Useful tips to maintain your motorcycle in a good condition

Hub Question: Give me some tips on motorcycle cleaning and maintenance

My Answer: Some useful tips to maintain your motorcycle in a good condition so as to achieve optimum performance


Check your bike's tire pressure.

See that your bike's idling is not too high (suggested 1400 or 1300).

Get your carb retuned for mileage.

Do not exceed 4000 rpm.

For high speed riding:

Use K&N high performance air filters.

Get your carb retuned, ask for performance (mileage drastically reduces).

Shift gears @ 8500 rpm

Shift your bike's first gear @ 9000 rpm.

Up-jetting also helps.

Use different spark plugs.

For long life of your bike's engine:

Change engine oils at regular intervals (2000 to 2500 kilometers).

Never over rev your RPM going at high-speeds continuously, as it damages your bike's engine.

Never shift your bike from fifth gear to first gear instantaneously because it screws up your piston rings.

Never use bomber silencers or HRC"S because they damage your bike's engine.


Change your bike's fork oil once in every 12000 kilometers.

Check sprockets and replace them if necessary (wear out limit 40000 kilometers).

Get your bike's brake pads replaced (front) if screeching sound persists, as sometimes it happens due to lack of oil also.

Get your bike's taphead adjusted if necessary, get your exhaust cleaned if too much of carbon is present.

Get the bike's rims checked, it gets bent easily on Indian roads.


Never use soap oil because it gradually fades the tank and other parts (use it only for rim and chain case).

Always use shampoo on the tank and visor and the other plastic parts.

Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, try parking your bike near some shade because it becomes dull if exposed to frequent sunlight.

More general points to remember:

Check the engine oil level weekly.

Keep adequate amount of petrol in bike (Use reserve petrol as less as possible).

Keep clutch, brakes, accelerator cables properly lubricated and in proper strength.

Maintain appropriate air pressure in tires as noted above.

Use a common petrol at all time (if speed then only speed , nothing else).

Maintain a speed of 40 to 60 kilometers.

Do not accelerate harshly and brake rashly.

Check bike for leakage of fuel or oil wastage.

Do not load the vehicle beyond its capacity.

Do not park the bike in excessive hot conditions as color of bike shades away and causes severe damage to digital meter as noted above.

All the bike needs during the first 1000 kilometers is smooth throttle operation

Just avoid increasing or decreasing the throttle in a rapid fashion.

I had touched 100 on my bike even before the first service and it did not harm but it increased the smoothness of the engine and the engine is still butter smooth after 15 months of its lifetime.

But I had never subjected the bike to rapid ups and downs during the first 2500 kilometers

Also do warming up in winter mornings.

If your bike has kick, then always begin your day with a kick-start.

Avoid water in your digital speedometer.

Apply brakes and gear change less and use when required.

Ride in 45 to 50 kilometers per hour, as it is economic fuel savings range when your bike engine is new.

Change engine oil when your bike completes first 700 kilometers (first service).

Use Shell Super/Speed/Xtra premium/Power petrol

If you have some other tips, please let me know in the comments.

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Tarzan 7 years ago

How often do we change a bikes chain?

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

If your bike's chain is never lubed or cleaned, then it should be changed at 750 miles but you can easily get several thousand miles out of a bike's chain if it is taken care of well. If you are looking to replace your cassette, it usually lasts a couple of chains unless or until you are waiting too long to change the chain. Then, the new chain will not mesh well with your old bike's cassette and you have to get bike's chain to skip on same cog and it may also cause jumping' of gears which in general terms is said chain skipping between the cogs.

For the chain wear tool, you can remove the chain and lay it out flat. Then, simply place one ruler next to it so zero lines up with any pin but keep in mind that the 12 inch mark on your ruler must have a pin next to it. If the pin is farther than 12-1/8", it means that the chain is stretched and is too much worn off. This procedure works out with most bike's chains and when you purchase a new chain, you will find this type of info usually in instruction booklet that is included in your new motorcycle chain kit.

dieseldodge09 profile image

dieseldodge09 7 years ago from Texas

great hub good information. I always try to keep my dirt bike in good running order if it is sitting i usually start it every other day and let it warm up. I never let it sit for longer than a week with out starting it.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

That's a very good tip to maintain your dirt bike in a good condition and always ready to rock. Keep up the good work dieseldodge09.

profile image

andy26 7 years ago

never accelerate your bike right after you have just start it alow few minutes before accelerate or drive it to ensure that all moving parts has fully lubricated. It wil help to prevent metal to metal contact and it prolongs the life of your engine

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks for writing up that incredible comment Andy. I will note it down and apply it for my bike's maintenance.

Bomzaa 5 years ago

hehehe Thank you guyz.. for the wonderful tips you've all given... very much appreciated!!

alwynjoshy 5 years ago

after 2nd service can we drive our bike accelerate harshly

jitendra 5 years ago

the speed of your normal 100 or 150cc bikes. is maintain in fuel efficient (40 and 50 above)...

suresh choudhary 5 years ago

having kick and self both in my bike, what should i use in first morning

Dev 5 years ago


Loden 5 years ago

While applying break at high speed apply full rear break and hit and go front break to save your break pad ,engine and yourself.

Prabhu Chinnaiyan 5 years ago

How to ride a bike for first 2000 Km, and what the max speed to attain in between.bcoz my friends telling that don't cross 50 km for first 2000, I bought a honda unicorn

yash 5 years ago

what is fuel filter of bike. i heard that one should change engine oil and fuel filter, what's that?

pradeep.A.R 5 years ago

Simply super information,it has wrapped with all most all information about maintenance....

Chanu Khandelwal 5 years ago

very nice and useful information .. thanks !!1

gundus 5 years ago

Do not use engine oil in bike,use coconut oil for better efficiency

gundus 5 years ago


deepak 4 years ago


deepak 4 years ago

keep ride max. as max before 1st service b,coz it keeps ur bike's engine better and fastest like racing bikes...u can run the max speed upto 100-130 before 1st service and after 2nd service at 9500 rpm.....

baba 4 years ago

do not cross 100 kmph during first 1000 kms as he did cause it will fuk ur engine cause when the engine is new friction in the engine is more and engine becomes hot and if u run hard it will decrease the effeciency of the piston

Wariz 4 years ago

I love this information

Matt 4 years ago

Thanks for the tips! The only thing is is that I would never get to ride the bike if I followed all these. there ate just too many. XD

abhi 4 years ago

should i use speed or normal petrol

kumar 4 years ago

When i start and ride the bike it is running smoothly for some distance only (1 to 2 KMs) after that i feel some roughness in the running of the engine. please give me a tip for smoother riding.

vinayak 4 years ago

i have apache 160 and few months back i replaced the damaged spark plug and fixed the new one. But the new spark plug is of victor is there any problem for using that...?

Mohan 4 years ago

im having Apache rtr 180 ABS i feel the engine is making noise while speed up raising 60 and above as well as pls give me tips to correcting this.,

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 4 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you so much for sharing your tips friends.

rahul 4 years ago


i have read all the tips to make sure your bike long life yaa its a really usefull tips.

Chris 4 years ago

useful tips.. i park my bike in hot chennai sun.. damn.. my organization doesn't provide me covered parking :-(

Aman 4 years ago

really useful!!!!!!!!!

Aman 4 years ago

if i ride on my bike (hero honda splender plus ) at 20-25 kmph.(too low speed, what will be average of my bike?

vij 4 years ago

thanks for your tips, it really helped me

profile image

buntynimje 4 years ago

To read the correct mileage of your vehicle, always keep the speedometer in healthy condition. Calibrate your speedometer with the milestones on highway. If the kilometer read by speedometer is less than the actual mileage. it gives an indication that gear and pinion reading the meter are worn out due to tear and wear. It needs replacement after every 15000 to 20,000 kilometers. Meter cable also needs replacement whenever required.

kuttu 4 years ago

It's said that we are not supposed to drive beyond 40kmph before first service.Why is it said so.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 3 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

To maintain better efficiency throughout life, it is advisable to do so.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 3 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hello Bunty, thanks for the addition of this useful info on speedometer maintenance.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 3 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

I am glad that these tips helped you Vij.

DON 3 years ago


HONDA 3 years ago



HONDA 3 years ago


sam 3 years ago

hi i m planing to buy a bike 150 cc ...

i was driving a 110 cc passion pro .during long run f 18 km one way i maintain a speed of 40 to 50 and some times 60 whn required to change lane or overtake vehicle in next lane for saftey from vehicles from behind.

and at such speed passions engine sound rises deliberately and the same happens when i try to maintain the speed of 40-50 in a flat straight road and it feels like i m trying to drive the engine harshly

i want to know weather its happening only to me or is there something wrong that i m doing

pls help me

for this reason i m planing to opt for a 150 cc bike as 40-50 is the range i follow while biking i don't rash drive and i m a bit on the heavier side so i thought that if i want to maintain my speed and avoid irritatind and scary engine sound i ll opt for a better power delivering bike is this a good idea is is there any alternative

viraj 3 years ago

i have honda unicorn it is igiving me 40 km average, shud i flush engine to increase average

pavan 3 years ago

what is the max.speed of the bike before 1st servicing

jay 2 years ago

Which spark plug is used after 15000 kilometer for my Apache rtr 160 hyper edge

Tarun 2 years ago

How frequently should we give our bike to service ?

Ajay Mathur 2 years ago

How to maintain Girlfriend

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