Placement is Important to Get Parts Clean

A custom rack for cleaning air filter has inserts to adapt for narrow filters. An extra spray bar through the center allows the spray to hit inside surfaces

In order for jet spray cleaning to be effective, the aqueous solution must be able to make contact or at least flood the contaminated surface. For this to occur consistently during the wash cycle, special parts placement may be necessary. This can be accomplished by means of custom racks or parts trees. Spray bars, in the center of the wash cabinet, may be needed to allow the cleaning of areas that cannot be reached with the bars mounted in the corners of the cabinet (most common configuration).

Continuous cleaning offered by a conveyor style belt washer poses a challenge with parts that must be oriented properly for cleaning, drainage or drying. At times, it may be possible to add fixtures to the belt to obtain proper part positioning. Special baskets will need to be designed when belt fixturing is not feasible. Basket loading usually needs to be done manually which increases the cleaning cost.

Working with parts washer engineers to design the best possible parts positioning is time well spent and can go a long way towards meeting cleaning standards and production goals. Please contact us for assistance in your process development. For more information and help, please visit our website.


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