Top 5 Brands of Tires

Here I have tried to give you a snapshot of the major car tire models from major car tyre manufacturers across the globe. The model range I am giving starts from the top model from top and goes to the basic. Speed rating has also been mentioned for a standard size of 205/55/R15

Yokohama ADVAN

There are various models in this series depending on their application.

Z (240+)

S Drive V (240)

A Drive H (210)

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Y (300) and Pilot Sport 2/3

Though these models mentioned above are not available in 15 inch and 205 size, so we have taken the most basic width and shortest size for reference.

Pilot Preceda 2 V (240)

Pilot Primacy LC V (240)

XM1 / XM1+ H (210)

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric Y (300)

Again, this tyre mentioned above does not come in 15 inch so we have taken the base model

Eagle F1 GSD3 V (240)

Excellence V (240)

Assurance H (210)

Famous brands of tires
Famous brands of tires

Bridgestone Adrenaline Potenza re001 W (270)

Again this tire mentioned above does not come in 15 inch so we will taken the base models Potenza RE 050 V (240) and Potenza G-III H (210)

Apollo Aspire W (270) but not available in 15 inches again so we will take Accelere Sportz V (240) and Accelere H (210)

So above are top 5 brands of tires and the major manufacturers available in India but speed ratings given are for 205/55/R15 only and may increase or decrease depending on width and rim size and also speed rating is a symbol of speed handling ability of a tire and it does not represent the quality and performance of a tire.

Like an Apollo Accelere with H speed rating cannot match the grip and braking performance of a Yokohama A drive with H rating in your car.

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