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Travel Tourism for Western Australia- my tourism business needs help

Do you need a helping hand promoting your tourism business ?

Tourism marketing is essential for everyone in the Tourism market wherever you are as there is so much competition world wide for places to visit an enjoy

There are ones like us who want to explore the world from one end to another experiencing adventures across the globe as often as possible and those who are happy in their own part of the world staying local and keeping things running while we travel !

How we decide where we will go often comes down to a successful marketing / promotion team

who make a place irresistible to us and we find ourselves impatient to explore !

Now days there are so many more choices opening up which is why there is a need for creative marketing for area that are losing out on travel tourism for one reason or another.

Especially in Western Australia as so many are heading off Interstate or Overseas.

It is cheaper to fly to Bali for a week than to drive up north to explore our beautiful state which is sad.

I had never heard of Ningaloo Reef until we came to WA last year & yet it is a beautiful place to snorkel !

If you want us to visit everyone needs to know you exist and all about you first so let us help you promote your tourism business via many avenues !

Do you have a great business to share ?

A good coffee with a nice view needs promoting !
A good coffee with a nice view needs promoting !

let us promote your tour packages

We are writing a series of children's books and are looking for tourism businesses who would like to be involved -let us promote your tour packages or your tourism business in a unique way.

Do you have a hot air balloon ride or boat trip etc we can visit ?

Tourism Thailand on You Tube

You tube videos

Take advantage of the benefits of having a you tube video of your business made and put online for the world to see and enjoy

Think of creative ideas that make your business stand out in the crowd ,check out free advice when deciding how to go about setting your video out.

Take advantage of our special for the next 4 weeks . I won't give away my secrets on here so send me an email if you are interested !

Tourism Marketing

If you are keen to have   help with your tourism marketing feel free to send me an email or phone to make an appointment for us to meet up or talk online

I would love the opportunity to help you with your tourism buisiness wherever you are in the world.

Come up with Creative Marketing Ideas

Advertising Methods

Many businesses advertise in the usual way if they can afford it via

TV advertising

Radio advertising and the local newspaper.

Every Way of advertising has its benefits and disadvantages of course and you need to work out what is cost effective for your business.

Online advertising has a lot of benefits however there is a large part of the population that do not own or even know how to use a computer so you need to promote your business for both online and offline users.

I use social networking to promote my hubs such as facebook.

Fliers in your local area on noticeboards , mailbox drops.

Specials to entice customers into your business so hopefully they will spread the word.

Please help me with my Tourism marketing

Would you like help promoting your travel tourism business ?

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Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is very popular either by mail to the home or via face to face in shopping centers - shows and in the streets.

Direct marketing is used by many charities as well as other businesses like The Holiday Club

Classic escapes where they hand you a scratch card & when you win you receive your prize after a 90 minute presentation

Other businesses have promotions via the phone .

Unusual Marketing ! Tattooink

There have been people offering advertising space on their bodies even tattoos as seen as the picture below!

Tattooink will love that !

Lets hope they get great pay for it !

Pepsi AD ! Would you do this ??!!

Marketing Online

Marketing online is important as a lot of us do use the Internet to choose

Book choose and book our accommodation

Book flights for domestic & international flights

Choose a boat cruise

Find the best place for snorkeling

A nice romantic restaurant

Cheapest car hire and so on .

Yet there are many others that do not have a computer so rely on other ways to plan their trips.

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indiaexpert profile image

indiaexpert 5 years ago from India

Well we do the same in India, promote Foreign operators in India. See our profile.

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