Unbiased Review of Maruti Swift VXI VDI K Series

After writing a lot about which Swift car to buy and comparing VXi or VDi in my previous hub, I thought to share my unbiased review of this Maruti car with Swift lovers. Though both VXI and VDI share the same chassis and body and it sound like there is only difference of engine but this is not true as there are a lot of differences between both variants and it is not an easy decision to decide one. After reading a lot and analyzing requirement, one of my cousins decided to buy Swift VDI and he is very happy with the decision (completed 10,000 kilometers and three free services). Up until now most of the discussion in car communities, car forums like carwale.com and Team BHP and other sites on the net is more based on economy but one should also consider the power, torque, driving, comfort etc. I will do this one by one.

VXI or VDI - Economy Wise

First of all if you are thinking about economy, Delhi ex-showroom price is:

Maruti Swift VXI Bharat Stage IV = 4,53,632 INR

Maruti Swift VDI Bharat Stage IV = 5,28,877 INR

This above price for both Maruti Swift variants was last updated on April 23, 2010. The difference amount is around 75,000 INR. If you drive at least 40 km per day, then it will take around four years to cover the difference of the price you pay. If you drive more in a single day, then you can cover the extra amount early. So if you just think about economy, then if you drive more than 40 go for VDI otherwise VXI.

Now let’s move onto other import factors. Read on..

Maruti Swift K Series Engines Release
Maruti Swift K Series Engines Release
Swift Beige Driving Comfort
Swift Beige Driving Comfort

Driving Comfort

It is a difficult one and depends on how you drive a car.

VXI’s Steering and Clutch

Is smoother than VDI and VXI is easier to maneuver compared to VDI.


Is instant in VXI compared to VDI as VDI has higher torque and even though both use the same brake, braking distance will be a little more in VDI.

In Bumper to Bumper Traffic

(Common in Delhi and other metros), it is much easier to drive VDi as because of its higher torque, you only need to use clutch and brake and the car easily moves in second gear without accelerator but in VXI car, you have to use a little bit of accelerator. Also because of high torque in VDI, you can drive in 40 to 50 kilometers per hour in fifth gear, so there is lesser gear changes in VDI compared to VXI saving more fuel adding up more mileage to your car, saving more money in your pocket.

Swift 1300 versus Lancer Evo - See How Popular is Swift in Other Countries

Engine Noise

Will be a little higher in VDI but compared to other diesel vehicles in its class, it is very silent and from inside it is difficult to say that you are sitting in a diesel car so it is negligible.

Engine Torque

VDI is a clear winner in this category. Torque ( Nm@rpm) : VXI VDI 113@4500 190@2000. VDI torque is amazing and if you test drive both, you will feel the difference. As soon as you hit the accelerator in VDI, you will feel the kick and the other kick you will feel as you cross 2000 RPM. VDI has got a linear Turbo charger and it starts after 2000 RPM and once it starts, you get sudden acceleration and if you maintain this RPM range, you will never have to change the gear. Suppose if you are in fifth gear and going in good speed and if you have you overtake, you don’t need to shift down the gear, you will get the same acceleration in fifth gear what you get in third or fourth gear in VXi. Unfortunately, there is a small amount of turbo lag below 2000 RPM in VDI that means you will not get the same acceleration what you get when you cross 2000 RPM but once you get used to using lower gears, then it is not a concern.

Modified Maruti Swift Design 1 for Race
Modified Maruti Swift Design 1 for Race
Modified Maruti Swift Design 2 for Race
Modified Maruti Swift Design 2 for Race

Race between VXI and VDI

If there is a race between VXI and VDI, then VXI will only win in racetrack or a drift because it has higher RPM ranges but it takes time to reach there. In city roads, VDI will be a clear winner. If you need power, by a Swift VDI.


If driven properly, you will get around 17 km per liter in city and 20+ km per liter on highways with Swift VDI. In VXI, it should be 13 km per liter in city and 17 km per liter on highways.

Other Aspects

There is no waiting period for VDI or VXI. For VDI with ABS, some waiting period might be there. You cannot fit it outside and I will say any day go for VDI with ABS if budget is not a concern. The amount of torque it has got, you definitely buy it.

Now get more thrills per litre - Introducing Swift with new and powerful 1.2L K series petrol engine for pollution control and fuel efficiency.
Now get more thrills per litre - Introducing Swift with new and powerful 1.2L K series petrol engine for pollution control and fuel efficiency.

Swift’s New K-Series Engine

VXi has got a good engine and the good news is that Maruti has phased out the previous engines and have put more advanced and powerful 1.2 liter 16 valve K series engine which was used in Ritz and other cars. It was first launched in Swift petrol and now it is available in all variants. The bonus of K-series engines is that they provide better pollution control and fuel efficiency. I think this was the reason why Maruti launched Swift Glam to clear the old engine stock. VDI has got one of the best diesel DDIS engine. The DDiS engine has won the “International Engine of the Year Award” in Europe . It is an engine which was developed by a joint venture of Fiat and GM.

This is a latest ad from Maruti Swift. I bet you can't just see it once - You will love to see it again and again


I don’t know about VXI but VDI has totally changed the way people used to think about diesel cars. My cousin completed 10k kilometers and three services and following is the cost:

1. First Service: 600 rupees

2. Second Service: 5 rupees for a small screw

3. Third Service: 2000 rupees


So in 10k kilometers, he has paid just 2605 INR. Now the decision is up to you which Swift variant you would like to buy, Swift VXI or VDI. It all depends on you. My work was to just provide an unbiased review of both variants and I have done that. If you have any types of questions regarding this, please let me know via the comment section below. Best of luck for your purchase of Maruti Swift.

Maruti Swift VDI and VXI Two in one pic
Maruti Swift VDI and VXI Two in one pic

So which Swift Variant you will buy?

See results without voting

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billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

Very interesting Soni - I had no knowledge of a Maruti Swift

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank a lot billy for visiting this hub and your comment. Maruti Swift is one of the most popular hatchbacks launched a few years ago in India. It is the choice of an average Indian and is loved by masses.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Up until now, 4 people have voted on the poll "Which Swift Variant you will Buy" after reading the review and the 2 have voted on Swift VXI and two on Swift VDI and the decision is 50/50 for both variants. I am waiting for more voting on the public poll so that visitors can make a better decision on which variant they should buy. I will keep on publishing more reviews today April 30, 2010 and also next month. Best of luck.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Now six people have voted in the poll and the result is again 50/50 so does that mean that people love Swift whether it is VXI or VDI?

jayakrishnan 6 years ago

i am from bangalore. I decided to book vxi in this week.Thanks for your valuable advice.I think vxi is maintenance free vehicle.And if one ride below 40 km in a day it is better to buy vxi.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes I agree with your opinion Jayakrishnan that Swift VXi is better to buy if a person drives it below 40 km in a day.

mkb 6 years ago

The stock VXI is faster than a stock VDI on the road too if you drive it the way its meant to be driven i.e. in the higher rpm ranges. Max power in the VXI comes above 4000 rpm while in the VDI it comes from 2000 rpm.

Both cars are fun in their ways, the VDI for the torque and the VXi for its willingness to rev. I wish they had the 1.6 sport in india though. That would have been great.

Disclaimer: I am talking about the old 1.3 VXI, the K series is not that much fun but definitely more efficient and sensible.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks a lot for your incredible comment mkb. Any person stuck between VXi or VDi will find your comment useful.


Hai Soni, I have a Dzire Vxi purchased on 29th Jan 2010. It is powered by K series. One of the merits of K Series Engine claimed by MUL is that you have to change Engine oil only after 10,000 Km. But I have seen the condition of engine oil of my car after 5000 km has detoriated. It has become thin, dark brown and smells petrol. I changed the Engine oil and filter at 5000 km. First the service station was against change of oil before 10,000 km.But when they saw the condition of drained out oil, they appreciated my decision. Please confirm whether my decision of change of Engine oil before 10,000 km against the claim of MUL was correct

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Your decision is absolutely correct Mr. Sethumadhavan. When we buy a product from the market, we trust the brand but we should not trust anyone when it comes to maintainance of that product. K-series is a new engine launched in India and there are always some glitches to be fixed whenever a new thing comes. Slowly and steadily everything improves but it takes time. It might be possible that Maruti is claiming to change engine oil at 10000 kms but they did not thought about high city traffic where vehicles move at a snail pace. First and second gears are mostly used and engine gets continuous load. Also, India is a hot country itself with most of the months country being hot so we need to always switch on the AC, also in high traffic and this puts double load on the engine itself and engine has to make maximum use of lubricants. Might be this is the reason why your engine oil has become thin and dark brown so early.


Hai Soni, Thank you for your prompt response. I want to add some more comments. The vehicles sold by MUL per year is now in lakhs.But the number of authorised service stations are not coming up proportionally.The existing MASS cannot manage the free service of these new vehicles and old vehicles. Hence they want the frequency of free inspection ( service)at higher KMs to avoid the rush at MASS. The maintanance of quality free inspection( service) is also now beyond their control.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes I agree. This is happening and will happen on a large scale in the future if MUL will not open up more service centers and recruit more staff for doing the services. The sale of economical vehicles in increasing every year and everything cannot be monitored due to limited serviceability options.

Atlantics 6 years ago

Hi. I got a Swift VXI ABS two months back. Its loaded with a K series 1.2 engine. I must say that this is a very refined engine and irrespective of the lows torque (as compared to VDI) the new gear box supplements the power with amazing results. Its really fun to drive it in traffic and in small lanes. The zippy pull (with precision controls) always gives you the confidence to go ahead. Trhis is really a value for money car. I agree with all that you should go for diesel only if you run more than 1000 kms per month.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks a lot Atlantics for leaving such an exclusive review about Swift VXI ABS. Best of luck.

Kanniah 6 years ago

Hi, I have booked Swift VXI ( new k series engine), i am waiting for the delivery date. This engine is compliant with BS 4 Norms and we need to fill BS4 standard petrol for good engine performance. Do we get BS4 compliant petrol in all the major 13 cities ? how we can cross-check ? Do we have any indicator in Swift VXI ? Pls do suggest.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Kanniah, mostly all the major petrol pumps in Mumbai and Delhi are providing Bharat Stage IV compliant fuel, whether it is diesel or petrol since March 31, 2010. I think by the end of this year, other 11 major cities will start following BS4 norms. Also due to regulation of BS4 norms this year, many old automobiles are being discontinued.


Dear Soni, I have read your unbiased opinion about Dzire Vdi and Vxi. I have a Dzire Vxi(K) purchased during Jan 2010. I have come across many Dzire Vdi and Ldi`s during my long journeys. You can compare other vehicle`s performance also during a long journeys. Dzire Vxi(K)can fetch a maximum safe speed of 160 Km/hr. You can beat a vdi at above 150 Km/hr only.Still fuel economy of Vdi is far better than Vxi. Many a time I repented for purchasing the petrol variant.I never travelled in a Dzire VDi. I have seen it stationery or moving on road. My friend also had purchased a Dzire Vdi along with me in Jan 2010.He has run 7000 Km and me 5500 Km. One day we inspected our vehicles each other. He started his Vdi(already warmed after 12 KM) and allowed to idle.This is the first time I am near to a Dzire Vdi in running /idling. With one hand on the steering and another over the bonnet I observed the vibration. It is unbearable. I never expected a reputed company after extracting more than l akh can release a sedan like this to a customer. He also observed my Vxi similar way. He kept quit only. I have travelled Indica Vista which may be having the same Engine.Even though the vehicle is small, the vibration is not felt like Vdi at least during Idling. Even though my expenditure per KM is more than the Vdi, I am not repenting now for purchasing a petrol version. Live like a King as long as you can afford.But not..... How the vibration is controlled in costly Diesel cars. How the Indico Vista has managed it. MUL honestly has to modify their car and show justice to the customers.

Kumar 6 years ago

Eversince booking a dezire vxi car recently I have been tracking all the comments and suggestions by users and experts. I hear that dezire with new K series engine gives less than 12km in city and about 15 on highway. Is this true, I also read that this car has clutch problem unlike its diesel variant. I did not read about this problem in this site. I decided to go for petrol as I drive less than 1000km a month. I am in two minds now. Any suggestions?


Dear Soni, Please apologize for replying to Mr.Kumar in your forum.The Dzire VXI(K) will give you a mileage of 13 in city and 16.5 in highway if you drive carefully. But since the vehicle is powerful and stable even at 120Km/hr you may tempt to accelerate. Then the mileage will reduce drastically. This reduction in mileage is felt more on Dzire VXi(K). The mileage improvement of Dzire with K series is there if you compare it with Dzire Vxi with old Engine.As per my friends the old Dzire is giving 11 Km in city and 14 Km/l in highway. The ARAI figure of 17.8 is a magic figure which ordinary people cannot achieve.The Dzire (K) is a good vehicle. I have driven 5500 Km now.I do read more about clutch problem in Dzire.However since the petrol version has less torque the problem may not encounter in it. But Since Diesel Dzire has more torque they have to be careful. Dear Soni, am I correct.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

You are correct Mr. Sethumadhavan and this is not my forum. This is all yours friends. You can discuss and share information on the above mentioned vehicles at any time. I am just over here to moderate and give advice. Thanks a lot for helping Mr. Kumar with that answer.

prakasan.V.K 6 years ago

Thank you very for the valuable information . I am planing to buy a swift vxi. I want to know that wheather VXi will move with out giving any accelaration in first gear

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hello V.K., yes it can move a little but why do you want to do that. You should use a little acceleration to do that or it can put undue pressure on the gear mechanism of your car and clutch plates.

Murthy 6 years ago

I have booked the Swift VXI (K Series) and I am very glad after seeing your article that I took a right decision. I didn’t go with ABS option, is this something that is really required or we can manage it without this. When I asked about ABS option dealer told me that I need to wait for longtime. As I am in urgent need, I have ordered Swift VXI without ABS. Please let me know your opinion on this, did I take the correct decision?

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

You have taken a correct decision Murthy, as you are in urgent need of Swift VXi.

For your information, ABS is an anti lock braking system which is a safety system that prevents the wheels on a car from ceasing to rotate while braking or in simple words helps in preventing a skid in rainy or muddy conditions but not all cars on Indian roads have this system and are working well. If it is in your car, it is a plus point, that's it and also you need to shell up some more money when buying a new car.

Murthy 6 years ago

Thank you very much for the valuable suggestion

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

It's my pleasure Mr. Murthy. More comments related to Indian cars are welcome in this hub.

Dr. A.K.Walunj 6 years ago

Wish to thank for providing the useful information and comparison bet VABSD Vs Vxi, .

Dr. A.K.Walunj

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

It's my pleasure doctor. Thanks for the visit and comment.

Gulshan 6 years ago

Ritz is the practical and affordable car for middle class people like me. I test drove many hatchbacks and finally decided to buy Ritz because, its from Maruti, hence sales, service and resale value are all very much satisfactory. Also, Ritz diesel is more refined and providing good mileage too.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks Gulshan for your extended review of Maruti Ritz on an article of Maruti Swift.

GODMAN ENZO F60 6 years ago


soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

I think you are right Godman.

Naveen 6 years ago

2006 was the year when i first test drived a Swift VDI vechile...from that time i was desperate in buying the car becoz of its performance,pickup and milage..at last my whish got fulfilled last month, i got a VDI vechile and supersingly i am getting a milage of 25km/pl.Before i buyed this vechile a lot of people advised me to check the other brands,they referred me to go for Ford Figo or Mahindra Logan..i was not satisfied..

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

You are getting a milage of 25km/pl with Swift VDI. That's awesome Naveen. Thank you so much sharing your personal experience with buying and driving Maruti Swift. Let us know how you manage to get such great mileage?

S S Sethumadhavan 6 years ago

Dear Soni, Now my Dzire Vxi K series has covered 6000 Kms. Two free service ( Inspection )have already done.I am now driving the car very carefully just like a test driver. I never exceeds 2000 RPM. Still I never got more than 12 KPL in city with shell petrol.If I had driven my earler vehicles Esteem and M800 like this condition It would have shown miracles. Even though I had driven my earlier vehicles without much care it used return a better mileage. Now I feel the pick up of my new Dzire (K)is less than earlier. This is admitted by majority of my friends. The mileage is only better than the old Dzire and I10 for which my friends are getting 11/14.5.The excitement of Dzire K series is slowly fading away. It is becoming a white elephant.At highway U are losing the freedom of driving as the mileage drops pathetically poor. I even got 13.8 KPl when I drive freely on highway.Only ARAI figure of 17.8 is the consolation.Fix a ARAI certificate on the wind shield and drive.

PATIL01 6 years ago

Thanks Soni for sharing nice information about Swift. My driving will be around 45 KM/Day. I am planning to go for Swift K series ZXI model(Due to extra features). I read somewhere on other blong that maintenace cost of Swift VDI is more as compaired to Swift-K series Engine. We need to change the Oil filters after each service in Swift VDI. Is it true? Could you please comment on this. Thanks.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks a lot Mr. Sethumadhavan for giving your extended feedback about Swift Dzire vxi K-series. I need to check about this with my friend who has just bought a new Dzire a month ago.

@Patil01, yes there is a bit of difference with maintainence of diesel models and changing oil filters should not be a big problem as it is not very costly.

vinayakg 6 years ago

A very good writeup about swift. I like the way the content is broken up into sections. Superb.

@soni2006 , the new swift with k series engine offers more ride quality than the older one because its suspension has been tuned.

Anyone looking to buy swift can wait sometime because new swift will be coming in 2011.It is wider and longer than existing swift.

Rajesh Rajan 6 years ago

Dear mr.sony, i am planing to book swift vxi, how long i have to wait for my car in kerala? also what is your opinion about zxi? mileage only 12km in cities?

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@Vinayakg, thanks for your update about new Swift.

@Rajesh, brother follow the advice of Vinay and wait for the new Swift, then buy Vxi or Vdi according to your choice.

One more thing, it has been all over the news that Maruti is releasing all its models with company fitted CNG. so it would be the best option to buy a car loaded with CNG that is coming directly from the company with warranty. Moreover, CNG is always profitable over diesel and petrol.

rajan 6 years ago

dear soni i am planning to buy swift , but i have problem that people are saying that new swift is coming by end of this year, so please guide me about this. if it is coming then i will buy that one.

vivek 6 years ago

Hi ,I am planning to buy dezire vdi.but some people are saying that fiat are going to discontinue the desiel engine to maruti .is it true or then wt is maruti planning to do for it?

help me for this


dinesh 6 years ago

thankyou soni but your idea of bumper to bumper is wrong because pickup of vdi not so comfortable as vxi

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@Rajan, yes Maruti is releasing new model of Swift. Wait for the new release.

@Vivek, I think it's not true. You can buy Dzire Vdi anytime.

@Dinesh, thanks for the feedback. I will check it out.

Mukesh 6 years ago

Dear Soni2006.

Is it true that CNG makes the engines less efficient..no matter if its company fitted or what ?

which has more resale value Dzire diesel or Dzire Petrol..after 5 years of usage.

abhishek 6 years ago

hi soni, i ve gone through your blogs and found it very informative.i m planning to buy a Dzire Vxi.when will the new setgment of swift b launched in market.

vasuk 6 years ago

I am planning to buy my first car. I decided on Swift. From above discussions, I realize swift suits for me form economics perspective.

I have on question, Which one of these will give comfort drive in city as well as highway ?

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@Mukesh, Abhishek, and Vasuk, when it comes to buying a car and investing your hard earned money, then it's okay to read reviews on net but it is highly recommended to test drive on your own and feel the difference. You will never regret after buying your car after test driving it. Best of luck.

abhishek 6 years ago

is there any information about maruti launching CNG variants in swift and Dzire.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Abhishek, I think Maruti is launching CNG versions for all its models though I am not sure. May be someone else knows the answer.

Hari 6 years ago

Hi Soni..

Wow wat great analysis you provided .

we use to drive less than 1000 km per Month wat would be best option .. VXI or VDI

profile image

nikhil15 6 years ago

hi to everyone...

i'm planning for swift vxi,but i donot know anything abt k-series....

wen asked abt new engine(K-series)one of the dealer told me its a new refined engine wid 1200cc frm 1300cc....

my question is does it effect the performance....?

May i know any information abt K-series....

Srinivas 6 years ago

Dear Mr. Soni,

You unbiased views on Swift VXI and VDI are superb and very helpful for people like me who are first timers and in a fix to choose between the both. Best webpage for comparision between VXI and VDI. I have already booked VXI which was promised to be delivered on Nov 08, 2010. In the meantime, few of my friends suggested me to change my choice to VDI. Your views definitely helped me to stick to my decision and not to go for VDI as I travel 30km per day.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@Hari, SWIFT VXI is the best option for you.

@Nikhil, brother new K-series engines are very well refined than previous ones and have more performance and longer life. Most people who were planning to buy new Maruti cars were waiting for the K-series models so don't think more about this and go ahead with your purchase. Best of luck.

@Srinivas, bro your traveling distance is very less. Why you are opting for VDi and want to spend more money on initial car purchase and then maintainence which is a little costly than Vxi. Stick to your decision. You are moving ahead in the right direction unless and until you want to travel more than 100 or more km per day.




Parth 6 years ago

Hi Soni,

I gone through many comments and your promt responses on those. I would like to appreciate this highly.

I am planning to Buy SWIFT DZIRE LXI in 2-3 months. My Driving would be in range of 800-900 KMs max in one month in Mumbai. I read over many forums people saying that Petrol Dzrie's mileage is like 11-12 KMPL but that of a Diesel variant is somewhere near 17-18 KMPL in city. I made up my mind completely for LXi but now I am scared of these mileage issues. Please guide me in making a decision between diesel or petrol variants.I will be highly obliged. Many Thanks in advance and waiting for yout response.

Dr.U.RamaKrishna 6 years ago

sir, is it possible for advising me on whether vxi is the option or vdi when my coverage will be around 30 km per day in city and around 200kms per monthon highways

s ramesh 6 years ago

Dear All,

After much thought i did book my first car Swift Vxi with K Series Engine (color:metallic silky silver)on 17.10.10. All colors are in metallic except for Solid Red Color which is Non Metallic but the price remains same for all color.Remember this while booking your color choice. Most probably the delivery would be in last week of November or first week of December. I have added music system, mag wheels,key less entry locking system,sunfilming ove tinted glass. Firstly there is so much of this model on roads and it is proven vehicle. There are friends of mine who regularly travel from Bombay to Ahmedabad and have vouched for the comfort and safety of this car.

As of now, eagely waiting to hear from showroom. The excitement is growing...

Thanks to All.

S Ramesh/Vasai West/Thane District/Maharashtra

s ramesh 8.10.10 6 years ago


Is it true that Diesel car does not have much life compared to petrol Version. I have heard this in showroom too.


s ramesh/vasai west

s ramesh 6 years ago


Could anyone highlight me on the service factor. What is all to be looked into while i get my service done. Is all mentioned on the service manual. Is there anything more than this, i need to check and follow.


s ramesh

s ramesh 6 years ago

Finally my vehicle has left Gurgoan factory on 22.11.10 and should reach the destination on 25/11. Registration should take a couple of days.

Could anybody highlight as to what all to look for before taking delivery of vxi.


s ramesh/vasai west/thane dist/maharashtra

s ramesh 1.12.10 6 years ago


I am taking delivery of vxi on 3.12.10. Damm excited. Could anyone highlight me on what all to check for before taking delivery.


s ramesh

Arpit 6 years ago

I want to know that all swift vxi coming now with Kseries bs4 engine or not?

I also want to know wht all we need to check before taking delevery of car.

s ramesh 6 years ago

Hi Arpit,

Now only K series engines available with BSIV. Just go through the manual and follow them strictly. U may ask all doubts with the sales guy / service advisor too. The more the knowledge the less the harm.


s ramesh

s ramesh 6 years ago

I got my possession on 3.12.10. Just driven 50 kms. Nice Feel, Definetly.

Arpit 6 years ago

Thanks s ramesh..

I will get my swift in jan mid.

I am also very excited.

Please keep sharing your experiences.

This is my first car.

Navneet 6 years ago

Hi Guys ,

I am a proud owner of Swift VDI since May 2009. It is an excellent car. Never took a test drive before buying as the Name(Swifffftttttttt) say it all. I am happy with my swift but there are minor issues, like OEM tyres they provide with the car are not good. They wear out in just 36000k's. Maruti clam the tyre life for JK Tornado 40k's.

Once you drive the diesel swift, it is hard to go back to petrol version. Swift VDI we can call it a Chota Diesel Rocket. The car gives me 30+KMPL with AC on Highway at 80KM/Hr and gives me 25+ in city. If I take the car to 100+ Km/H then it gives me 20 KMPL. There are a few issues with the car like there is a thud noise coming from the front if you hit the pothole even on 20km speed. Overall it is a good car. Got mine delivered in 6hrs.

Tushar Acharya 6 years ago

Yes i agree with you basically its a lovely car with perfect average for the Indian road. I am actually planing to buy Volkswagen polo can some suggest me budget is no issue.

D.Shinde 6 years ago

Hi soni,

on your opinion for Swift vxi I have bought one in silky silver,it is amazing car I'm in love,I want advise for the Cng kit which is the best suited kit for my car pl.specify the name and model of kit.


soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hello Mr. Shinde, as far as CNG kit in Swift VXI is concerned, try to buy and install Tomasetto Achilles (VFM) with Lambda or bedini like italian kits with Lambda and TAP. These kits are good and any of these kits can be fitted in your Swift Vxi, but the most important thing is to check for workmanship and conversion done by the CNG dealer. It should be top of the order and getting it done from Maruti authorized CNG centers would be the best even if you have to spend more money. Also while buying a CNG kit, always make sure that RC is endorsed.

hc shivakumar 5 years ago

Dear Friends,

I Want to buy new maruthi swift vdi with abs bs iv in bangalore. Those who have booked this model in Bangalore and now waiting for going for higher model or change in models, can pl. mail me within 31st March 2011 to give his priority to me on shivu_0611@yahoo.com.

I shall be grateful for your help.

Joshi Thomas M 5 years ago

Hi Sony,

Could you please share your opinion about the colors of Swift?

I am planning for VDI very soon and would like to know which color is easier to maintain and which one will fafe and maintenance cost of covering up the scratches etc etc.

I also would like to know about the Swift VDI Diesel engine's life span. I have heared that after about 5 years of work, diesel engines will have troubles. Is it true for the Swift diesel?

Thank you for your valuable advices.

Joshi Thomas M

s ramesh 5 years ago

Hi Thomas,

The fact is life of any diesel engine is 4 - 5 years while the petrol can go up to 10 years. The most important aspect her is - depends how you had driven your vehicle and periodic maintenance given.

Soild Red looks good but the color fades (the shine goes and it just looks red) as this color is not metallic. Rest of the colors are metallic(Silver, White,Black,Copper,Azure Blue)- just to name a few.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 5 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you so much Mr. S. Ramesh for answering people's queries on my behalf. Sorry for the delay in replying as I was busy with some other tasks.

profile image

visitmrguna 5 years ago

Hi sonu

I have went through all the review's. Thanks for supporting guys and helping to choose between VDI & VXI.

Though my question is unique, I would like to hear from you.

I am inclined towards Swift VDI. But people saying I should not keep the vehicle Idle (without starting) for a long time.

I am ok with the initial payment of 90k for VDI.

Kindly answers me in two angles.


* My VDI Vehicle would be idle for two weeks & once in two weeks I would be driving 250 kms. So average monthly usage would be around ~500kms. This would be happening for 1 year.

* After one year my average monthly usage would be 1000kms.


* I would be travelling overseas and would my VDI vehicle brings any serious problems if I dint use it at all. But I will make sure some one uses it 10kms every week to charge up the battery.

Kindly answer me for my above two questions. Would VDI be worth for me?

s.kumar 5 years ago

Hi Soni,

I am planning to buy Swift. Please read the below usage level and kindly advice on the VXi and VDi.

I dont have much of usage daily as i use company transport everyday to work.

I might use it only on weekends. Hence my monthly usage will be about 200-300 kms (only on weekends).

However I will drive it to my native once every quater and hence it will have about 1200-1300 kms in that particular week.

Looking at the current petrol prices, feels like Diesel is good.

Please advice.

Dr. Manohar 5 years ago

thank u very much for your information.

But i have something to ask you. I am interested in buying Swift but i have not yet decided abt vxi or Vdi. My useage is max of 10 km a day, but once in three months or two months i vl be going to my native which is 400 km from my working place, Kinldy sugest me which one to go for

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 5 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@visitmrguna, s.kumar, and Dr. Manohar, I have read and understood all three of your cases and came to the conclusion that Swift VDi is best for you guys. The most important reason I would like to put here is that you can see that in 2010, 1 liter diesel was 40 rs in Delhi and today it is 42 or something but 1 liter petrol was 52 rupees in 2010 and now in 2011 it has gone to 64 rs inr I am just talking about Delhi. So according to this inflation, you can assume that in the long run, which car is going to be most economical to you. I think Diesel is perfect. If I would have been in your shoes, I would have preferred diesel only. I know that you are thinking that if you will put your Swift diesel idle on days or weeks when you are not using it will be a maintenance issue, I would say no, there will not be any problem if you will at least keep on driving your Swift diesel for 20 to 30 kms per month. Best of luck friends.

profile image

visitmrguna 5 years ago

@Soni: Thanks a lot for your time in answering my query. Though I see your reply today, I had booked the second generation Swift VDI yesterday itself. :)

Waiting for the features and price of ZDI and after that I might change VDI to ZDI.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 5 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

That's great news mr. guna. best of luck.

profile image

dostvost 5 years ago

hi ..

I hv purchased Swift Vxi 15 days back and this Blog helped me a lot in deciding the best one for me.

I took it for 5.5k from Hyderabad ( onroad )...

Completed 600 Kms (250km on highway ) and rest in city..

The exp was too good ...especially the power it has ..

They have improved on the breaking system as well..

On Highways i was driving at 110-125 km/h and could not feel a single jerk or vibration when a lorry or bus crossed.. There is 0 sound when the engine is turned on ..cant mk out whether the engine is turned on or off when we are at traffic signals.

Even my parents liked the car a lot..spacious and comfortable (seating wise )...

I knw that there is a new swift in line may be in the month of sep or nov but i am happy with my decision as the new swift will cost me 1 lakh more for the same version (vxi) .. and i hv chkd all the blogs and also went thru all specs abt new swift ..the major diff is 3 BHP more and ofcourse the K12 Engine will gv more efficiency on fuel consump (its again 3 Km/l more than the present one ) Interiors almost the same just that mp3 player in built which is there in present model (zxi ) as well..Exterior Tail lamps design changed ground clearance is low compared to the present models..its like the POLO ..

Front view is the same but from rear we can mk out the diff..

Will post more comments once i complete my first servicing .. i forgot to tell u that i am getting 14 km/l before the first service ...

Lets c the diff after couple of services..


Safe Motoring ..

fashion 5 years ago

Beautiful hub.Maruti Swift is beautiful car.Is it easy to drive?

profile image

visitmrguna 5 years ago

@dostvost: Congrats for your new car. Since you had bought your car already, you are convincing yourself by finding disadv of new swift. Thats the nature of human mind.. For guys who have not bought the old swift would be happy that they are gonna get new version with new features. Also I would like to give you few info abt new version. Its not gonna cost 1 lakh extra, may be 15 to 30k extra. Improved mileage, More leg space, Royal dashboard look, new VVT petrol engine,Plastic fuel tanks, etc etc... So you saved 15 to 30k and missed all these features..

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 5 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks a lot dostvost, fashion, and visitmrguna for your comments. Congratulations for the new car purchase.

Unni 5 years ago

I got my K series Dzire VXI in Feb 2011. I have covered 5k kilometers until today. The driving comfort and power is adequate for a normal user. I have taken this on long trips, and the vehicle can easily cruise at 100-120 kmph without any problems. The mileage is better than my previous WagonR. Dzire gives me 14 in city and 17 in highways with 100% AC use. Worth the money if you are looking for a petrol sedan.

Arun 5 years ago

Your blog is very informative. Thanks.

I am planning to buy My first car(swift or Dzire). But i am in confusion about the engine, diesel/petrol. My estimate is 800 to 1200 KMs per month. I prefer to have Music system and ABS. Is it possible to integrate ABS later in VDI/VXi model? Heard of new dzire, any idea is it worth for waiting too..?

jennifer 5 years ago

hi soni what is the difference in old 1.3 VXI,and the K series vxi ..since i am buying a swift vxi do i have to check if its in old 1.3 or in k series...........also plz let me know what i have to check and ask for while taking the delivery..........wen they call u to check the vehicle what can u really check .........

jennifer 5 years ago

the dealer i am buying the car is fortpoint who are extremelyt unprofessional the one at lalbaug chinchpokli........plz let me know once i buy the car do i have to go to the same dealer for any other service as i dont like dealing with tem at all....its just that they had the colour that i wanted and no other dealer had that colour at that time....so they made me feel like they are doing a favour on me by selling me the car...no ethics at all...forget about any customer service

sagar 5 years ago

hey soni ...m lookin out for used swift dzire vxi.m gettin 1 at 480000,,,,what u suggest me should i go for petrol or diesel ,,,,,,,m very much confused,,,,,,and yes plz let me know if i go for vxi with cng kit

bala 5 years ago

hi soni ji, im bala from Chennai. I've got an offer for buying vdi 2008 for sale. Price is 4.7 lacs. Pl tell whether is it worth buying. Its done 54k kms...

krishna 5 years ago

I am planning to purchase car (max limit 5 lakhs). Please suggest whether to go for new maruti swift petrol model/diesel model. My running is 100km/week.How about i10 petrol model.I am confused about selecting the among vrious variences available.please guide me.

swayamraj 5 years ago

i book the swift vxi but i little bit confused...so any one explaning me to which is better car swift vxi or vdi...

vinayak 5 years ago

hi planning to buy swift but query is i wont be running 40km daily but i travel a lot ive done around 12000 km last year with my zen..so what would u suggest..?

Arun 5 years ago

Hi all,

A very good and helpful review from you indeed !

I have a Swift VXi(1300 CC) for the last four years, and it has been a pleasure driving this car...every single time !

And even after four years (and 80K km), this car is fun to drive...so powerful and so responsive...even on sharp curves.

I have driven a VDi as well and its also a great car to have. But I still feel that if I set aside the fuel prices, I would vote for VXi.

Sandesh, Navi Mumbai 5 years ago

i have booked new maruti vxi car on 28 september, when should i expect to get the delivery of the car???

jahnavi 5 years ago

We ordered maruthi swift vdi in last month they gave us priority number 400 now how i can we know what is our priority number and when can we expect our car can you please help for this..

Sandesh Kadu, Uran, Navi Mumbai 5 years ago

Hi Soni Sir,

I have booked new maruti vxi on September, what do you think when should i get the delivery as i still can't understand when the worker unrest problems get solved which is happening from last few month as familiar says that, it is too much cretical problem n it won't solve till the all worker demands will not fullfil so cancel the delivery of swift n book any other car except maruti......pls advice

Raghu 5 years ago

It's tuning is not linear but peaky, look at toyota/Fiat on how the cars are tuned.

those cars don't have peaky power at 2K RPM like swift,it helps to keep the car run in higher quantity of air to reduce the soot build up in the engine and exhaust, but due to way swift is tuned , in city driving it's difficult to keep the car on 2K RPM otherwise one may end up in rear ending some other car.

When i drove punto it's easy to keep the car in 2K RPm with out much of mad rush of power in city , i observed there will not be any black smoke at 1800RPM in Punto but in Swift until 2K RPM there is black smoke.

when you drive in city you choke up the engine with these soot .

It may be good to drive but certainly not good tuned car.

Shama 5 years ago

poor breaking even the new swift has poor breaks, I will trust Skoda/Fiat or Toyota any day over Maruti.

G Kumaar 5 years ago

I use a Swift Dzire LDI since Sep 2010. I have clocked 35000 km in one year. I use Synthetic engine oil which was first filled up after 1000km and then changed after 20000 km. Should i change oil again at 35000km or extend up to 40000 km?

ashok 5 years ago

Hi Soni,

I have booked new maruti swift zxi,kindly update me in detail ab it's petrol engine and it's rating with compare to other petrol engines in market.

swang chan 5 years ago

yes! my dear friends. k12 engine is a local engine.it made from scrap material.you buy one pen and you can see that pencil brand name on that. butyou check your maruti swift car, you find is it original engine or local engine.you don’t wait you see very easy. tell your friendssuzuki company is best company in the world. maruti is on of the fraud company in the world. maruti suzuki swift is a good car.but maruti swift is a local car maruti suzuki swift has suzuki engine. maruti swift has local engine. there are two types of swift car. first is maruti suzuki swift that is original car . this swift car has suzukiengine. there is inprint suzuki name on the engine. buy second is maruti swift, that is local car. this car has no suzuki engine. that is local or fake engine.there is no inprint suzuki name on the engine. if you have any dought please check your car engine.if your car engine suzuki ,that is original. you ask your dealer they also tell above said. maruti suzuki swift engine is import from japan. maruti swift engine is make from scrap material. maruti collect the scrap material from other car company like tata, fiat and they are making local engine. so dear friends don,t buy maruti swift. please buy maruti suzuki swift. please chech car engine is it suzuki engine or local or fake engine.

Anagh Agarwal 5 years ago

hi! i'm driving swift vxi 2005 model but as petrol prices are going un affordable i am planing to have LPG kit fitted in my car. what would you suggest? i think it can cut the cost to 50%.

swang chan 5 years ago

dear friends! please clear my dought! i have maruti swift zxi 2011 model. but this car engine is local engine fixed. because i saw some swift car engine at some mARUTI show room. i con't beleive it. some swift has suzuki engine fixed. some cars has no suzuki engine fixed. idon't know this differ.if you have any idea please share with me. my car gives 8km/lts

heavy sound' and low pick up.my dealor also confused about my car engine.they told me it is k12 engine.but there is no inprint anyname on the engine.supose we buy one pencil for 10 rupees'there is print tread name on the penciL.


swang chan 5 years ago

hello sir' maruti swift zxi is very bad car in india.because

this car has local engine.it has many problem.there is no inprint engine name.some swift car has suzuki engine. some of the cars local engine.why this differ.car body s are same ,

but engine is differ.do you know the answer? please tell me sir. because i have swift zxi 2011 model car. i asked my dealer about my dought, they can't tell answer.i wrote a letter to maruti company 20 times but there is no reply from maruti company.i think maruti is a fraud company in the world.do you know maruti company is original or local company? swift car is local or original? swift car engine original or fake? swift engine has inprint suzuki name or not? dear friends tell me answer please!

hemanth 5 years ago

Soni,Iam really happy to see your advises in very good manner.Really this will help people in choosing the right variant.even before i have so many concerns to choose the right variant in swift.But seeing all ur reviews finally got concluded.. :) thanks for ur support have a great day....

swang chan 5 years ago

hello sir'' maruti swift zxi is very bad car in india.because this car has local engine.it has many problem.there is no inprint engine name.some swift car has suzuki engine. some of the cars local engine.why this differ.car body s are same , but engine is differ.do you know the answer? please tell me sir. because i have swift zxi 2011 model car. i asked my dealer about my dought, they can''t tell answer.i wrote a letter to maruti company 20 times but there is no reply from maruti company.i think maruti is a fraud company in the world.do you know maruti company is original or local company? swift car is local or original? swift car engine original or fake? swift engine has inprint suzuki name or not? dear friends tell me answer please!

jithin 5 years ago

i choose VDi

jithin joseph 5 years ago

i think vdi will be the perfect decision.the swift diesel has more drivability than vxi.the vdi is much suitable for city drives because of the plenty of torque that is available in less rpm.it also does not need frequent gear shifts. The vdi provides good accelaration and torque even in fifth gear,during overtaking it is clear.the accelaration available in fifth gear is incredible.overall swift vdi is the best car that u can buy in its segment..

unknown 5 years ago

could you please advise,shall I buy new swift VXI version?

swang 5 years ago

Cons : use less engine

Description :

Needs to improve

Overall Experience maruti car is like child doll. this is used only play. not in use.maruti engine is made from delhi local area.this engine is like scrap engine. low milage.late pick up like OLD MAN.

bad paint on the car.heavy noise like lorry.car out source is good but engine is waste.maruti makes fake engine. suzuki engine car is good . but maruti makes delhi local engine is waste. you check car engine isit suzuki or local fake engine before you buy it.


Anand 5 years ago

I am also planning to buy car, i have taken the test drive of i20 and swift petrol. i felt comforatable in both car. now i am confused which one is better to buy? technical feature of both car are almost same. i so confused pl suggest as soon as possible so that i can buy best one......this will be my first car.

Rahul Vadhan 5 years ago

Hi, i got my swift VDI 6 months back (old version) and covered 7000+ kms and i am much satisfied with VDI on economy,torque and engine responsiveness part. However some of its parts are very hard like clutch, brakes,gears,etc as compared to VXI. Moreover exterior plastic (bumper) quality, metallic sheet that they have used is very bad and cannot bear normal strokes i.e very delicate.

Murthy Pothukuchi 5 years ago

I have purchased Swift VXI BS4 in July, 2010. All the first 3 free services are done. I will occasionally drive my car just will take it only in the weekends and drove about 5,600 Kms (not went for any long trips so far). When I need to do my next servicing?

matthew george 5 years ago

Dear Mr.Soni,By my good luck I came across your page and spend several hours reading your reviews patiently, In my opinion you are an auto expert,my simple concern to you is that I am going to get my new swift dezire vxi within a few days and my decision to use the car for about 60 to 70 Km daily came late, so I would like to know if after running my car for around 10000 KM can I opt for a CNG kit, I know the efficiency of the engine will be compromised by doing so,but do I have an option of LPG kit or any other improvement to petrol engine mileage .Thank you for the patient understanding of my problem.

Yogesh 5 years ago

I own a Swift Dzire Vdi. While the engine is idle, if i keep my foot on the clutch i feel the engine vibration on the clutch pedal from day 1. I showed it to a lot of Maruti dealers and their feedback was that its normal in Diesel engines; which is not true because my friend has got a new Vdi and it doesn’t have this issue. Guys, please help me understand what this could be.

Venkat Reddy Keesara 5 years ago

I have booked Swift ZDI on 1 Nov 2011 and waiting for delivery, hope I will get it on March/April 2012.

Very Use ful information... Thank You very much...

Mohit 5 years ago

I have swift vxi 2010 without steering adjustment. Can it be done manually through dealer to increase driving comfort.

mani 5 years ago

Will u clarify me about all features of vxi and vdi compare all the feature and also tell the mileage

PRATHAP 4 years ago

Hi friends,

Good to c u.

Today i went ABT for enquire abt SWIFT VXI. i had test drive and i am planning to buy thus car. friends kindly suggest me whether i have taken good decision?

Monthly 200 Km i will drive and basic feature enough. and family members 4.

Need :

Budget / Ac/Power window/ power steer/mainten / mileage /little bit comfort

Awaiting for my friend suggestion.

Thanks &reg,



Mohan 4 years ago

I have got swift vxi model apr 2010. It does not offer tilt steering. Can steering adjustment be done in workshop. Is it advisable. Request help me

Arvind Kulbhushan 4 years ago

Dear Soni

I purchaed a swift VXI in April 2011 (old version K series.)I have run aroud 3000 Km. Mu running is very less, but sometimes I go to my native aroynd 1100km up-down. Presently I am staying in Durgapur West Bengal (170 km beforeKolkata). Seeng the increasing prices of petrol i feel that i shoul install CNG kit in it. Kindly suggest considering my running of about 10Km per day. Please compare pros and cons of CNG as it is said that it weakens the engine. Seek your valuable suggestion whether to instll or not.


akulbhushan1@gmail.com, Arvind.Kulbhushan@essar.com

ANIRBAN 3 years ago

1. Built quality is not upto the mark,specially the thin boot lid...

2. Horn Pad is not ease of use...demands too much stretching of thumbs...

3. Braking is not too good..

4.Under tyred..in case of Dzire VDi...

5.Beige colour floor carpet..is prone to be soiled much faster...

Farid Pl suggest b/w vdi and vxi I travel 30 a day and in a month 500km up down 3 years ago

Pl suggest choice b/w vdi and vxi average travelling per month is 1000km

hishor 3 years ago

maruti swit is a good car or bad car

raj kumar from chennai 3 years ago

maruti carhas original suzuki engine or delhi make fake engine.please tell me friends

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 3 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Good car

K Srinivasan 2 years ago

Hi, Mr. Soni. I was just speaking to one of the Mechanics about buying a new car. I am having a Wagon-R of 2007 model. The mechanic advised against buying a K-Series engine vehicle/car because after running 50,000 km these engines starts giving complaint and require frequent maintenance and repairs. That is the reason why car makers have introduced these K-series engines since they want to keep their business up and running profitably. In the pre-K Series engine models there was no necessity/requirement of maintenance/repair even if you completed more than 1,00,000 km. What is your considered opinion on this matter? Please elucidate.

Biswajit Paul 22 months ago

Hi Soni,I do have bought swift vxi recently and the reason to buy petrol version is only because I only use my car on weekends for outings with family & friends.I personally feel that in city average is 13-14 per liters but when I drive it between 65-75 km/p/h then average does extend to 16-17 km/pl.I told to my friends they appriciates after they personally drive the car in that speed.plz share some suggestions....

rahul 21 months ago

Hi.. I want to buy a car , my daily running is 25 to 35km .which car will you suggest.. vxi or vdi .. and also tell me what is the difference between ddis engine and vvt engine ..

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