Swift K10.

Bhaskar.S 6 years ago

if i have to select between alto lxi and spark 1.0 Ls, which is a better pick?

my first car so ltl aprehensive!

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Between Alto Lxi and Spark, I will prefer Alto Lxi and buy the latest model. It has the same engine that WagonR is having. Also, you can wait a bit for CNG fitted Alto directly from the company.

Mukesh 6 years ago



This cng kit fitted from maruti its good for us but what is advantage fitted from maruti if will buy i how i m safe in k 10 alto ? becouse this is very comman topic cng kit is blast in many places in delhi/ncr so what is new tecnology in this kit if cng kit get fired than what is advantage as customer as safety point of view ????

SS Dadhwal 6 years ago

Pl confirm for me whether Alto k10 car new models are comfortably provided with Electric Power Steering or it is still Hydraulic power steering.

rithesh 6 years ago

hiii soni plz help me out...whisch one shall i go for??alto k 10 or second hand wagonr??

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 5 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hello Mukesh, yes I have also heard and even seen gas kit fitted cars carrying fire but for your information, these cars contain local fraud gas kits, either CNG or LPG which get fire. Most Italian CNG kits and company fitted CNG kits don't carry this risk. It is best to go for a company fitted CNG kit like Maruti is selling.

@SS Dadhwal, Alto K10 VXI steering type is electronic and not hydraulic like you find in Santro Xing.

@Ritesh, anyone should go for a new car, as at least it will not give you problems for coming 3 to 4 years whereas second hard cars can give problems right from the purchase date.

Best of luck.

samarth 5 years ago

should i get alto k10 vxi with lpg kit?

cars2love 5 years ago

Hi swangchan

Let me tell you I have 3 SWIFT in my family...

1. Swift ZDI

3. SWIFT VDI (2)

All are from a same Showroom But in common circle we have 14 different Swift after your Post we checked all of them they all are Originals...

The manager of the showroom also have the same stuff so he laughed at the freaking story...

Let me tell you I think you might have been cheated by your car vendor as Maruti can not do this its a legal stuff if I am not wrong...ok

And ya all checked they were from different showrooms even different STATES Across India...

I love my VDI for best drive experience I haven't got in more expensive cars.....So dats all go and ask your car provider he is cheater...

And ya If you dont like maruti then me too for worst interiors and bad gear box...

But man if the story of the movie is bad how can an actor make it it overcome a do not slang the actor...Sing the song you liked and go away...

No hard feelings But you are cheated by you CAR Provider...

swangchan 5 years ago

caution! caution! caution! caution!

sir,there are two maruti suzuki companies in india. first is original.

second is local.but car bodies are same.but engines are differ. if you want to know the truth ,you check your car engine. there is inprint suzuki name on the engine that is original maruti suzuki car. at the same time there is no inprint suzuki name that is local or fake engine.that is called local car. remember it . you tell your friends also.

Ancy 5 years ago

Thank you...

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 5 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hello cars2love, nice answer to Swangchan's story.

Raj 5 years ago


I am planning to purchase Alto K10 in Dec. Could you pls tell me if Maruti people provide me warranty if I get CNG fitted on to it. Another thing is how far is it safe to get CNG fitted from outside Service people ? Because Maruti is not providing CNG in the Alto K10.

Please also let me know if Maruti is planning to release Alto K10 CNG somewhere around, so that I can wait for some more time.

Advance Thanks for the suggestions.

chandra shekhar 5 years ago

Alto K10 is useless car for Indian & specially for bihar road, due to its oil chamber made up of aluminium aloy.

swang 5 years ago

dear friends don't buy the maruti serial car . because this company makes local cars with out suzuki company.mind it please. maruti suzuki cars suzuki engine fixed. maruti makes locar car it has local engine.if you want to buy maruti car first check car it suzuki or local engine.thanking you.

carazoocarz 5 years ago

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 has got phenomenal fuel economy, tight turning radius and responsive steering with atractive cost of ownership

carazoocarz 5 years ago

Prathmesh 4 years ago

@Raj Maruti is not going to launch Alto K10 CNG version because the reason they have provided that it will make it more costly which will hit the wagon R price hence ppl will not buy K10.

My suggestion to you go for Alto VXI green its originally fitted with CNG from the company. you will get 2 years maruti warranty on the car too.

bipin rane, goa 4 years ago

I heard dat swift has 2 machine one frm suzuki n one frm fiat, is it true ?

hitesh borawat 4 years ago

sir i want to buy a new alto car. i have two option alto and alto k10. tell me sir which one is the best in LPG ges kit and what is difference in both car milege and performeance. which one is the best in milege and performeance. please fast replai sir. thank you

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